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    Since we are expeculating a fight, I say even since we know the outcome of the match, we will be discussing the fight the versus aspect per-se..
    So its still a versus.. the 1st versus madara, and what one would do to win, or what the 1st would do to win.. and what Madara did to counter etc..

    There is no need to exactly know what he did, since it will not be possible to recreate thoses conditions as yamato has lesser control over mokuton and naruto has the nine tails..

    But its just to show that Sharingan isn't unbeatable!

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    It seems that a lot of people presume Madara's MS must have been just as powerful as Itachi's, but it's quite clear that every MS has it's own unique skills. Tsukuyomi, Amaratsu and Susanoo were Itachi's individual jutsu. Just like how Kakashi's space/time MS jutsu is unique to him also.

    So even though madara had EMS, we don't know that he had an 'ultimate' genjutsu, ninjutsu and shield for example, perhaps the MS skills he had could be easily countered by the 1st's jutsu.
    We only have one shot of the fight between the 2 of them, and in the shot the 9-tails is being used by Madara and being held by the 1st's mokuton jutsu, combined with the fact that he can suppress the kyubi's chakra (as yamato demonstrates). It looks like the 1st is also using a whole bunch of swords, possibly similar skills to what Ten Ten uses.

    But I can see why people still think that the 1st had to be outmatched, mainly because we got to see what he was capable of when he teams up with the 2nd to fight the 3rd.

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    Because "The First" was the leader of Senju Clan. They are as powerful as the Uchiha if not more powerful. You are assuming that there are no jutsu that can match Sharingan's jutsu. which is wrong.

    Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, is from the Senju Clan too, Sasuke may not able to beat Konoha as easy as people think. We don't know what kind of jutsu she may still have.
    Since Senju fought Uchiha for so long, they might have something like "How to Fight Sharingan for Dummies" book
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