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    Quote Originally Posted by irecinius View Post
    Tho shall not defy Ramen Cutie, or the wrath of god himself shall fall upon your penis!
    What about when she's fat?

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    I like Ayame's hair.

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    ^ thank you kaom. thank you.

    for the fat ayame pics, we know it'll never happen, ever!

    because ramen is such a nutritionally meritable food, low in GI and part of every balanced diet.

    i mean, look at naruto! he couldn't exactly chase sasuke for a few years on an empty stomach, now could he

    because ayame is the AL, she is accumulating lead in each bowl of ramen she gives naruto. so brilliant, and sexy

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    nonsense thread... LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by jinpoo_ View Post
    for the fat ayame pics, we know it'll never happen, ever!
    Healthy Ayame > Skinny Ayame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Obscuri View Post
    I think, the problem was no one understood the OP. His, was a subtle request, masked by a misleading topic. Not only that, if you read the topic, you'll see hints of this façade.

    "akatsuki leader is.. yondaime!!"

    See? Akatsuki Leader represents something we all want, whether it is knowledge, power, pleasure, we do not know; it is a mask to hide our true desires. In the topic, the OP said that the "Akatsuki Leader" is Yondaime. Yes, at first, it is a bit misleading. Why would the OP want Yondaime? Yet, we know what "Akatsuki Leader" represents. We got you there OP.

    Now, what is it what the OP really wants? Well, the answer is easy:

    "we all know it's ichiraku ramen cutie."

    Ah! That's the answer. What the OP really wanted was Ayame. This one, as long as I am correct, may be the subtle way in which OP is requesting pics of Ayame from us. So, now that we know that much, let us show OP our good-will and let us share our collection of Ayame's pictures with OP.
    OMG i'm sorry everyone, it just went completely over my head, i swear i will pay more attention next time, thanks for the help dante.
    Cuenta la historia de un mago que un día en su bosque encantado lloró. Porque a pesar de su magia no había podido encontrar el amor. La luna, su única amiga le daba fuerzas para soportar todo el dolor que sentía por culpa de su tan larga soledad.


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