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    If all the Kages are going to meet up then we'll finally get to see Tobi's face since he is Mizukage. Also seeing the Tsuchikage and Gaara again would be nice.

    Finally seems Naruto's Senjutsu's training is ending in the next chapter but just how is he going to beat Pain. I hardly think he learned anything.

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    im surprised no one has complained about sasuke being in this chapter...just give it some time and im sure it will happen.
    i thought it was funny he was taken down a noche just when he was talking himself up in his mind.

    i liked this chapter. and also i like that there are new characters that dont rap
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    I really like this chapter. Was it a double chapter? So long, so good
    In the spoiler, we practically didn't see Naruto appear, and in fact, he took a good part of the chapter .
    I don't think that the Kages meeting will go fine. I guess there will be some troubles and fights.

    Hell Yeah! I didn't think that Tobi/Madara is supposed to be the Mizukage.
    Sasuke becoming blind.
    EDIT: it was funny I realised that I wrote blond and not blind !!!
    What's with his face ? He knew that he'll go blind. Well, it's very soon though.
    His thoughts are clear, he really wants to break down Konoha.

    I hope that the new lightning team will have a serious role to play, and not just a way to write Sasuke's MS techniques and blindness for Kishi.

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    I didn't notice till now but doesn't the Akatsuki statue sort of remind you guys of the statue of the Arucard spirit or whatever holding the kaballah and reverse kaballah in 666 satan?

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    ^ you forgot that Kishi is twin.
    But I liked this chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Obscuri View Post
    At least Android 18 is there.
    I knew that chick was familiar.

    I vote this village as my favorite already. From the hot chicks to the actual leader behavior of a Kage, thatīs a first in Naruto and a clear sign that Kishimoto is heading for a great ninja war.

    I seriously do not think he was boasting about the fact he can put Amateratsu's flames out.
    Maybe itīs a technique that negates any jutsu that he looks at.

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    Finally we'll see Gaara again!

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    Oh yeah,at least this chapter was better....When thereīs less Sasuke the chapter is better it seems

    And at the end of the chapter it was written that Narutoīs gonna complete his training - thatīd be cool ^^
    And the new ninjas arenīt bad either )

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    I like this village, so awesome and its also interesting that 2 Jinchuriki who have a great control of the power comes from that same village...

    The women are hot as well (secretary, and the very calm one on the team he ordered).

    Hopefully Naruto will learn this thing to be ready.
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    Good going, oystars. you beat both Dante and black flash in posting this thread.

    Now that Sasuke's made his intentions about Konoha clear beyond doubt, I wonder what new lame excuses his fans will produce to portray him as a good hearted person. Personally, I've lost all respect for his character; all the trouble Itachi and his former comrades gone through for him and he's just thrown it in their faces. He just doesn't deserve forgiveness and redemption; though being Kishi's favourite character I doubt he'll get the kind of ending he deserves.

    I see this manga at a crossroads w.r.t. Sasuke. Kishi can take his character along two possible routes:

    1.Continue the present trend and have it so that he's so far gone to the dark side that the only way Naruto can save him is to kill or cripple him. He can then have a Darth Vader style deathbed redemption.

    2.Have Naruto somehow convince him to turn around after defeating him. This is the more likely option, but if Kishi goes this route he'll need to make Sasuke work REALLY hard to redeem himself. He's got a lot to answer for. Let's review his list of misdeeds, shall we?

    a.Abandoned his village in its time of need(when half of Konoha nin were killed/injured in the Sound attack and they were short of manpower).

    b.Tried to murder Leaf nin on two separate occasions(it'll be three when he returns to Konoha).

    c.Teamed up with Akatsuki and helped them in their goal of causing a Fourth Ninja War, endangering millions of lives. Now he intends to destroy Konoha, too.

    After all this crap, I'll be really angry if he just gets let off with "It's okay, Sasuke, we're your friends!". I want to see him, say, risking his life and eyesight to protect Konoha. Multiple times.

    PS. Please don't ignore this post 'cause it's a bit long. Pick and choose while replying if you wish. Holidays are up ahead and I'd enjoy a long, healthy discussion(among other things).
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