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    Red face Kakashi Gaiden coming this summer?

    So I was perusing another forum and stumbled along these gems:

    Now I can't translate @ all, so I was hoping BlackFlash or someone could translate...
    They(the forums) were saying it confirms that Gaiden is coming this summer as well as for the 4th movie...

    I was wondering for 100% confirmation...This would be a great way to come back from the horrendous fillers that are currently running...

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    Im kinda glad but then again IM FUCKING NOT!! So why the FUK they gonna wait NOW till they actually do a worth while filler?? So then... if this is coming this summer then either after the sasuke orochi fight or the sasuke deidara fight we gonna have another long ass break. This current Sanbi filler is goin 2 end in like what?? 2-3 weeks? Summer is less than a month away.

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    All I see is pictures from the manga. No anime screens or concept art. Unless someone translates the text we can't be sure of the news.

    If it's really true then I can see why the anime company decided to keep Kakashi Gaiden for a standalone movie rather than putting it in the anime. They don't want the title character out of the spotlight(possibly out of fear of ratings drops). That's why any Sasuke arcs are interspersed with Naruto filler, but with Kakashi Gaiden there's no way for Naruto to make parallel appearances because it's an extended flashback.

    Though for the usual 80-minute running time they'd need to stretch it out with more filler...

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    Translation of blue box:

    Kakashi Gaiden - Boys' life on a battlefield
    It's now decieded, there will be an TV animation version‼
    The series with young Kakashi will start in anime version‼
    Enjoy him in a major scene of this summer's movie‼
    Don't miss the regular TV broadcasts and watch out for the follow up reports [in the Jump]‼

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    the wording of that kind of confuses me, Is it a whole OVA for him? a movie? or just filler in the regular series?
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    Doesen't matter how they put it as long as they animate it I will be happy.




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