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    Cool Naruto 10th Anniversary Special Fanbook 2

    Ninja World Apocalypse

    Top-secret File #1
    The ultimate goal of the mysterious Uchiha Madara!!

    Secretly exerting true control over Akatsuki from the shadows, Uchiha Madara, though masking himself and acting as a clown, in reality holds a fearsome ambition!! While Akatsuki's objectives have been stated by its leader Pain to be the creation of the world's greatest forbidden jutsu weapon - a weapon to be used to cause war and force revolution upon the world - Madara's true objectives lie elsewhere!! This is what he refers to as "Operation: Lunar Eye," and it would appear to have strong connections with the legend of the Rikudō Sage, the man known as the "Shinobi God".

    Quotation: "Let us make haste with 'Operation: Lunar Eye'"
    Panel: "I am one who knows the truth of Uchiha Itachi"
    Caption: Madara has revealed his past to Sasuke. Still, in regards to the "Nine-tails Incident", there seem to have been fabrications.

    Despite wielding massive power, Madara nonetheless acts from behind the scenes; the reason being that injuries incurred though battling the First Hokage have never healed. As such, Madara intends on regaining his true powers and furthering them still by becoming "complete", and it is this that is the very essence of "Operation: Lunar Eye". More specifically, he intends to become host of the Ten-Tails, the combined form of the nine Tailed-Beasts. Upon possessing this power he would then become capable of casting a great genjutsu he calls "Infinite Tsukuyomi". And by using this power, bringing the entirety of humanity under his genjutsu and controlling them to meet his every whim will be but a trivial task. And thus, will Madara fulfill his true ambition, to claim the world for his own!!

    Quotation: "If I had to say... I suppose my goal is to become complete"
    Panel 1: "Go to Konoha if you must, but you're a bit late now..."
    Caption: Madara's ability to pass all ninjutsu and physical attacks through his body is yet another of his mysteries.
    Panel 2: "I shall deal with the lot of you another time."
    Caption: Madara retains his sharingan. Nonetheless, he still chooses not to reveal the extent of his powers...

    Uchiha Madara, one of the founders of Konoha, was defeated by the First Hokage at the "Gorge of the End" and is said to have died as a result. Even the First Hokage, the very person who fought him, was convinced of his death. So what means, exactly, have allowed Madara to live on!? Mysterious still is the fact that the current Madara pocesses a body capable of causing all attacks to pass through it. Even Madara himself admits to being a "shadow" of what he once was, but what is the true meaning of this!?

    Quotation: "Everyone knows he's long since dead... You say he lives!?
    Panel: "And that is where I died... or so they say. I'm sure even Hashirama himself was convinced of it."
    Caption: Madara's death is a historical fact known to all Shinobi, but nonetheless...

    Top-secret File #2
    The truth behind the "Nine-Tails incident"

    When the Nine-Tails attacked, the hidden village of Konoha was wrought with devastation, ending with the death of even the Fourth Hokage. While there was debate as to whether the attack was the plot of some individual or a naturally occurring disaster, much in line with the suspicions of the Konoha elders, it was a "man-made" disaster caused by none other than Madara himself. Indeed, the great power of his dōjutsu makes it possible for him to bend even the Nine-tails to his own will.

    Quotation: "Some person, working in secret, controlled the Nine-tails and caused it to attack the village."
    Panel: "Konoha can still be rebuilt... I'm leaving it to you, Naruto."
    Caption: The Fourth Hokage, who fought the Nine-tails during the attack, battled with Madara as well!!

    Top-secret File #3
    Akatsuki originated in Kiri-gakure (Mist)!?

    During the period it was known as the "Village of Bloody Mist", Kiri-gakure cut all foreign ties and the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, ruled with an iron fist!! But there are those who now suspect that Yagura was being controlled by Akatsuki. It is quite possible that the geographic location of Kiri, being surrounded by water and easily cut off from the outside world, was used against itself!!

    Panel: "Without the slightest hesitation... without any pause at all... a young boy, not even yet possessing the title of shinobi, decimated over 100 of his peers, the entirety that year's examinees."
    Caption: In the "Village of Bloody Mist", students were forced to partake in a graduation exam where they would kill one another. Was Kiri-gakure truly going to such lengths to further its own power!?

    Top-secret File #4
    The moon, a creation of the Rikudō Sage

    The Rikudō Sage, known as the father of Shinobi, once, long ago, astonished the world by sealing the Ten-tails!! Its chakra having been removed, the Ten-tails was sealed within a massive sphere, and sent to a place where none might disturb it. According to one Legend, this became what is now known as the "Moon" today...

    Panel: "Besides, in comparison to what is said to be the creation of the Rikudō Sage, the Moon... It's really nothing at all."
    Caption: Possessing the Rinnegan, the same eyes as he Rikudō Sage, Nagato too attempted use a sphere emitting great gravity in order to seal his opponent, the Nine-tails.

    Top-secret File #5
    The ambitions of the new Hokage, Danzō

    Known as the "Shinobi Blight" (warning: liberal translation), Danzō's past is defined by an endless stream of dark rumors. In the past, Danzo once sought the title of Hokage in opposition to the moderate Hiruzen, who later became Third Hokage. But defeated still, Danzō maintained the existence of Root even after its dismantlement by the Third, and had waited ever vigilant for a chance to take the position of Hokage. Now having finally attained his sought after goal of becoming Hokage, he has now finally begun to put his plans to motion both in an official manner and behind the scenes!! His ambition is the unification of the world of ninja. What will be the next move of this man who has no reservations in using any means to meet his own ends!?

    Quotation: "After all, it should serve quite well in tending to my right eye and right arm."
    Panel 1: "Do not interfere... I'll handle this myself."
    Caption: His right eye is the Sharingan of Uchiha Shisui. And his right arm is what he has "up his sleave"!? (Hey, that pun actually kind of translated!)
    Panel 2: "And then I transplanted it onto my own body, that's all."
    Caption: Danzō and Orochimaru were involved with one another!? In order to keep him silent and retrieve Orochimaru's experiment data, Danzō continues to search for Kabuto.

    Top-secret File #6
    The power of the legendary dōjutsu, the Rinnegan

    The "realms" of Asura, Animal, Preta, Deva, Human, Naraka, and finally Heritic (note: chocolate for whoever figures that translation out). He who possesses the Rinnegan is capable of utilizing seven different powers. And of those, the one that stands out most is that of the Heritic realm. Used only by Nagato, the main entity in control of Pain, its powers transcend even the very concepts of life and death!! While it consumes a great amount of chakra, by using it one may even bring back to life individuals who have already met their end.

    Quotation: "The power of Nagato's eyes allow him to use jutsu that grant mastery over life and death."
    Panel: "!" "Woah dude, where am I!?" "!" (Note: This is not what the panel actually says)
    Caption: In exchange for his own life, Nagato revived the fallen victims of his attack on Konoha!!

    Top-secret File #7 (Note: Lucky Seven!)
    A "chain of hatred" that begins with the Father of Shinobi!!

    The Rikudō Sage spent his days spreading the word of Shinobism (Note: Translator's prerogative here) in an attempt to bring peace to the world, but ultimately he approached his death with without realizing his goal and the remaining work was left to his sons. Possessing the eyes of the sage, the elder son sought a peace by way of power, whereas the younger son, inheriting the body of the sage, sought a peace by way of love. Of the two, the sage chose the younger as his successor, and the older son, finding the decision unacceptable, chose to fight his brother!! Time passed and the battle continued with the elder son's descendants as the Uchiha and the younger son's as the Senju!! The battle between Madara and Hashirama was indeed inevitable. What now will happen between Naruto and Sasuke...?

    Quotation: "And the two of you shall be the next pair chosen by fate."
    Panel 1: "And so I'm going to believe in what Pervy Sage believed in. That's my answer.
    Caption: Naruto suppressed his feelings for vengeance and chose a path of peace!!
    Panel 2: "Legend has its beginnings in fact... The Rikudō Sage, a long while ago, did spread the word of Shinobism, determined to bring about peace... but before he could realize his goals, his time ran out."
    Caption: Future destiny was sewn as the Rikudo Sage chose his successor.
    Panel 3: "Damn I have to go so bad" (Lawlz)
    Caption: The Senju clan inherited strong bodies, pulsing with life!!
    Panel 4: "Admit it! You killed Mister Fuzzies!" (Lawlz again)
    Caption: The Uchiha clan inherited intense chakra and powerful eyes!!
    Panel 5: "It PnJ time biatches!" (Honestly can't think of anything remotely funny here)
    Caption: Now that he has obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan, will Sasuke tread the same path as Madara!?

    Messages from Mangakas to Kishimoto :

    Tite Kubo to Kishimoto :

    Congratulations for thoses 10 Naruto years.
    The charm of the Naruto manga is for me, the unique design of the characters.
    I wanted to draw a lot of characters here, but I had doubt on who to draw.
    Please, continue to create such interesting characters.

    Eichirou Oda to Kishimoto :

    Congratulation for thoses 10 years of serialisation, Kishimoto-san.
    I hope it will go on again. Sometimes your situation went from good to bad to good again,
    a lot of things happened.
    Anyway, we both scatter sparks around. Since whe both understand eachother, please continue to workd hard from on now.
    And take care of your health.

    Toriyama to Kishimoto :

    Kishimoto-kun, Congratulation for thoses 10 years of serialisation.
    10 years, it's long.
    And even though You're not really a tough guy, thanks to hard rigour, you did it.
    Well done !
    Your popularity is still as awesome as ever.
    Continue like this.

    Jutsu Ranking:

    1. Sage Mode
    2. Fuuton: RasenShuriken
    3. Susanoo
    4. Kirin
    5. Chibaku Tensei
    6. Raikiri
    7. Rasengan
    8. Amaterasu
    9. Kage Bunshin
    10. Lariat

    Information from the Kishimoto on Pages 206-207:

    1.All the Jinchuuriki extracted are dead, except Gaara.
    2.Ninja cats can be summoned, but they are not as obedient as dogs.
    3.Kishimoto expects to go to Onsen, becuase he'll be 45, an old man.
    4.The birth of his children was the best thing that has happened to him, hence the Shogi's "King".
    5.He takes pride in Nishio Tetsuya designing the characters in Anime.

    Q: Is Hidan still alive?
    A: Hidan is alive. However, if he doesn't get nutrition he will die, he's slowly rotting away.

    Village Rankings These are the ranks after konoha destruction.


    Population 5/5
    Military strength 3/5
    Economic strength 2/5


    Population 2/5
    Military strength 3/5
    Economic strength 2/5


    Population 2/5
    Military strength 2/5
    Economic strength 2/5


    Population 3/5
    Military strength 4/5
    Economic strength 5/5


    Population 4/5
    Military strength 4/5
    Economic strength 2/5

    Kage Names

    Raikage - Ee or E
    Mizukage - Terumi Mei
    Tsuchikage - Onoki

    Rivarly of the Sharingan (novel version of Itachi vs Sasuke) Page 26, 27, 28 & 29

    The one remaining part of the snake, its head, rather than attacking the man, faced Itachi and opened to him its great jaws.
    "The thing coming out... it's..."

    A strange voice came and from the snake's mouth slimey mucus moved to envelope as Orochimaru. Suddenly it appeared that Orochimaru was vomiting, and from his mouth he vomited a large sword.

    "That! That's what I've been waiting for! Thanks to you, Sasuke's chakra control has vanished!"

    Orochimaru retrieved the Kusanagi from inside the body and boasted his victory.
    "With this, I have received the boy's body. And now..."
    However, Orochimaru was unable to finish his words.

    For the sword struck through the snake's head.
    "Well, Sasuke... what shall you do next?"
    As he spoke, Itachi smiled.
    "Kuku... to think I am done for by such an attack..."
    With a fearless smile, Orochimaru looked down at Itachi. But, suddenly, Orochimaru's expression changed.

    "Tha... that sword! It's impossible... The Totsuka? Itachi... you were hiding it from me!"
    Struck through by the great sword, the snake and Orochimaru were slowly sucked inside.
    "No matter how long I looked, I could never find that sword..."
    "H-how, that sword..?"
    Addressing the white half of the body, the black part replied,
    "I hid it with the seal jutsu under the pretense it was Kusanagi."

    As Orochimaru and the snake held the great sword, it slowly disappeared. Afterwards, the only figure to remain was the true form of Sasuke.

    "Finish it... Sasuke"

    Having said that, Itachi, his body broken, had a violent coughing fit. Eventually, despite his physical condition, Itachi rose and, for a second time, he gazed straight at Sasuke.

    "Your eyes are mine. I shall accept them now."

    Itachi slowly took a step forward. There, he again fell into a coughing spasm. His chest restricting, he fell to his knees.

    He coughed countless times, and when he put his hand to his mouth saw that black blood was gushing out.
    At the same time, it appeared that the shape of the great man who was hiding Itachi began to grow dim.

    As Itachi began to appear, Sasuke quickly reacted. From his back he took a kunai and wrapped it with an explosion note, then hurled it. As the man through up a shield, Itachi's rising form appeared.

    Already using his vitality, and narrowly able to stand due to his condition, Itachi tried to move forward.
    Unable to handle such tenacity, Sasuke was mentally overpowered and took a step back.

    Sasuke noticed. Gritting his teeth, he opened the necromancy scroll he carried and combined them with countless explosion notes. Then, with a great yell, he threw them.

    However, the great man's shield repelled even that attack.

    The white part emitted a surprised voice.
    "Um... all the attacks... they're repelled by Susanoo's shield..!"
    "It's true... Now that he's without a vessel. It's all repelled. His shield is the Eight-Span Mirror..."
    Unsteadily walking, but still straight forward, Itachi drew nearer to Sasuke.

    "Your eyes... mine..."

    Dyed with his blood, Itachi's right hand, hanging out before Sasuke, was a sight to behold.
    Sasuke shook off his seething fear and removed the sword from his back.


    It was powerful. Sasuke was flung into the air and rolled along his back.

    Itachi had soon drawn so close he was right before his eyes. Out of breath, Sasuke stood up, and then and there took a step back. He was pressed against the only stone wall to remain from the explosion.

    With his back to the wall, Sasuke faced Itachi. However, Sasuke still did not show any fear to Itachi.

    Itachi's finger drew nearer. He couldn't move. Itachi's illusion was trying to become a reality.

    But, in the end, that didn't become a reality.

    For a moment he pointed a blood-smeared finger before Sasuke's eyes, and the older brother's mouth weakly moved.
    He could hear his voice.

    Sasuke thought he had misheard something. He wasn't sure the words he heard were the ones coming from Itachi's mouth.

    And in that instant, Sasuke saw deep into his brother's heart... a smile. He merely stared at it in wonder.

    Why are you smiling? When I was young, you faced me with that expression, that kind smile... Why, now, why are you smiling? Shouldn't your smile be wicked; shouldn't your eyes be filled with pleasure as you obtain the eternity you've waited for?

    He was the brother who chose a path of carnage for his own ambitions. It was his plan. Above all, he was the man who took his own parents with his own hand for his own purposes, right before his younger brother's eyes... but without the express he should have had. The smile he should have had.

    He marked a line of blood on Sasuke's face with his finger and, just like that, fell down. He let loose an overwhelming amount of power(Susanoo) and suddenly collapsed.

    Sound effect is don, which is like "bump."

    To avoid touching Sasuke, Itachi ran his head into the stone wall. Powerlessly turning to face up, he crumbled like that onto the floor.

    Itachi was dying.

    Sasuke gazed blankly below at the motionless man.
    As it began to rain a second time, the line of blood left by Itachi flowed out like the tears in Sasuke's eyes.

    It was over.

    The second he thought that, darkness assaulted him.
    As his conscience drifted away, Itachi's last words were the ones Sasuke had always wanted deep down inside.

    "Forgive me, Sasuke... Here is the end."

    What did those words mean? And, where were they to lead Sasuke? The discovery of that... is a story for another time.

    Soukoku no Sharingan: End

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    T_T Hokage Naruto looks like a beautiful not-green beast!
    If you're half the man I am today, you're twice the man you were yesterday.

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    Naruto looks really cool in that outfit
    All interesting stuff, canīt wait for "all" the secrets to be revealed ^^

    And yeah, please post it in here (although Iīll try to check out NF too, theyīll probably get it up first....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDemon View Post
    Naruto looks really cool in that outfit
    All interesting stuff, canīt wait for "all" the secrets to be revealed ^^

    And yeah, please post it in here (although Iīll try to check out NF too, theyīll probably get it up first....)
    Yeah, great surprise, thanks Blackflash !
    Naruto really looks cool (and uber-confident) in its Hokage's outift. Would be funny to see him take a look at the very first scroll from which he learned KageBunshin and say : "hey, if I learn some more" . I should stop dreaming and go back to work

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    Kishi is a smart SOB he has Naruto with the Kage hat on his back blocking out the top half of the writing so we can't see what hokage he is.

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    ^ Does it also say on the hat which Hokage it is? (Godaime, Rokudaime(sp?xD) etc.)
    If itīs true, I didnīt know it till now xD

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    The hat just says fire.

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    But wasnīt that what you meant?

    out the top half of the writing so we can't see what hokage he is.

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    Oh no not that, Naruto is wearing the same coat as his father but were the number would be it's blocked out by the hat so all you see is hokage.

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    Ohh,thatīs what you mean xD As I said, didnīt know that the Hokageīs also had the numbers on them ^^


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