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    [deleted] unintentional double post

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    although i dont think danzo could have predicted sasuke taking revenge on the village, maybe he thought there would be an attack he could use as his advantage, but not by sasuke..

    but to use it as a cover to take control sounds very interesting, indeed.

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    I actually meant it more as Sasuke would be part of the battle plan rather than leading the attack. Kinda like the way Orochimaru probably planned to use Gaara, as a disaster to prioritize cause on the one hand you have a big-ass sand monster and on the other a Pissed-off-Giant-snake-summoning psycho with an army and years of experience and even worse preparation. I'm pretty sure sasuke/akatsuki (or hawk/akatsuki)would be the same rock and a hard place situation Gaara/sound village could have been if Gaara would have been able to cooperate.

    Hey Sion. Nice, that's a pretty awesome possibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sion4ever View Post
    yea sounds somewhat interesting
    but i'm opposed to akatsuki being added bonus... they're out of league for him, it doesn't matter what he's up to next
    if sasuke really ever got them 'as a bonus' (which sounds like additional underlings to me) i'd definitely try out voodoo on kishimoto ¬_¬
    You expect Sasuke to take down the Leaf with a four-man team? Besides Madara had his own thing against the Leaf, so he'd join in anyway.

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    ^i'd like to see him try and fail, yes^^
    but no... i expect him to power up more.. like getting a giant mech

    jeez.. i was talking about akatsuki actually following sasukes orders ¬_¬


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    I really do miss Naruto being around, all of this sasuke crap has taken away from Jiraiyas death and the impact it will have on Naruto when he finds out. This sasuke arc was really overdone and not as enjoyable as it could have been had Kishi not beat around the bushes half the time.

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    Funny thing is, I thought this chapter was brilliant, highly emotional, well thought out, and extremely well choreographed.

    I'm fucking euphoric over this.

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    This chapter sucked far above all the others. Here's my opinion about the whole Senju uchiha thing

    1. Madara was the one who disagreed with siding with the Senju and he was the one most hostile towards the clan. He left Konoha after Hashirama became Hokage because he was power hungry. When Hashirama won the leadership fair and square, who is he to complain? Also, if Madara didn't do the whole revenge thing that ended with him and his rival fighting at the valley of the end, do you think the Uchiha would've still been segregated? I doubt that. It's human nature to be distrustful after seeing the leader, who is supposed to set an example, behave thus. I mean, people do judge you by the character of your parents after all.

    2. Sasuke has played right into Madara's hands just like he played right into Orochimaru's hands. He is a filthy, fucked up bastard who has no sense of reason if he is believing that the Kyuubi attack is a coincidence. I doubt that Madara is telling the truth in that respect.

    3. I can't say anything else you guys haven't already said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtrumIncendia View Post
    You expect Sasuke to take down the Leaf with a four-man team?
    That is assuming:
    1. Other Akatsuki members won't join them.
    2. They cannot/won't recruit more people.

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    Man.. all this Sasuke played into Madara's hands just as he played into Orochimaru is being thrown around without any thought.

    Sasuke "played" into Orochimaru's hands, and so... did Orochimaru gain anything out of it? It was more of Sasuke used Orochimaru a high, leveled, experimental S-Class ninja to find a way to attain power and kill itachi.

    Now the only thing we have here is that After Madara telling Sasuke the truth about what happened to his clan. We have no insight to Sasuke's mind whatsoever except that for certain he now wants to kill the man who was responsible for his clan's annihilation. If things are to go as they say, who isn't to say that dejavu is to occur and Sasuke would go against Madara once he has attained his goal- Sasuke's personality as a no-bullshit individual suggests that.

    I'm throwing up possible happenings instead of jumping straight to conclusions which seems to be the common trend in these forums.
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