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    Default itachi's mangekyou sharingan

    so if you have read the latest naruto chapters madara says that itachi was the good guy and to get the mangekyou sharingan you must kill your best friend. what do you guys think the circumstances of itachi getting the mangekyou. was it coincidence or out of necessity? do you think that he just decided to kill him off to obtain it or do you think his best friend knew something so itachi decided to kill him off out of necessity? and why do you think that itachi wanted sasuke to have the same eyes?

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    I think that Itachi was aware that by killing Shinsui (or whatever his name is) was to get Mangekyou, but Shinsui, found out that Itachi was a Double Spy. Itachi probably took the chance of eliminating an obstacle while obtaining a power enough to eliminate all other obstacles that may arise.

    I don't think it was coincidence.

    Itachi telling Sasuke to have the same Eyes as he had may have to do with being able to see what he saw. Pride will not get anyone anywhere, and if he had to decide between his own blood and the lives of many, saving the many is more important, since by only saving himself will only lead towards struggle towards power.

    (No idea how I came up with this stuff)

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    Someone ban this idiot.

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    Banned at last. What a moron with too much time in his hands

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    I Like Candy, what's your problem? This isn't a spam forum.

    And about Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan... I agree with Shinguyi.

    Rant about the manga, look out!

    The Mangekyou belongs to Itachi. Its a part of Itachi. Now, it looks every damn guy has a Mange-Sharingan. Kakashi, Madara and Sasuke too. I mean, what the hell? I remember when Itachi meant Mangekyou Sharingan. He was the untouchable villain with the cool eyes. Now he's dead and Sasuke suddenly has the MS. I call bullshit.

    Seriously, what's up with this obsession about Dojutsus? Pains Rinne'gan, the Byakugan and the Sharingan and the different-looking Mange-Sharingans? They're starting to become cheap. Next thing we know, the Byakugan has the ability to see souls and destroy them or shoot lazers...

    Or maybe Naruto's mother, Kushina, is actually the secret daughter of Uchiha Madara and Naruto has the SUPER-UBER MANGEKYOU from hell! I really don't know what Kishimoto is smoking right now, but it got to be some heavy stuff.

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    what i wanna know is,was he encouraging sasuke to kill his best friend and become powerful,or just telling him so that,in lieu of the clans massacre,make the pain of killing his friend something he would try to avoid at all costs?

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    ^I think it was just a test to see how far Sasuke would go for revenge, If Sasuke kills Naruto then all hope is lost and Itachi will know that Sasuke would do anything to get revenge even killing his best friend but if Sasuke doesn't kill Naruto then Itachi knows that Sasuke still has a heart and can follow a different path, but as we know Sasuke is just a tool and that once clear path is covered with leafs, looks like a strong gust of wind will need to clear it again.

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    yeah i agree all these eye doujitsus just make it seem like oro never had a chance to be in the big leagues.

    i originally also interpreted Itachi fighting sasuke as a way to test his strength knowing that he will have to fight madara eventually. but it was more like if sasuke could defeat itachi then it means sasuke could protect himself from madara, and if sasuke were to lose then itachi would simply take his eyes and gain the EMS and then kill Madara.

    The current events do not indicate that 100%, but as we know story changes all the time. I hardly think that Pein was a character originally planned.

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    Itachi wanted sasuke to play the part of avenger of the uchiha clan, the reason for all of his actions was to provoke sasuke into killing him(or try to at least to, MS or not). He wanted sasuke to be a savior of the village by killing "The Uchiha Murderer", he knew if madara got ahold of him he would manipulate him into attacking the village(reason he set up the Amaterasu trap). He even went so far as to give naruto something just in case Sasuke didnt do as he had planned. So you see itachi just wanted the best for him and tried to keep him ignorant of the past so that he wouldnt provoke war.
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    yea, agreed^. And the reason he wanted sasuke to have the same eyes is so that when itachi and him fought, and he died from his sickness he could have his eyes passed to sasuke, he hints at that in the fight when he says " we are each others spare, thats the bond between uchiha brothers"

    The thing i'm curious about is whether the "kill your best friend" clause is actually a requirment to have it or whether its just something that the sharingan reacts to.
    Like its "heightened emotions or stress" is what activates it initially, maybe it reacts to the feelings of loss, or guilt.

    Which would explain why kakishi activated his so late. (that he didn't PHYSICALLY kill his best friend, but that he feels at fault for it) And also why it was important that madara told sasuke the sob story of itachi, so sasuke felt guilty, and the extreme loss of his loving brother, rather than the guy he hates, and cared nothing about after he killed him.

    I'm also curious why madara wanted itachi's body, if it was just the eyes he could have just plucked them and stucked them into little jars to give to sasuke later. But thats a different thread.
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