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    sasuke's on crack, they dint want to reveal it because it would scare the kiddies off

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    Quote Originally Posted by oh_no View Post
    3. Move fast : Sasuke already has the same speed as Lee, but he's faster now. Since we don't know what time usually take to train fast movement, can't really say if his speed

    So the only thing that can be considered unnatural is his super speed. Wonder how he got that since Orochimaru himself never seen to move super fast.
    I'm under the impression that Sasuke could move as fast as Lee with the weights on his ankles before the time jump. After the time jump, he's probably a little faster, but Lee is probably still faster with his weights off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel. G View Post
    if you want to compare here it is..

    naruto: wants to be a hokage
    limits: friends and attachment to all the people he knows and all the friends he has ooooo and last time a checked he was runing after sasuke instead of becoming a hokage so i hope you get the idea here

    sasuke: kill itachi
    limits: so far none, he was ready to kill both his team mates and even after the obvious love karin has for him he has no reaction and the only reason he is with them is because they are a tool for him to achieve his own goal. not ot mention they can easily be disposed of if he wished it.

    conclusion: sasuke is free ti fully 100% achieve his goal and naruto and others arent. he is similar to oro in that respect because oro was ready to use forbidden jitstu to fight and on himself and others to achieve his goal.
    now is the time for some smart pants to say :"oooh, but friends and attachments make you stronger!!!"
    ......and i will not be that one

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    i think ... through his training under the supervision of orochimaru

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    It's in the manga, he practice with the thousand weak shinobis and leveled up.

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    stems cells..

    he sucks alive babies!!!
    "Chile is a thin and tall country"

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    Kabuto's doping regime.

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    With the sharingan at his disposal coudnt oro just run through a thousand jutsus, say practice that and walk off? Oh yeah and the crack.


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