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Thread: Pein and 4th

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    this just prove that some people should never be allowed to write a manga

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    I do remember that during the fight between the 3rd hokage and orochimaru, that orochimaru was summoning the 4th's body. During that time the 3rd stopped the 4th's grave from being summoned. So how could Pain have gotten his hands on Minato's body when it was in the Hidden leaf village? Unless orochimaru had the body, which is highly doubtful. Also unless Pain managed to sneak into konoha without being noticed and escape with the Minato's body without anyone noticing. I think that Pain's "original" body is not Minato's. Besides we still have the fact that Pain's hair is auburn, even though hair coloring is not an uncommon thing it is rare in anime.

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    Actually, I could deal with Pein having Minato's body. Not that the one we've seen is it; implying that he may have extracted the soulless corpse a long time ago.

    The 1st and 2nd Hokages forms we saw during the 3rd's Last Stand (copyright -awesome) have long sense been explained to have been the Sound Genins' modified corpses.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks Pein's bodyswitch might be on a timer, rather than perminant. (i.e. - More like Ino's, less like Orochimaru's) Just throwing that out there for thought's sake. God, and various other deities, know we need some here.

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    well for me it has a 30% chance. anything can happen in this manga, even dead people can be resurrected just to become pawn to evilness.

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    That's a 30%? You know, you'd be surprised how many dead people are NOT resurrected in a manga.

    This reminds me of an old, but classical joke (I'm not referring to anyone here): a blonde is asked what's the chance of her seeing a tyrannousaurus rex tomorrow. The woman thinks a little, then says, "Fifty percent." The other person is flabberghasted "What do you mean, 50%?" "Well, I either see it or I don't," she says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger View Post
    The 4th used the Shinigami sealing technique that kills the user. The 3rd said it in his battle against Orochimaru.
    I agree with this. The sealing took his life and body with his soul. Just like how the third died with his body sealed up in a hells limbo so would Minato's so even if Pein is a cast from Ghost in the shell who has acquired the body of Minato to inject his cyber brain into, it won't work since the body is no longer able to do anything let alone perform any jutsu. Orochimaru pulled out three coffins if you remember him fighting the third. Out of the two, Sho/Ni daime came out so who was in the third coffin? Its hinted that it coulda been Minato right? since he was summoning dead kage lvl ninjas. But why did nothing come out of it? Minato's bodys been sealed permanently with no soul since it lies in the belly of hell. With that, what use is the 4th's body to Pein?

    How do we even know he gathers dead bodies and move his cyber brain into them in the first place? It could be like Valkyrie Profile where Pein created homunculi with half elves which he performs a soul transfer jutsu on. I admit his new body does have striking hairstyle resemblence to recently dead Deidara who blew up in many pieces, his body was probably unrecoverable. Mere coincidence? probably.

    Only way I would think it could be (Not is, but could be) Minato's body is if we're shown yet another dead body with different hair colours saying he art pein. I'm going to laugh if he pulls out a body that looks like 3rd grandpa sarutobi with pink hair. Actually make that a Haku with neon green hair

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    If Pain is Minato... I'll eat my hat.
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    HAhah that was excellent DivineVTDragon

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    well its just my thoughts on the manga's current events. although i have no hard proof to support my theory, im not satisfied with the supposedly proof that my claim is false. just post in civilize manner. you're NO ONE(got that?? NOBODY!!) to call others crazy especially when its manga we are discussing here, all are equally entitled with their own 'crazy' or 'not so crazy' theories.

    @Phantom Miria
    maybe nothing came out because he's still alive? :gg: no thats not right.. 3rd canceled the jutsu.
    now that i think about it, for a good mangaka even small things like this can have meaning in the future plot!

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    well in this manga where most of the laws of the universe don't apply essentially anything can happen.


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