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    Default Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken and nine tail chakra

    What I notice is that many nins use powerful techniques with side effects that damage them possibly permanently . But why hell does Kakashi and tsunade want that naruto doesn t use Spiraling Shuriken I mean kakashi uses his MS which drains his chakra and possibly blinds him slowly and tsunade her regeneration techinque which shortens her life span . Also yamato wants naruto not to use his nine tail chakra

    Yamato told him he can t use it due to that it is not his real power and goes all preachy about it. he says that he will hurt people close to him. Also that crap about naruto chakra being so special, why does yamato think so. Naruto large chakra level comes from being with the nine tails since his chakra is constantly mixed with its chakra and thats why naruto has problems controlling his chakra. Without nine tails he would have an average humans chakra with better control. Without the nine tail chakra he would not defeated neji, gaara or beat the crap out of sasuke in the valley of the end. The Kyūbi was right about him needing its chakra he always used it and whats wrong with using power from a different source? Why can t he just take nine tail chakra in a controled manner and not turned into a total animal, part of the reason why naruto turned 4 tailed was that he didn know the full risks,he just has to become more calm and careful and he will master control over the chakra, since rage is the most powerful trigger. Also the that the seal is weaking means that the chakra becomes more unstable but for that to draw bits of chakra won t require a powerful trigger like hate or rage.

    There are ways he could control the the chakra, first of all he has to prevent it from building up so that he does not start going in tail form so he has to waste chakra by making shadow clones which can be helpful and it evens the amount of nine tail chakra in him or bring some of the seals jiraiya gave kakashi to use if he can t control it anymore or need to get rid of it fast after a fight.

    There is a way to deal with the side effects of naruto Spiraling Shuriken and the nine tail chakra

    Use the nine tail chakra to increase his healing, even when naruto is not in one tail stage he heal quite rapidly like the time sasuke stabbed him with chidori and the wound healed within seconds, so the damage on naruto arm will heal maybe in minutes.

    The Spiraling Shuriken it uses up much chakra for the need of clones forming the sphere chakra which would decrease the amount of nine tail chakra and also the nine tail chakra would protect and heal naruto from the damage he would get two dangerous technique that cancels each other effects. Which seems ideal because of the amount of chakra the Spiraling Shuriken uses up. Naruto without his nine tail chakra can only do it twice indicating that it uses up vasts amount of chakra.

    Also Naruto needs the nine tails chakra to keep up with sasuke because sasuke is faster then him and also he has the curse seal which is similar to the nine tail chakra in effects. Also sasuke probably uses powerful varied techniques and naruto can t afford to be holding anything back. All powerful techniques have dangerous effects but it just needs to be dealed with, and not completely ditch the technique.

    Please tell me your opinion on this

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    that was a long ass post.......

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    My opinion?

    I just read the dammed manga

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    You wont see naruto using rasenshuriken and ninetails untill naruto x sasuke fight.
    Havent you seen what kishimoto is trying to do?
    He is trying to prevent naruto from any growth in power and he seal each and every of his technique and kyuubi power.
    On the other hand we have sasuke who isnt limited by any restrictions (maybe cs is a little restriction but it was long forgoten by kishi), he have many new powerfull jutsus and noone of them binds or hurt him in some way.

    So even though there are many ideas how to power up naruto in this stage without need for his growth (based on fans thinking), kishimoto wont allow that cause he want to make him a little nuke in a cage which cant be broken ...

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    the reason they dont want naruto to use the kyuubi is 1. he wont get any stronger if he relys on the power of the demon. 2. it eventually kills him off due to the rapid cell division. during his fight with sasuke the 1 tails started to screw up his arm, so the power of the kyuubi is a double edged sword. it makes him stronger but if makes him weaker at the same time

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    Regarding the healing, that's the worst thing, imho, that Naruto can do. Like previously stated, its not healing, its regeneration. The issue isn't whether or not Naruto can heal fast enough, its that he's healing so damn fast that he's killing off all of his cell lines; effectively making him age. This is a detrimental loss for him at the moment. However, it would be nice to see Naruto controlling Kyuubi and masterfully redirecting its chakra. However, at this point, I don't think he's strong enough (nor smart enough for that matter) to create a means of bypassing Yondaime's seal in order to channel the chakra harmlessly.

    The reason i say that is because he is withdrawing chakra directly, thereby loosening the seal considerably. However, if he could somehow channel it through the seal (without breaking the damn, so to speak), he would be a deadly force to reckon with.
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    kyuubi's chakra isn't the thing making naruto's chakra tank so big. itz his OWN chakra that's really big. apparently, kyuubi's chakra isn't much compared to his. or w/e. ur wrongin the fact that itz kyuubi's chakra datz making naruto have almost infinite chakra.

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    K4 is like the berserker's fact,all kyuubi powers are.
    using the kyubi makes naruto lose control.the worst part about the kyubi's power is that naruto just wildly attacks.controlling naruto is next to impossible.that,and because of over use and seal weakening,naruto goes to 4 tail mode in just as many minutes.and also against oro,yamato wouldn't have been able to control him if oro hadn't temporarily impaled him.
    naruto cant prevent the kyubi from taking over.the moment his eyes turn red,it seems to be guaranteed that the tails will follow soon.
    the kyubi's chakra acts like a's whole arm was damaged from a scratch from kyubi's chakra.naruto has that kind of chakra in him all the time.his chakra has grown resilient and he is powerful in his own right,and they(kashi and yamato) are trying to train him.
    jiraiya didnt seem to have done much,but the point is,that since naruto is the main char,kishi has to show him training and not simply leave it in the timeskip.nevertheless,naruto's basics have improved.
    @xaturas:sasuke is a genius ninja,with the almighty sharingan,who trained under another genius ninja who has spen most of his 50 years trying to learn every jutsu under the sun.
    naruto is an ordinary joe with an extraordinary talent.of course there is an apparent difference,it is just foreshadowing for the great naruto vs sasuke rematch(round 1 was draw)

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    You know what El. You just made the most convincing Naruto is Goku, Sasuke is Vegeta argument ever without trying or doing it on purpose. But on point. Yes Naruto's chakra well is huge, and that's because it has had to grow in order to hold back the rising tide of Kyuubi chakra that would otherwise be flooding into the kid. Without his own massive chakra Naruto would be full 9 tails mode all the time. So when he fights he has the added problem of his chakra being actually divided into two. half control the beast and the rest helping him win.

    As far as the original poster's plan. In theory Naruto could have a clone only create rasenshuriken and not take the physical damage.

    Lastly, I have an alternate theory about the seal on Kyuubi. One that is contrary to my previous theories that I have stated on these forums. What if when the seal is completely gone, Kyuubi doesn't take over Naruto, or Yondiame projection that was to be locked with kyuubi show up inside Naruto's head to re seal him? What if that means the 9 tails is free and can rematerialize in the tangible world? I hadn't thought about it until I went back and read all those chapters where Kyuubi is beggin to have the seal lifted. He knows better than anyone that is Naruto dies, he is screwed. Why would he want to completely take over destroy Naruto's body and then be dead too? He wouldn't so maybe he wants the seal gone becaus then he can be free to come back to the tangible realm and go insane.

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    understood, kyuubi probably knows what he is cabaple of doing and maybe what naruto is capable aswell, so maybe asking for him to be released is probably him to tryin to actually merge with naruto full body himself not materialize as back to the big kyuubi he once was. for all we kno, he knows that he is stuck in that body forever. he really doesnt have much of a choice, might aswell let naruto see the power that he posseses. k4, k5,....etc to k9<OMG wut happen to the world wen naruto raches that stage>


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