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Thread: Naruto 419

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    THIS IS FCKING ASWOME! You guys have no idea how suprised i was when bee came. And i bet you were as well. But on to more important things.

    What did Human Realm Pain do? Did he take out his soul? Spirit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellfire86 View Post
    So if i'm reading this right. I guess it means killer bee let himself get beat by Sasuke just so he could be captured and then escape and be free of the the village.
    And since when has Konoha had a village wide barrier? That would have been nice during the sand sound war or any other time they were invaded.
    That is not possible. They were invited. Many villagers were invited and so, it would be basically impossible to detect who's who. This should be obvious.

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    holy hell, what an awesome chapter. I wonder what's up with the "realm" thing though.

    And I don't know why but this letter made me laugh really hard.

    To: Hokage
    From: Raikage

    dunno why but that sounds funny, like casually. "to: you from: me" lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by black flash View Post
    This has to do with pic1 Pein apparently summarizes the six paths/realms,
    Info from wiki about the realms bits in brackets is what i added.

    Yahiko Pain = Deva realm
    The Deva realm is the realm of bliss and pride.(Thats why the so called god has such a big ego) The disadvantage of this realm is that things are so very comfortable there, that these beings completely neglect to work towards enlightenment. Instead they gradually use up the good karma they had previously accumulated, and so they subsequently fall to a lower rebirth.

    The Deva realm is sometimes also referred to as the gods' realm, because its inhabitants are so powerful within their own realm, that compared to humans, they resemble the gods of Greek or Roman mythology. However, while the Devas may be referred to as gods, they are not immortal, omniscient, nor omnipotent, and they do not act as creators or judges at death, so they are notably very distinct from the monotheistic Western concept of God.

    Summoner Pain (in this case, the Girl Pain) = Animal realm
    The Animal realm (also known as the Tiryag-yoni realm) is based on strong mental states of stupidity and prejudice (This must be the reason its a women this time amongst the male bodies) cultivated in a previous life or lives.

    Buddhists believe that this realm is the realm of existence of the nonhuman animals (10 headed dog and Chameleon with snake tail) on Earth. Humans can however see the animals, in the same way that the Asura can see the Devas.

    Fat Pain = Preta/Hungry Ghost realm
    The Hungry Ghost realm (also known as the Preta realm) is a rebirth based on strong possessiveness and desire which were cultivated in a previous life or lives.

    The sentient beings in this realm are known as "hungry ghosts". They are constantly extremely hungry and thirsty, but they cannot satisfy these needs. In Tibetan versions of the Bhavacakra these beings are drawn with narrow necks and large bellies. This represents the fact that their desires torment them, but they are completely unable to satisfy themselves.

    Sock Pain = Asura realm
    The Asura realm is the realm of the demigods. They are here because of actions based on jealousy, struggle, combat or rationalization of the world. They may be here because in human form they had good intentions but committed bad actions such as harming others.

    The Asuras are said to experience a much more pleasurable life than humans, but they are plagued by envy for the devas, whom they can see just as animals can perceive humans.

    The Asura realm is also sometimes referred to as the Ashura realm, Titan realm, Jealous God realm, Demigod realm, or Anti-God realm. Asura is also sometimes translated as "demon," (must be why he has spike studs in his head represents that of horns) "fighting demon," "those without wine," or "frightened ghost," (if you look back to when Jiraiya remember him he looked like a kids representation of a ghost, person with sheet over head) which can cause confusion because beings of the hell realm are also sometimes referred to as demons.

    Skinny Pain aka. Shang Tsung = Human realm
    The Human realm (also known as the Manuṣya realm) is based on passion, desire, and doubt.

    Buddhists see this realm as human existence. A human rebirth is in fact considered to be the by far most advantageous of all possible rebirths in samsara because a human rebirth is the only samsaric realm from which one can directly achieve enlightenment. This is because of the unique possibilities that a human rebirth offers.

    A human rebirth is considered to have tremendous potential when used correctly, however human rebirths are very rare in occurrence. This is because we usually waste our human lifetime in materialistic pursuits, and end up reinforcing our unhelpful emotions, thoughts, and actions. Because of this, it is almost always the case that one descends to a lower rebirth after a human life, rather than immediately going on to another human birth.

    In the lower realms, such as for example, the animal realm, it is a very slow and difficult process to accumulate enough merit to achieve a human birth once again, so it may be countless lifetimes before one has another chance.

    Old man Pain = Naraka/Hell realm
    The Naraka realm, or "hell realm" is a rebirth based on strong states of hatred cultivated in a previous life or lives.

    The Buddhist view of Niraya differs significantly from that of most monotheistic religions in that those being punished in this realm are not trapped permanently. Rather, they remain there until their negative karma is used up, at which point they are reborn (this could be the body that brought them back to life) into another realm.
    This post explains all about the realms

    Great info from black flash

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    seeing pain ripped out a soul of a body...
    yeah that's cool.

    Konoha is so going to get fucked up by 1 Kage.

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    Cool chapter. LET THE WAR BEGIN !!111!!!!111

    Killerbee and his Bijuu are hilarious.And the thing about the new era is interesting too (Im short on time,cya)

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    The lying theme (if you mean Sasuke) I have no faith in. Anyways, how the hell did Killerbee fool Sasuke into carrying a tentacle to Madara. I'm pretty damn sure Sharingan can see through the most advanced Genjutsu unless he used seals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJaggid View Post
    Killerbee is alive!!!
    FUCK YEAH!!!!

    Everyone can finally stop bitching about the cruddy victory!!

    And Madara's assurance that Sasuke would win for sure has hit the shitter! Looks like my theory for the lying theme may actually be true!

    I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY!! TWO great chapters in a row, hoo!


    And what an interesting relationship Killerbee has with the 8tails, seeing Naruto have that kind of relationship with the 9tails in the future would be interesting indeed. Them traveling together and talking casually about the mission and what's ahead? I find a rather kindred charm in that.

    You're talking about NARUTO here. Putting the 9tails in a good light would be nothing for him. The fact that the 9tails was being controlled aside, the past has past, no?
    Yap I coincide with you bout Naruto. He's a guy who can forgive almost everybody, I'm not sure about Orochimaru though. I can imagine Naruto talking with the Kyubi but I can't see them talking about missions. The Kyuubi would just probably say "Use my power and let's kill them!" Well that's what I think he'd say anyway, IF the akatsuki doesn't get their hands on the Kyuubi.

    Finally I can stop wondering why Sasuke won in such a crappy way. I wonder what Killerbee would do now, is he going to live peacefully somewhere or is he going to cause havoc in any village he comes across. I hope he meets Naruto and have a fight sometime. Nine Tails vs Eight tails now that would be an awesome, land destroying battle. It'd be like godzilla vs kingkong or something like that.
    My Waifu!

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    Another great chapter without that armpit of a character, Sasuke!

    Bee lives! This is awesome! This is great! Wonder if he'll run into Naruto...hmm. Would be interesting.

    As for the village, hopefully they can get their crap together and respond effectively. Perhaps I'm way too optimistic, but this is the Hidden Leaf. Should be a damn good fight.
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    i sense manlove between naruto and bee ..

    Whats up with the oversized signatures?

    i love you black flash Muah !!!


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