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    ^ that's what i was saying. they were completely defenseless against the black sand but he switched to a weapon that sakura had the perfect counter for. that's just retardedness

    Quote Originally Posted by NoLiMiTAzN36 View Post
    kazuku should have more wits given the fact that he lived at least 300+ years or so. he was cornered by 5 ninjas and he pulled out his trump card. he thought he had won but had no idea the power of the rasengan shuriken.
    see, i don't get that. he was so experienced, but instead of running away when completely outnumbered and outpowered, he still kept on fighting. he *did* know about the power of the rasen-shuriken, that's why he said he needed to avoid it at all cost.

    and he ended up falling for some lame bunshin trick.

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    Living for 300 or more years can make someone a little cocky, could be why he didn't run. Plus he was fighting for sometime, probably had little chakra left, and reinforcements just came in with fresh faces = no chance of escape IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3dKnight View Post
    ... way too overrated with their fashion
    and spendt too much time Looking and doing Poses
    Blame Kishi...or !!

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    I'm going to skip most of the comments and respond by saying the way members are being killed is just sad. Most of the ninja's are kage level and in their own way geniuses but they're all losing because they can't counter plotholes. They only person who should of really lost was Hidan since he was all brawn but no brain, but that's only because he went up against Shikamaru who had already seen what he could do first hand and had enough time to think of a plan to counter him.

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    Kage level? No. Sans Orochimaru, no one has shown to have been able to defeat a true Kage. Sorry all you Gaara fans but Gaara is nothing compared to what we've seen from the 4th Hokage or the 3rd Hokage. Hell I think his father would have kicked his ass too from what we saw with Sasori. It all makes logical sense to me and if you think about it if they WERE as strong as Kages or stronger then why act in the shadows, why not just outright attack the countries and take them over. Obviously its because they know they are not strong enough to.

    At best they're at Sannin level. 1 on 1 I think Jiraiya or Tsunade would hand each and every one of them their own ass on a silver platter. Thats right, run away Itachi. Aside from murdering your own family members, running seems to be all you're good at.

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    Huh...not a kage level...I still think that killing an entire Uchiha clan is something not even a kage could do..they were the best clan in Konoha..Itachi is the strongest we have seen so far...besides Sasori, and Orochimaru...

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    please, Jiraiya or Orochimaru could have killed all the Uchiha, not Tsunade because she is a medical ninja and could be easily taken into their genjutsu. But yes i do feel like Akatsuki was as unbeatable as somethingRyodan from HunterXHunter. If they were really all kage level then that would just be unfair. Sasori, Kakuzu, Kisame, and Itachi have proved that they are kage level ninja, out of those we have seen.

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    I believe AL will not only be Kage level, but probably stronger than most of the characters shown thus far (except maybe the 4th,who we haven't seen all that much of yet) and maybe a few others. I'm hoping Zetsu and the mystery member will be Kage-level or near it as well. Something also tells me that despite all the goofing around, Tobi will also end up being badass. They wouldn't have let him join if he wasn't strong or special in some way.

    As for Sasori losing that fight, didn't he purposely take an attack that he could have avoided with ease? I remember Chiyo saying something along those lines.
    That being the case, I believe Sasori wanted to die after all the horrible things he had done.

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    Yes when Chiyo goes after he with hte puppets made from his parents he allows himself to be hit. And it's explained as such. We all saw what happened to the best Puppeter from the latest generation fighting against Sasori in Kankurou. He got smoked like a barbeque.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.

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    @SD, To be fair, sannin level is pretty much kage level.

    As you said, Oro has killed multiple kage, Jiraiya was a candidate for hokage, and Tsunade is the hokage.


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