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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
    ou can probably see what Danzou hides under his clothes even better in their release.

    Honestly I'm hoping he really does turn out to be near-crippled at this point. It would make his "arm and eye issue" more suspenseful.

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    @bluedemon: i wanna see garaa fight again. which is why i hope there's gonna be garaa vs sasuke.. why not make a poll, which kage will kick sasuke's ass??

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    Found a possible spoiler/prediction that sounds interesting

    455: Breaking the Chain

    - Place where Karui, Omoi and Naruto are -
    *Karui stands up and looks kinda pleasured*
    Karui: You were right .. I feel a bit better but I still can't forgive that Uchiha boy!

    *Naruto looks totally fuc*ed up and is barely able to get up*
    Naruto: What about you? Now it's your turn ... *caught up some blood*
    Omoi: heh ... I think Karui did well enough for both off us.
    Naruto: ...

    *Samui steps by*
    Samui: Oh my god .. what the hell happened to that kid?!?
    Karui: Tzz ..

    *Samui doing some Medic NinJutsu and heals Naruto*
    Omoi: Samui .. we'll taking him with us. He might be of great use for us ... He knows that Uchiha and is a Jinchuuriki
    Samui: I see ..
    Sai: ...

    - Tsunade's telt -
    *Kakashi steps in*
    Kakashi: Sakura .. We gained a new mission.
    Sakura: Now? I can't! I need to treat her .. even what kind of mission is that important to leave the village at a time like these?
    Kakashi: Danzou wants us to be his Bodyguards for the upcoming Kage Summit.
    Sakura: O__O

    - Danzou's telt -
    ROOT: Danzou-sama! I don't understand. Why did you request Hatake Kakashi and the Godaime apprentice Haruno Sakura as Guards?! They are not even part of the ANBU Root!

    Danzou: I've a bad feeling about the upcoming Kage Summit. Uchiha Sasuke might appear with the desire to kill me. At my current condition he might be stronger than me so I need the strongest Shinobi in the Village to guard me.

    ROOT: But isn't that Uzumaki Naruto?
    Danzou: Uzumaki Naruto is like a brother to Uchiha Sasuke ... He won't fight him for real to guard me. So I decided to take Kakashi with me .. Even if he is the son of that damn White Fang.
    *Danzou grabs his metal arm with his left hand and looks pissed*

    ROOT: But isn't Haruno Sakura the same as Uzumaki Naruto? Why did you request her?
    Danzou: True .. she won't fight him either *evil grin*
    ROOT: I don't understand ...
    Danzou: Haruno Sakura might be a talented Medic Nin and could eventually surpass her Sensei .. but she stands in the way for my plans. As long as she is there I can't take out Tsunade.

    ROOT: So why don't we just kill her?
    Danzou: Uzumaki Naruto is the problem. He thinks of her like he thinks of Uchiha Sasuke. If we would just kill her Naruto would probably go after us. So I take her with me and let Uchiha Sasuke take her down. If he kills her we could get Uzumaki Naruto to go after Uchiha Sasuke.
    It's finally time to go.
    *evilest grin you've ever seen*

    - Tree jumping Sai -
    Sai: Naruto is about to leave the village .. I have to report this to Danzou-sama ... I am sorry Naruto .. Sakura ..
    *tear drop* (come on you desire the emo parts! )

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    I dunno but i think this is fake

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    ^ I hope that turns out to be true..... completely different from the one i've heard but i like the sounds of this one better because there's a possibility for a dead Tsunade and Sakura in it *Evil Danzou Grin*. Too bad Danzou doesn't know who he's dealing with.. Sasuke isn't goign to kill anybody that doesn't have it coming to him and in the event that Sasuke DOES kill sakura Naruto isn't going to go after him, to kill him anyways.

    Unconfirmed of course:
    Karin: “Sasuke, there’s someone with huge chakra coming towards us.”
    Sasuke: “How long ’til they get here?”
    stranger: “Right now.”
    Team Hawk stops and looks up. In the trees is Konan, but she’s not in her Akatsuki robes.
    Zetzu: “Konan…”
    Konan: “Oh, Zetzu. I didn’t notice you. You must be Sasuke. Would you care to talk?”
    Zetzu: “Kill her!”
    Sasuke charges at Konan with the Chidori, but (no surprise) it doesn’t work. Konan dodges it and pretty much beats Sasuke’s sorry *** like a drum.
    -cut to Naruto-
    Shikamaru walks near and notices. He immediately tries to intervene. Sai stops him.
    Shikamaru: “Hey, what the Hell are you doing!?”
    Omoi: “This doesn’t concern you.”
    Shikamaru: “You’re beating the **** out of my friend, of course it concerns me.”
    Sai: “Allow me to explain: Naruto has allowed them to take out their anger on him.”
    Shikamaru: “That makes no sense!”
    Sai: “No. I suppose it doesn’t.”
    Naruto: “It’s Sasuke. They’re angry because Sasuke captured their master for Akatsuki.”
    Shikamaru: “And you’re waisting your time here? You should be looking for your master, you idiots!”
    Omoi: “What do you know!?”
    Shikamaru: “Don’t be such a pain in the ***. I know how it feels to lose your master, and right now you should focus on finding him. Not beating the crap out of someone who had nothing to do with it.”
    -cut back to Sasuke-
    Konan has thrown him quite a way from the others. He’s obviously gotten his *** handed to him (never seen that before).
    Konan: “You’re so stubborn. If you can’t defeat me, what makes you think you stand a chance against the five Kages? You’ll be dead in four seconds.”
    Sasuke: “I have no choice! I have to obey Madara, or he’ll kill me.”
    Konan: “Odd…I wouldn’t have thought a coward could kill Orochimaru.”
    Sasuke: “What did you call me?”
    Konan: “A coward, you simple little pawn.”
    Sasuke: “I’m no one’s pawn!”
    Konan: “That’s why you’re doing exactly what Madara says? He had you in the palm of his hand since you went out to “exact vengence”.”
    Sasuke: “SHUT UP! Maybe if I kill everyone you care about, you’ll understand my pain!”
    Konan: “I’ve heard that plan before. It won’t work on me, because they are all dead.”
    Sasuke has a flashback to when Kakashi said the same, and thinks about Naruto and Sakura.
    Konan: “Sasuke, Zetzu will be here soon. I don’t have much time to explain to you…the secret of Akatsuki.”

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"

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    Yours seems possible as well...
    Only thing is Sauske's reacting to Konan and what she has to say about him...It seems out off character...

    Maybe she truly is an absolute badass, but the fact she best the **** out of Sasuke so easily seems hard for me to believe... Is she really stronger than Itachi!?! (Not trying to sound misogynistic)

    I guess we'll see/read soon enough...

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    Yea the sasuke part does seems out of character...but this could be a way for Kishi to balance out Naruto's pointless ass kicking with an ass whooping to sasuke and to knock him off his High Horse a lil bit. Not to mention gather sympathy towards sasuke. Last chapter we though the man was completely off his rocker by deciding to go up against 5 Kages but if this, the spoiler I found, turns out to be true then this isn't going to make sasuke look so stupid, just confused, abused and misused.

    As I said i have no clue if its fake or not but it came out yesterday, Tuesday, and for the past couple weeks spoiler scripts have been coming out on that day so there's still a possibility for it to be true . Once i see pictures then i'll have faith.

    On a side note it's been awhile since we've seen 2 unconfirmed spoilers

    "He is now declaring his words to the WORLD!"

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    I seen that prediction as well zabsan on a fanfic site and only had prediction on it but hey yu never no i hope it i real tho

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    If the second is true I think it's more to the fact that they aren't going all out and Konan's Paper Jutsu is really hard to counteract unless you know how too. Like when Jiraiya fought her.

    I'm thinking it's just like Logia fruit ability from One Piece, unless you have invulnerability to the ability or know how to stop them from becoming insubstantial then they are practically invincible.
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    Default Danzou a fucking robot?

    What the hell is that in his chest in the very last panel?


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