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Thread: Chapter 398

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravijha85 View Post
    madara is the only villain , dont bring sasuke in
    though uchiha is trying to make sasuke vs naruto
    What makes you think that? Madara still needs Kyuubi, so he wouldn't risk getting Naruto killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDogMike View Post
    I didn't say that they perform the hand-seals after the chakra has left the body, I said the hand-seals change the form of the chakra after it's expelled from the body. Sorry for any confusion my word choice caused.

    I'm aware that the hand-seals come before the technique is used. What I was trying to explain was that the Sharingan user must be able to read chakra and the way it is molded to perform a jutsu. The reason for this is that the hand-seals are not infact related to the combination of energies used when molding chakra, but is related to changing the molded chakra into a jutsu. Molding chakra is supposed to be a very important step in performing a jutsu because if the wrong mixture is used then the technique will either be extremely weak or may fail entirely, so it seems logical to me that the Sharingan must be able to read the exact combination of energies that are molded to perform the jutsu. Taking that into account, it would also mean that Sharingan users can copy jutsus that don't require hand-seals, since they can read the chakra molding and chakra flow used to perform the jutsu.

    Being of a sufficiently high skill level to perform the jutsu is another story entirely though.

    Exactly! That's what I've been trying to explain. Some people seem to have misunderstood what Deidara said in the manga. Hiding hand-seals stops the Sharingan user from knowing the jutsu you're about to use and also from copying it, but no matter how you re-arrange what he said you should never be able to logically come to the conclusion that Sharingan users can't copy jutsus that don't use hand-seals.

    That was just my "disclaimer". I do it just in-case, since I've been in a few arguments in the Naruto and Bleach forums which turned into mud-slinging contests fairly quickly. It's nice to see there are other people who can get into a technical argument without getting frustrated and/or angry.
    OK I think now I understand what you're trying to say. We both agree that for jutsu's that require hand seals a Sharingan user must see the hand seals in order to be able to copy them. Now, about Sharingan being or not being able to copy a Jutsu that doesn't require hand seals it's something we can only base on assumptions because up until now the only jutsu that has been said to not require hand seals has been the Rasengan, although we've seen Sasuke use Chidori Nagashi without performing any, and maybe I'm missing someone else that have done some other technique that way too.

    So what I'm trying to say is that the way we were told "You don't need any hand seals for Rasengan", Kakashi (as far as we know) having to actually "learn" it the hard way, and the fact that we don't know any other jutsu with this particularity is why we "assume" Rasengan can't be copied by Sharingan.

    Hehe.. and nice arguing with you. Maybe the one who's not choosing well his words is me cause I'm not a native speaker, I apologize if that's the case.
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