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    irecinius is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    But you can compare the food chain that is the competitive market.
    Small business, unkown mangakas got to work their ass off.
    To make a name, once they do, things change

    Thats one of the arguments why early naruto was better.
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    xaturas is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    And now he is milking his money from kids who buys naruto games, keychains, cards, and stuff and he gets paid from anime producers. So he is making naruto to milk it as much as he can. You can observe the same thing on mangaka of ranma 1/2, inuyasha (the so called mangaka with highest income/salary).

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    Feanor is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Can you blame them? Espacially Rumiko Takahashi?

    Ranma started in 1987 and lasted till 1996. Inuyasha started 1996 and last until today.
    That's 20 years where she had to publish a chapter almost every week.
    Even if she has assistents that draw the backround or fill areas with black color.
    19 pages in 7 days is hard word. And that almost every week over such a long time. And both Ranma and Inuyasha are great mangas. Great story, great characters, great mix between comedy and action.

    And it's not like she or Kishi (or any other major mangaka) tell other people what to produce.
    If the series is popular it's natural that people want an anime or games or all that other crap.
    It's not like Kishi said "Why isn't there a Naruto keychain. Make one now"

    I think they deserve all the money for all the work they do.
    More that every sport or movie star.
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    El_C4ct0 is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Even if he has assistants :
    When were his last vacation ? (Golden week doesn't count xD)
    I can't imagine how hard the job of an Mangaka could be, but I think it's tough.
    The high pressure of releasing 1Chapter/Week, the pressure of the fans, the time you have to spent - is there any time for some fun ?
    I think every Mangaka should at least get 1 week Vacation each 4Months O_o
    *blames Jump*

    At least I am happy,that I am not the only One,who got the feeling,that there are some changes in the "flair".
    Hope it's going to be better in the future and the chars will lose their imbalanceness by facing another more imba Enemy +_+

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    DrKevin is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Quote Originally Posted by xaturas View Post
    And now he is milking his money from kids who buys naruto games, keychains, cards, and stuff and he gets paid from anime producers. So he is making naruto to milk it as much as he can.
    - As opposed to those OTHER Shonen comic book writers who are doing it all for the STREET CRED. XD


    The street cred!!


    Okay...okay I'm done.

    No I'm not.



    Oh shit, I love Naruto.

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    asianmaster is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    i dont think kishi is overworked, i think he hasnt been puttin enough effort in the whole plot as a whole recently. i have been with this manga for years, through the good and the bad so to speak, so even if the plot is kinda lame wat can i do?
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    calypso is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Yeah I think the new generation is plainly better. However still most of them were a bit lucky as well when they won Akatsuki.....
    Sasori: He simply let himself be killed by them, there is a line where Chiyo realised he purposedly done that. Maybe you could try to read those chapters again and you will know why.

    Hidan: He was wore out after getting to fight all of them ...just think of it Shikamaru, Kakashi, Chouji plus Ino. It was though and then he was beaten by someone who had made a trap long before the fight had actually happen...
    Shikamaru won tactically and uh.. a bit cunning..

    Kakuzu: Kakashi might have really died if it wasnt because of Hidan. Very lucky. Again Naruto might get killed by Kakuzu if Kakashi didnt help him later.. So it was more like teaming up between them to beat Kakuzu.

    Deidara: This one... I believe Sasuke is just overpowered... But he still got luck with him. By the time he was inside Deidara's C4, he used up his Chidori to became somewhat his protector, Lightning(Chidori)>Earth(C4).. He's dead if Chidori isnt lightning elemental..DEAD
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    jjhjjh is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    maybe... well its been so long and yet we have not seen or heard of Naruto's family. We should at least get some in site. The manga is still pretty good and its starting to decline a bit but its good. I just think hes getting to a point in the manga where he is (a) lacking inspiration , (b) forgetting things or (c) fixing problems but making other ones appear
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    Urameshi-sama is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    ^I get that feeling too. I think he is lacking in inspiration more than anything. But, the old chapters had a way of balancing current events (ie things tomake the arc go further), revealing more about Konoha's past (or a character from Konoha's past), foreshadowing events, etc.
    The last 5 chaps have been pure Sasuke/Deidara fight with complete ignorance of Team Naruto. We did find out more about Sasuke's sharingan, Deidara's past (always given before death), Itachi. But no activity in Konoha, no updates on Team Naruto.

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    Attila Khan is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    it almost feels like kish is on vacation and his assistants are drawing what he planned for them. Nah that would never happrn.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.


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