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    i have always found his character and background intriguing, while i like naruto when he is being serious and standing up for his friends, ei when he crawled towards gara and mentioned how painful lonliness is, and then threatened him if he ever hurt his friends again, i really cant stand him when he is being an idiot (when it isnt funny)

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    because I can't Stand Emo characters
    exp Itachi vs Sasuke

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    Naruto, mostly because I want to see how well his afinity with the nine tails develop..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Obscuri View Post
    Sasuke by far; Naruto is your typical shounen main character who never gives up, and achieves a good deal of his/her feats by plot armour.
    Funny thing about that... I never have a hard time believing Naruto when he fights, like when Sasuke was kicking his ass on the waterfall (man that was a good fight) I just loved how creative he was in that, because he truly is an incredible ninja. He never gives off a "this is a bullshit fight" vibe.

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    ^I never said Naruto is not a good ninja; I just said he's your typical main shounen character (personality-wise). And yes, the battle at the VotE was one of the best battles in the whole manga; it's the best one, in my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by StealDragon View Post
    He never gives off a "this is a bullshit fight" vibe.
    His battle against Haku and Neji were good because of Kyuubi, in my opinion; his battle against Kiba wasn't that great (although Naruto pulled some good moves in that battle, and against Neji too); his battles against Itachi (clone?), Deidara, and Kakuzu were quite boring, in my opinion.
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    Originally I preferred Naruto, early on he seemed enduring and to genuinely have some depth. He wasn't just the stereotypical hero who is ultra talented for no apparent reason who improves at an impossible rate without explanation. Sure he had his annoying qualities but many of them at least came off as a front for something more. Since the time skip though, almost all of Naruto's annoying qualities have grown while his enduring and interesting ones have all but disappeared. His 3 years of training with Jiraiya seems to have done little more than increase his stupidity. All he seems to do now is wine about Sasuke and charge head on at every opponent he faces with the same boring moves he had 3 years ago (sorry but I don't count Odama Rasengan as a new technique). What happened to learning new techniques from the great master Jiraiya to protect him from Akatsuki? Had it not been for Kakashi, Deidara probably would have taken him down along with Gaara. The only things that remains compelling about Naruto as a character is the Nine-tails (there is still a lot that could be interesting there). Sasuke has at least grown in both intelligence and ability. He certainly isn't my favorite character but I can at least appreciate his development. Also I find the Uchiha storyline to be far more interesting than watching Naruto charging around with shadow clones. There is still a ton of mystery surrounding the Uchiha clan and how Sasuke plays into it. This part of the story still has so much potential still waiting to be tapped.

    This said, I honestly do want to see more of Naruto as a character. I think the series should go back to focusing on him, I just think he should be more useful and less annoying give him some unique new abilities. Put him in a role that has some substance rather than being the moron acting like Sasuke's scorned lover.

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    i'd like to see next years chapters focus on Jiraiya.. but it can't.. cause he's dead.. damn kishi.. Or Tobi..

    Quite frankly either would be better then Sasuke.. althought he's coming into his own now and if he finally beat itachi he can actually have a bit of plot development that doesn't involve trying to stop his brother.

    Right now i'm more interested in Naruto though, there's alot going on right now that involves him and it should be interesting to find out what he does to get ready for it.. Probably some lower level ninja will show him a new technique..

    Although i would like to see Naruto running around with something besides the full form of Rasengan hell he was warned that he shouldn't use it unless absolutely necessary but nooo.. You know he has to have some tricks up his sleeve after training with Jiraiya.

    Given he wouldn't have learned as much as Sasuke considering Sasuke could learn a new technique a day... or more if he felt like it. But most likely his techniques are capable of being more powerful.

    Of course Jiraiya being who he is probably didn't spend 3 straight years training Naruto.. more then likely they just traveled and spent time with beautiful woman while training maybe one week a month.

    I don't know it just seems like Naruto degrades himself into being a one trick pony when he's capable of more. Not that many people have a large repertoire but it'd be nice to see some variation every once in awhile.

    i'd also like to see Naruto use his demonic abilities more often but it seems he was discouraged from it.. i kinda want to see him lose the demon and fight for it back >_>

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    When it comes to character itself, I would have to go with Naruto.

    Sasuke is a nice character with some interesting developments and future dvelopments (Tobi and Itachi). But, his side of the story has been taking too long, and it has diminished my interests.

    Naruto, on the other hand, has developed a different way. Although what he mostly thinks about is saving Sasuke, all of his other pathetic charasteristics have diminished. Also, knowing that Hinata was always looking at him from affar since the Ninja Academy days may become one of Naruto's biggest motivations and developments when he finds out.
    What actually leans towards Naruto is the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit itself. Having the main character contain a threat to every person around him makes him an unpredictable character (such as the fight with Orochimaru). And although he has been trying to supress that chakra, he won't be able to forever. What will he do when he can't? That is what I'm mostly waiting for (and what the heck will the other characters do towards his developments and when most of them find out about his secret, since most of his friends don't know about it).

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    Sasuke. why? I watch shounen manga for fights and Sasuke's fights are thousand times better than Naruto's, look at Diedera vs Sasuke it was full of strategies and jutsus, while Naruto vs Kakuzu saw Naruto achive victory using the same tactic he used in the chunin exam against Neiji only Neiji saw through it..

    just look at the current situation, Sasuke is fighting in the start of promising battle with his old bro while Naruto is laying down kage bushin/rasengan deja vu like its the law (of course with a kick in the face for added value)

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    Sasuke is way better. He ( and all chatacters exept for naruto ) brings the fights where you need to think and like to guess whats going to happen next ( which makes a book good ). it becomes a good story like Harry Potter is ( cant come up with another example ) with twists and wierd events when he fights, and naruto makes the story as simple as the story is of a Donald Duck.

    So it all comes down to which you like better? A Donald Duck or someting interesting...

    and btw sorry for my bad way to discribe stuff, my english isnt great.
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