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    This is binktopia's release:

    Sleepyfans is fast with their scanlations, which is a good thing. But they make some mistakes with their translations, such as Sasuke's declaration of killing all 5 kages, instead of just "hokage." Binktopia has better translations, i think.
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    actually all that about sasuke wanting to kill all of the kages was a mistranslation.
    see he only wants to kill the hokage
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    And then accidentally knock herself out with the flying debris.

    Quote Originally Posted by ivanov_2020 View Post
    i wanna see how she reacts when she see Sakura split mountain in half...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Witcher View Post
    1)Danzo appears to have an implanted Sharingan eye. There should be an interesting story behind it, but more likely Kishi will wave it off with a couple lines dialogue. Seeing his sudden interest in Orochimaru's secrets it seems the fans yelling themselves hoarse about the practicality of an old cripple as Hokage finally got through to Kishi.
    I would say that it was the fan yelling that a cripple, more like that it was obvious that Danzo was bound to be more special than his initial depiction in the manga, especially since in the last chapter before this where his body seems to be covered in some kind of machine like crap.

    He was always depicted in a negative light and his whole "bandaged eye" made it obvious that he was going to be more than he meets the eye.

    He sure as hell not Madara or Tobi though. Itīs an implanted sharingan but heīs not an Uchiha.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Witcher View Post
    2)It looks like we're in for an Anko/Kabuto arc soon. The confrontation between Orochimaru's right hand man and his traumatised student should be an interesting one. Even so it'll seem like filler unless Kishi finds a way to tie it in with the main plot.
    Donīt you fucking tease man, Kishimoto showing anko after all this time and Anbu mentioning if she should be killed or not (Since apparently sheīs the only one of the Yamato/Sai/anko group that were chasing him to be active) hinting that he may do something with her, makes me giddy like a prepubescent girl.

    Also remember when Hinata confessed her love to Naruto? Yeah, Kishi sure went places with that plot hook.

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    I think Hinata's confession was just to get it out there so she can finally move on from the whole "Naruto...Naruto...Naruto..I forgot how to fucking speak" campaign and move on to someone a bit more her level. Kiba for instance?

    Again I say that the manga is moving towards the end and that all these arcs are going to happen back-to-back. That is, they won't be long and will be connected and tie in objectives.

    Hopefully. I don't have it in me to go to 700+ chapters.


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