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    Quote Originally Posted by xxDoLLarBiLLxx View Post
    Yo, Are you serious? Obito was Kakashi's friend, he never fought kakashi, he died saving Kakashi's life. and he gave him his sharingan.
    Sasuke directly fought Itachi and he was trying to kill him which he did(even if he was sick, Sasuke still killed him). Two different things.!!!
    FFS, do you pay attention to what you read!? It's Kakashi's INDIRECT fault that Obito died. And Itachi wasn't the person closest to Sasuke, OROCHIMARU was, as Madara said. It seems you don't have to actually be on good terms with the person closest to you to get the MS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxDoLLarBiLLxx View Post

    People underestimate how talented Itachi was. If he had stay healthy he probably would have been the most talented ninja in the whole series. it's even more telling that he even made Madara nervous even while he wasn't healthy. I think Itachi was too perfect for his own good, that's why he had to die early(lol). While Sasuke is talented in his own right, i dont think he is more talented than Itachi.
    I never was underestimating Itachi, I too know how talented he was just like the Fourth. However what I was trying to say is that the eye techniques he's used are the same as Itachi's and people were saying that those were his own specific eye techniques. It would make more sense to assume that those are the ones Itachi gave him because he saw him use them so those are the only ones he knows to use and has yet to try or use his own. Your opinion would be nice.

    @avatar, he didn't say that they had the same techniques, just Amaterasu. We really need to know more about Kakashi's MS before we can get a clear idea at all about how Sasuke's MS works. Or vice versa.

    I agree we need to know more on the MS, I made a thread specifically for this talk.


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