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    ^ You read WoT? Good to find someone else here who does.

    on topic:
    Would be great if Sakura does beat up Sasuke sometime in the future, Naruto can't be doing everything, and my favorite part from part II is still the few chapters containing the fight against Sasori, she needs to get more quality screen time, instead of something random like one frame of her crying for some reason while Naruto is training...

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    in ma lair^^


    <3 WoT

    check out a sight called dragonmount some time. Its pretty cool^^

    And I really hate Sakura, or at least what Kishi has done with her.

    Crying, its all she ever does. If he had her show some dang improvement like in the Sasori fight (which imo was mostly Chiyo telling her what to do, instead of her improvement) then maybe I would like her character.

    I still think its a *HUGE* mistake that Sakura didn't fight sasuke that night she asked him not to leave. I admit because of the story line she had to lose, and because of all kishi had done with her to that time she had to lose by a good margin. i still would have liked her more then her "falls asleep crying" bit.

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    i think the frog 1 will b stronger...

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    Jiraiya is the best fighter, orochimaru has the greater skillset, tsunade is a sucker

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    The city with the most bridges in Europe.


    mhm the strongest one..
    all 3 have sides they're good at

    jirajya is good at summoning frogs, peeking, writing erotic stories, chakra-control
    he was also the student of sarutobi, sensei of the 4th and the first choice for the 5th-title and he also has some kind of super-secret-information-network-jutsu

    tsunade is good at taijutsu, summoning slugs, medical jutsu
    she was a student of sarutobi, is the granddaughter of the 1st hokage, has enormous boobs, definitely no luck at gambling and is the 5th hokage (second choice though..)

    orochimaru is good at luring minors to his soundvillage-ranch by offering them candy-jutsu, summoning snakes, molesting young boys when they're in some kind of chuunin exam, forbidden jutsus
    he was a student of sarutobi, looks like some pale popstar ninja from the soundvillage, was a member of the UBER-evil and UBER-strong organisation, ran away from the very same organisation, was killed by sasuke

    regarding the strongest one ... i think i'll go with jirajya - although tsunade has a pair of VERY nice arguments listed in her data sheet

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    Uchiha Itachi > Any Sannin

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    Kryu < all other things that have ever been in existence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.

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    the conclusion is the same as the first and second post, its just like rock paper skizzors, no need for the long explenations.
    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
    It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
    We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
    gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"
    Actually, who are you not to be?

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    and its no longer the three sannin, since 1 technically 'died'
    "This is a world where people's hearts are filled with hatred. Where fingers have no purposes other than to pull triggers!"


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