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so basically what you are saying is that he is always using the yang chakra? it makes sense since we know that he had problems to control it when he strated his lessons with jirays a long time ago...
but if that's true, then i wonder how much chakra does he actually have , not counting the kyuubi's at all.
Naruto has lots, if not just about the same as kyubii to keep it supressed.

Against gaara he used only HIS chakra to summon, 2000 clones. (but he did use the kyubi for gamabunta)

Oh and another thing....does Naruto only having half of the Kyuubi's chakra mean that when Naruto is in (4 tail kyuubi mode) its actually equivalent to only 2 of the real Kyuubi's power?
The kyubi chakra wasn't "split" but rather separated.

So if you set aside the same ammount from the real , and compare with naruto's they would be the same. so no, naruto can't get a stronger 4 tails having acess to full kyubi chakra..

I also have my doubts that he can go over 4 tails at all, withou removing the seal.