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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevermore135 View Post
    @The Witcher
    Holy crap you're pessimistic.

    The fact that Naruto chooses to use clones when forming the 2 Rasengans does not constitute "retconning" after one chapter. In fact it makes sense. He doesn't have to put as much thought into them as he's making them, leaving the clones to take care of them after the initial formation.

    Pain is an S-rank/Kage-level ninja, with the abilities of the progenitor of all ninja. We have no idea how powerful he really is, not to mention how large his chakra capacity is. Chakra capacity is built up with increased experience and stamina. It stands to reason that an S-rank ninja who regularly controls 6 corpses would have built up a large enough capacity. And where does it say that the Rinnegan doesn't include raised chakra levels? We have yet to find that out.

    And we don't even know how Summoning Pain's technique works. Personally, I have seen no indication that it's equivalent to a regular summoner calling upon his most powerful summons. He has never shown the slightest bit of exertion with any of his summons. And the fact that he can summon the variety of animals that he does in addition to the other Pain bodies indicates he doesn't have a conventional contract (if he has a contract at all), but that he can summon anything he's put a chakra receiver into.

    And would you get off the whole "more techniques" = "better ninja" rap (which is what your comments seem to indicate)? Kishimoto has all but explictly stated that the quality of a ninja is not the number of techniques a ninja has at his disposal, but the will to see the battle to the end, which Naruto happens to have in spades.

    And that last comment is almost as irritating as listening to the (rarely-if-ever-seen) uber-Sasuke-fanboy/girl.
    Well put. However much of a downer it is to see all the pessimists. I think it matters just saying how awesome that chapter was. I don't know if it was the mere wait or it actually was the quality of the chapter. All I know is that I've been waiting for naruto kickass-ness for quite some time (since that time he pwned zabusa actually). Been long time coming and I've been reading this chapter over and over.

    All I can say is this chapter is beauty at work. Bring on the next one!
    With GOD lies absolute knowledge,
    with absolute knowledge comes absolute truth, and there is no better feeling
    than being free from lies.

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    great, great chapter, especially since its been 2 weeks without one. wish it could've been longer, though.

    naruto has never (repeat: never) kicked ass nearly as much and as well as he did this time. of course his power won't last forever, it'll run out and he'll have to get more natural chakra...but i'm sure this is way different from rasenshuriken.

    he also seems to be beating up the bodies too easily. 1 down, and the fat one looks like he might be out too. looks like its time for nagato to show up soon, i hope.

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    i just have one thing to say

    OH YEAH..!!

    fans in mariland say..

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    seeing how much cyborg pain came back again and again in the fight with kakashi, I'm wont be surprised to see him and hungry pain come back in the next chapter. although, since they're being controlled by chakra, and nagato doesnt have enough to put in yahiko, then he might not be able to revive the other bodies with chakra in this fight. looks like naruto had that advantage. kinda how sasuke had the elemental match-up advantage against Deidara.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shredderator View Post
    i feel bad for the poor mind control summons that got jacked up. the frog with two swords looked pretty badass.
    That frog was bad ass, great chapter but I can't wait till god realm gets regen that's when the fight starts

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    He didn't freak out over Kakashi's death.
    He threw a giant rhino.

    I hope his sage-mode maturity will carry over to his normal fights even after ma and pa toad leave.

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    Anyone else notice that the design for Naruto's cloak has changed slightly? compare the length here: to the length here:
    It's longer now, even if you take into account that it was blowing in the wind in the 1st shot. It's more like a trench coat now, looks cooler.

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    2)Seeing him using shadow clones for his Rasengan was...dissapointing. Looks like Kishimoto changed his mind and retconned the earlier progress he had conceded to Naruto last chapter. It's not like it's happened before(that tacked-on-at-the-end drawback for Rasenshuriken).
    Actually, i still think that he can do one handed Rasegans. Thing is, now that he uses double handed rRsengans with Shadow clones, they get fucking enormous.

    I still don't get how Pein has so much chakra to be continuously summoning boss level monsters and doing S-rank jutsus. He's not a jinchuuriki and the Rinnegan doesn't give a larger chakra what gives?
    From his inner speech, heīs getting a little desperate as ironic as that sounds, he doesnīt really knows Narutoīs fighting M.O (Especially with the Sage mode) heīs mostly counting on God Pain to recharge. And he only did summons in this chapter.

    And once again, I ask everyone not to get too engrossed in the Naruto Sage Mode hype. We haven't actually seen him use any new jutsus, and we don't know if he's overcome the time limit yet.
    Hah, overly pessimistic Witcher, why so gloomy?

    This chapter should be called GAR and Naruto just shat a bucketload of it onto Pein, if heīs going to finally show the new jutsu that has been hinted since his training (Or since the beginning of the freaking second part if itīs "that" jutsu.), Painīs really goingto know the meaning of his name.

    I donīt think that Naruto will take down Pain by himself by even if he eventually loses Sage mode and lose the battle, heīs already made much more impression that Sasuke ever did.

    God damn, i didnīt knew frogs could be this cool.

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    ... it may be a bit fast, but considering how long we waited to him to get to this point, I personally don't care if the revealing is a bit premature. unfortunately, I am predicting at least 3 consecutive flashback chapters revealing why pain is a prick in the near future (in the next 3-6 months)

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    Iīll play the diavoloīs advocate with The_Witcher (youīre not alone man xD)

    About the Rasengans - Iīm a bit disappointed,but I guess that if he only has to do one he can do it without help (he already shown us that,but with a regular Rasengan - and I mean a Sage Arts Rasengan )

    About his final technique - Iīll only believe itīs a "good" technique after I see him using it.I want it to be something that doesnīt KO him after taking down Pain (which he probably wonīt with just one attack?)

    But I have to say that Narutoīs way more cool now (his calmness after knowing what happened to Kakashi proves this too - and I still canīt believed Kakashiīs dead T_T *damn you Kishi) and it seems heīs more proficient now (I mean he learnt how to be like this because of Senjutsu).
    I just hope Kishi doesnīt turn him again to how he more or less was before....

    I actually donīt know what to think...This battle can have different outcomes - it depends on what Kishi wants to do with Pain,Akatsuki,Madara etc...I mean he could finish Pain off now and continue having Madara and Kaburomaru as main villains.


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