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    Pain basically possessed the bodies of other ninja (as far as we can tell). The technique used is probably unique to Rinnegan users. And I doubt Naruto would go around ripping out piercings mid-battle only to stab himself with them.

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    Well, the chakra recievers seemed to be known to the technicans. He could also rip off the piercings of the dead guys. He should be able to send chakra since that should only be limited by chakra control, which should be possible to learn. Naruto does not need to have "real" clones like Pain, at least if he only wants to transfer chakra to him instead of to clones too.
    But well, we will see if he will be able to use techniques like that later or not

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    Short But Sweet

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    the easiest way to remove the piercings would be to cut off their limbs.

    We know they are susceptible to stabbing and bleeding, so if you cut the arms, head, or legs off, they should be very easy to remove all the piercings while its incapacitated.

    And assuming the one that healed the one jiraiya stabbed, can bring them back from death, as long as they have piercirings throughout them, this would be really the only way.

    Btw i LOVE how that pain looks when he's smashed in the ground, made me laugh so hard lol.
    "Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
    Willing is not enough, we must do."
    - Bruce lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanov_2020 View Post
    why do you need to remove it.... can anyone think of an easy way to hack in the cakra wave that those piercing use? is there a ninja's hacker around?
    lol, that was for kwazi's comment. and why would fight pain's bodies just to remove those piercings. why waste time fighting and figuring how to remove those piercings? just fight them and destroy them (not the piercings, the bodies). oh, well, easy to be said than done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by himeji View Post
    thanks for the link...dang this chapter was so least it felt like it.

    What makes me kind of anxious are the last words. "Capture Pain"...I certainly hope they won't take out Pain so easily...>_>;;;;
    You dare doubt God the invincible Pain!!!!! LOL. I highly doubt pain will be defeated any time soon because we have yet to see all the Rinnegans ability's and why it is revered as the strongest doujustsu.

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    @KyubiNoKitsune: You didn't (as far as I can understand) misunderstand the fact that Naruto's chakra comes back to him with the destruction of his clone. However, Nature Chakra is not something that is "Naruto," it is everything around Naruto (he just taps into it). Also you have to remember that Natural Chakra has to be ballanced with the normal chakra and kyubii's chakra. This means that he can't make the clones ahead of time because then when he absorbs them, the balance is off (and if only one clone fails, they all do even the original). However, he could get the natural chakra and then split into clones and not have the same problem (as the clone would have N.C. mixed in already to the correct amount).

    As far as the "chakra recievers" are concerned, I beleive that they are like a radio set to one station. When you get one, you can "hear" the chakra being sent to that rod, but cann't send chakra back. At the very least that is how I would set up my playthings, that way if (on the off hand chance) my reciever gets stolen, at least they can't harm me by using it against me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazykwasi View Post
    And that lightning clone had me scratching my head for a second there too. Water's tangible so i could understand how you can make a clone, same goes for earth and wood but lightning, wind and fire??
    Shadows aren't tangible.
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