we have seen sasuke recently own deidei and show why how he came back, but my question is "should kishi brought sasuke earlier to the story?

now my personel feeling is that he should've, why? because it is it is a theory of mine that after sasuke starts owning crap and acting baddass, that it is narutos turn. think about it even it the beggining its been this way. when sasuke took down those two mist nin he 1uped naruto, only for nauto to trick zabuza later, or when sasuke showed his chidori just in the next arc for naruto to get the resengan and etc. the point is if sasuke had been shown earlier this would have given kishimoto a green light to show naruto truly grow insted of him uh "stalling" naruto for all of part 2. i ask you this because right now i feel that after this sasuke arc kishi will finally show naruto growth

so your thought on this.
(sorry i would of put a poll on this, but i dont know how to do that).