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    Why don´t people seem to realize that Itachi is far worse than everyone thought he was?

    He can barely see people, that´s the deciding factor of this battle.

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    maybe..but i suppose with all the build-up of his powers it was expected that even with bad vision he had such keen sences that it wouldnt matter cause he could just counter attack or dodge..

    im dissapointed it hasnt turned out that way and that itachi actually is limited by his dissavantages and doesnt work past them..i mean his opponents have to fight against his with their eyes closed (on occasion, when that was their theory)

    even though i want sasuke to win, i hope itachi can make an unbelieveable move that even the naruto english dub wont be able to believe it!

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    Yeah same here, I expected more from Itachi.

    The way things are going Sasuke is way too powerful, being able to go head to head with Itachi and getting the upper hand, Heck Naruto faced of against Itachi's clone but he still wasn't able to do squat (>_<)

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    I can only hope there is some sort of twist to this, the way things are going it is really looking lame. Itachi is totally going blind and it looks like he could win but only by totally destroying Sasuke with Amaterasu (meaning its not gonna happen). Even if he does win at this point, it will be meaningless, because Sasuke doesn't have the Mangekyou Sharingan. As many have already said, the way it stands we are looking at an Orochimaru vs Sasuke repeat. Sasuke is going to win on account of his opponents failings. The fight thus far hasn't been bad but if it ends like this it will be. Sofar we haven't seen anything new in terms of ability, Sasuke hasn't used his acclaimed secret technique and the few moves Itachi has used are all ones we already knew he had. So I guess all that mystery and build up was for nothing.

    Maybe after this Sasuke will take Itachi's eyes go kill Madara with his secret technique, take control of Kyuubi with his ultimate Sharingan, take over Konoha, and impregnate all the girls he turned down in the past giving birth to the new Uchiha clan. Yup, he had it all planned from the beginning. What he didn't plan on, however, is that Kakashi is such genius the regualar rules don't apply to him. He will randomly get the Ultimate Sharingan on his own without the need of taking anyones eyes and kill Sasuke then becoming the 6th Hokage. After spending a week in hospital to recover from Ultimate Sharingan usage of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raszagal View Post
    Yeah, Itachi is allready taking hits, and Sasuke haven't even used his seal yet^ He sure got some hatred now^
    He used the seal you will see it if you just look carefully.

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    Looking at the last page from last week chapter

    Itachi is with his RIGHT eye open..
    Now this week he is with his LEFT eye open~
    So he did switch eyes from one chapter to another.. hehe
    he did switch eyes...but he's still using the right for amaterasu, and left for tsukuyomi.

    shadow clone shuriken!!
    brings back memories...
    oh yeah. but seriously isn't that quite basic?(except for the spilitting shuriken part) itachi is really slowing down. next week sasuke's probably gonna push back Amaterasu too...

    I wonder why the eyes are switched around.

    It's supposed to be left for Amaterasu and right for Tsukuyomi.
    exactly what i was thinking. look up wikipedia...and you'll find this...

    "...underworld). In the cleansing rite after his return, he begot Amaterasu (the sun goddess) from his left eye, Tsukuyomi (the moon god) from his right eye, and Susanoo (tempest or storm god) from his nose."

    so apparently its all mixed up...but anyway...

    when itachi has both tsukuyomi and amaterasu beaten, he's obviously going to use *that* technique...Susanoo

    since tsukuyomi and amaterasu came from Inazagi's eyes (is he the first uchiha?) and susanoo comes from the nose, we might see itachi sneezing his way to victory some time soon...

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    But Sasuke has the ultimate technique..

    He can conjure it from his ASS!!! And kill itachi
    "Chile is a thin and tall country"

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    That's where Cosmic Love must be coming from!
    Last edited by R3dKnight; 02-16-2008 at 07:16 AM.

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    god... i hope amatesaru kills sasuke.

    you know just to shake things up

    well, I liked this battle more than that genjutsu crap that seemed to go on forever.


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    ^But then where is room for the "Akatsuki is not a gang, it's a club" line?

    Cosmic Love=Orochimaru+Sasuke's ass? How cliche.


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