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    Default translation for 367

    chapter 367 out in raw i do translation

    older brother and younger brother hate and killer instinct in the darkness light have already gone the battle is going to begin

    the sudden clash meeting

    itachi:you have grown taller
    itachi:your diffrent from before you did not charge at me once u see me
    sasuke:you did not change abit your eyes are still icy cold
    sasuke:you don't understand me abit (charge wif chidori)
    sasuke:you know in my heart how much hate i have because of it how strong i have become you don't understand me abit

    back to konoha

    jiraya:your liquer holding is worst then me wanna find a place a rest nearby?
    tsunade:inside akasuki there are so many powerful people we don't even know how many there are yet your going to their door step
    jiraya:its about time to go
    tsunade:your must come back alive
    tsunade:if you die then me...
    jiraya:i am happy to hear that you will cry for me when i die but criied that much when the 4th died
    jiraya:then use ur gambling and bet on me that i will die you always lost in ur gamble
    jirayan the other hand if i manage to come back...
    jiraya:just kidding

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    ^What about the Pain/BH conversation around the end?

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    i enjoyed this chapter.

    although the speed at which jiraiya arrived there was quite out of proportion in terms of time, its cool that we'd get to see jiraiya action again. Also, quite cool that Pein's "rain" can sense if someones in it... and he acknowledges that jiraiya's reli strong... it'd be cool if we get to see Pein vs. Jiraiya action. theres might be some relation between them too since there was some talk about the past of Naruto's mother and father.

    So the itachi sasuke just fought was another kage bunshin.. i think thats a good thing since i think its a bit early in the story for them to end it right now

    I'll finish the translation:

    Summary of Tsunade and jiraiya: they talk about naruto's mother how she is similar to naruto in terms of her noisy, tomboyish personality and naruto's mother's name is mentioned (probably the one mentioned in the spoiler section) and about his father, and a little bit about the Fourth. Also talks about how naruto looks very much like his father, and jiraiya says "looking at naruto makes me feel like im looking at a grandson"

    Itachi: You've become stronger
    Sasuke: !
    Itachi: Head to something (uchiha??) secret base alone and we'll end things there.

    Jiraiya: (comes out of frog) Intrusion successful. It was easier than i thought. Now, where is it.....
    Pein: !
    BH Girl: What is it?
    Pein: Theres someone in my rain (yes, MY rain). From the chakra, it seems to be a very strong person.

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    Default continuation to chap 367

    pein:i can sense someone in my rain he seem strong




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