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Thread: Chapter 357

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    Talking Chapter 357

    Chapter scanlation download links:


    Spoiler 1

    Posted by Brucelee on NF
    サスケがデイダラに蛇を突っ込ませる。デイダラ「甘いな‥うん。トビぃ!」トビ「えぇ~!!」 No.357『違和感』カブト「‥じゃあ僕は行くよ」ヤマト「待て。みすみす逃すと思うか?」カブト「‥い いんですか?サスケくん ‥おそわれてますよ。暁に」NARUTO「!!」
    Sasuke attacks Deidara with his snake.

    Deidara 'naieve..yeah...Tobi!'
    Tobi 'mmeee?'
    No357 'discord'
    Kabuto: I'm going then Yamato: wait, you think we're jsut gonna let you?
    Kabuto: you're not going to waste time with me while Sasuke-kun is being attacked are you?

    NARUTO「サスケがどこにいるかしってんのか!?」カブト「すぐ近くじゃないか‥」場面転換 サスケ「‥‥」デイダラ「オラァ!」十八番の小型化したような爆弾がサスケに無数に張り付く。 サスケ「‥!」サスケが目を見開く。トビ「よいしょ!」トビがサスケに抱きつく
    NARUTO: do you know where Sasuke is?
    Kabuto: he's just over there. scence changes.
    Sasuke ... D
    eidara: take that! multiple no. 18 bomb like things attach themselves to sasuke.
    Sasuke: ...
    Sasuke opens his eyes.
    Tobi 'here we go'
    Tobi hugs Sasuke.

    トビ「いたいんだよなぁ‥この爆弾‥」デイダラ「‥いくぜ‥うん。」サスケがトビを見て驚く サスケ「‥お前は‥」デイダラ「渇!」爆弾が爆発し、あたり一帯が吹き飛ぶ。 デイダラ「‥フッ」煙の中からトビがフラフラ歩いてくる トビ「イテテテテ‥やりましたね‥」
    Tobi: this really hurts.
    Deidara: here I go...yeah
    Sasuke looks surprised at
    Sasuke: You...
    Deidara: booom
    The bomb goes off and the whole area is blown away.
    Deidara :hrmph
    Tobi comes out of the smoke walking shakily:
    Tobi: ow ow ow ow ow ow, you did it.

    デイダラ「‥あれだけの爆発だ。十八番一つ分の力は十分ある‥うん‥」トビ「‥ありゃ‥そうでもないみたい ですよ」デイダラ「!」デイダラが流し千鳥で感電 状態2のサスケがデイダラを投げ飛ばしてトビの顔を掴む。 サスケ「‥お前‥」サスケの感じた違和感‥!?[/quote]

    Deidara: ..that much explosive power, no.18 's power times 10..yeah Tobi: eh? didn't seem like that.
    Deidara !
    Deidara is electrocuted by the flowing chidori, stage 2 sasuke tosses Deidara away and grabs tobi by the face.

    Sasuke: you...

    What is the discord that Sasuke feels?

    Spoiler 2

    Naruto's surprised at the Orochimaru half of Kabuto. He thought that Sasuke killed Orochimaru but Kabuto replies that Orochimaru is in the left half of his body. Yamato then says that he can't let Kabuto just go that easily. Kabuto then says that he has good news.

    (Cut to Sasuke battle with Deidara)

    Deidara says that Sasuke dodged his attack well. Tobi is concerned about how to deal withItachi if Sasuke is killed and Itachi doesn't forgive them. Deidara insists that Tobi doesn't interfere with his fight/artwork. Sasuke then says that Deidara talks too much and that he has no time to waste.

    Tobi whispers to Deidara that he thinks that Sasuke's aura is weaker than Itachi. Deidara immediately launches his attack and there is an explosion at Sasuke's foot, however he manages to evade the attack.

    Sasuke asserts that he has no intention on losing then launches his reprisal. He draws his blade and attacks Deidara from behind, but Deidara avoids the attack (there's also an explosion involved in his evasion, not too sure)

    Tobi thinks to himself that Deidaras fighting style is quite loud and explosive so he decides to watch from a distance.

    Deidara thinks to himself that Sasuke is very fast and itd be unfavorable to fight at a close distance with Sasuke, however Sasuke may be vulnerable when he is making an attack with his sword. He launches another explosive bird at Sasuke, and of course Sasuke evades again.

    Sasuke is says that Deidara is a long ranged type and says how about Deidara hurry up and get on his bird?

    Sasuke and Deidara collide. What is Kabuto's good news?

    Next issue: The person who was followed!

    Spoiler 3

    The war between Sasuke and Deidara commences!!!

    Deidara launches a flurry of explosive birds. Sasuke defends by launching many snakes from his sleeve.

    Suddenly Sasuke sees that there is a clay mole digging up from the ground at his foot. There is an explosion.
    Sasuke emerges from the smoke unharmed.
    Sasuke says, if that's Deidara's skill level then theres on need to worry.
    Deidara then rebukes "So you think you're so strong huh?"
    Deidara then makes many clay moles emerge from the ground.
    The clay moles all explode

    (Cut to Team Naruto and Kabuto)

    The clouds and forest warp into some sort of projection that Kabuto wants to show Naruto.
    Kabuto shows Team Naruto Orochimaru's ideal world of blood staining the earth and the dead howling.

    They are all shocked/ no comments.
    Naruto picks up the black book on the ground.
    Yamato says that "Kabutomaru" isnt himself.
    Naruto looks at Yamato seriously.
    Yamato then says he's just joking.

    Hinata: Naruto-kun ... Watch out below!!!
    The ground explodes

    Naruto thinks that Kabuto is pulling a dirty trick. Kabuto insists that it isnt him.

    Hinata: Watch out above!!!

    Deidara is seen riding on his bird.
    Naruto recognizes him as the guy who captured Gaara.

    Deidara recognizes Kabuto as Sasori's former subordinate.
    They exchange some words about switching sides and backstabbing.

    Deidara says that if Orochimaru still exists within Kabuto then its still too early to talk. He will also destroy Kabuto in that case.
    Tobi is watching from a distance.

    A seal or pattern was drawn around Sasuke with the explosions that Deidara made.
    (Not sure how to translate Deidara's Jutsu with this huge seal drawn in the ground)

    But countless hands emerge from the ground and grab at Sasuke and he counters with his snakes.

    Tobi, watching in the shade of a tree realizes that Deidara can use not only exploding clay but this kind of jutsu as well!

    A huge hand with a mouth emerges from the ground and swallows Sasuke from below.

    Deidara: I WIN WIN!!!!!!

    Spoiler 4

    357 : Tacticians
    Kabuto is on the cover, he is innocently smiling. His left eye is Orochimaru

    That person is became himself completely. He sacrificed his soul. Right now, he sleeps within his body!!

    The fight starts! Deidara VS Sasuke!!

    Deidara is fireing some bird type clay works.
    Deidara : Oraoraoraoraoraaaa! (Some kind of.. 'Take this, and that, and that!')

    Snakes coming out of Sasuke's sleeve, and stops the attacks.
    The clay birds are doing an ambush attack, and explodes one by one.

    Deidara (niyari to suru) (???)

    Clay moles are coming out of the ground.

    Sasuke looks down.
    There is an explosion below Sasuke's foot.

    In the huge flame, Sasuke is still unharmed.
    Sasuke: If you can only do this, then i don't have to take you seriously.
    Deidara: You think that you are strong?

    A lot of moles are coming out of the underground.

    It surrounds Sasuke and explodes.

    Scene - Naruto, Yamato, Hinata, Bull and Kabuto.

    Kabuto: Aah... Isn't that wonderful? This is the landscape what Orochimaru-sama wanted to see.
    Naruto is silent.
    Kabuto: Even the sky... even the soil too...

    The cloud and the forest are almost like a monster, Kabuto is standing on that landscape. (okay, this sentence got me )
    Kabuto: Ahahahahaha, everything looks blood coloured!! The dead is screaming!!

    カブト、もの凄い表情で「ウヒヒッ・・・! キシシシシシシシシ!!」
    Kabuto with a dreadful expression: Uhihii...! Kishishishishishishishi!! (now that's what i call lame laughing o_O)
    Naruto: Uhm, Kabuto...?!
    Yamato: It looks like when he took Orochimaru into his body, it caused some kind of erosion.
    Naruto: That means...
    Yamato: That person in front of you, it's not Yakushi Kabuto anymore.
    Yamato picks up the black note.
    Naruto: ...
    Yamato: Just kidding!
    Naruto (utsumuku) (dunno what is that)
    Yamato: ... Sorry

    Hinata: .... ! Naruto-kun, below!
    Naruto: !
    Kabuto: !

    There is an explosion ot the ground. Naruto, Yamato, Hinata and Bull is jumping away.

    ナルト「カブト!! やっぱテメーは・・・!!」
    カブト「違います! 今のは僕ではありません!!」
    Naruto: Kabuto!! Bastard, i knew you...!!
    Kabuto: You get it wrong! It wasn't me!!
    Naruto: Then it was him...!

    There is something at Naruto's shadow.
    Naruto: !

    Yamato: Naruto, above!

    There is a huge clay bird flying in the sky. Deidara is on it.

    Deidara: Oh, you dogded it very well un.
    Naruto: You were that bastard, when Gaara...!!
    Deidara: Hee... The one, who was with Hatake Kakashi? Well, that's good.

    デイダラ「それを訊きたいのはこっちだぜ! うん!」
         「それが何だ? 大蛇丸なんかに寝返ってやがったのか!? うん?」
    Kabuto: That cloak... are you Akatsuki..?! Why such in a place like this...?
    Deidara: I want to hear the same! un! Yakushi Kabuto, you were Sasori no danna's subordinate, weren't you?
    What's that? Did you betrayed Orochimaru?! Un?

    Kabuto: Sasori... kukuku... I did, even him too.
    Deidara: What did you say?

    Kabuto: (sentence1)
    He was a cute person... just like Puppet-san.. *giggles*
    Oooh, that's right. By betraying him was a fortune, since he died.

         「まとめてバラバラにすりゃあいいだけのことだ!! うん!!」
    Deidara: ... you bastard...
    If Orochimaru lives within your body, it's too early to talk.
    In that case, i will destroy you!! un!!

    Yamato: He is coming!
    Naruto is preparing.
    Scene - Sasuke, Deidara and Tobi.

    Tobi: It looks like that Deidara over there started already...

    Sasuke got surrounded by am earth barrier. (this might be wrong)
    Sasuke: ....!?

    Deidara: Twelve directions of "zedan' gate!! (maybe the name of the attack?)

    A growing hand is coming out of the barrier. It has a mouth on it's palm.
    Snakes are coming out of Sasuke's sleeve, and they become intertwined with the hand.

    Tobi is watching from behind a tree.
    Tobi: Hee... Deidara-san's art is such a carry.
    I was thinking of that bombing. (might be wrong)
    Looks like that Deidara over there is almost finished.

    A huge pillar is growing out of the barrier.
    It will become a finger. (o_o ???)
    The huge hand swallows Sasuke.

    Deidara: I won... un!!

    『デイダラ、サスケに完勝!? そしてもう一人のデイダラと、ナルトの決戦の行方は──!?』
    Deidara defeated Sasuke!? The other Deidara and Naruto's battle!?
    『終わらざる戦いの果てに待つものは!? 次号、「蛇の執念」へ!!
    What will be the end of the fight!? Next issue : The Snake's Tenacity.

    It looks like this one is the real deal.
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    Spoiler 1 has more action, and that's a good thing, but I don't like the fight with Deidara and Tobi to end in one chapter though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsukumaru View Post
    Spoiler 1 has more action, and that's a good thing, but I don't like the fight with Deidara and Tobi to end in one chapter though.
    Agreed...that wud suck...hard

    Anyways, Sasuke's "You..." response to Tobi, what exactly was that hinting at? Cus if its what i think it is, then its definitely fake.
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    knowing that kabuto turned into a "Bubbles The Chimp"
    I have lost interest in this "Bubbles the chimp" arc.

    even when Sasughey said "your ahh Lung range fightehhh!!!" to Deidara
    seems so lame

    I hope that Deidara will send Sasuke to the next dimension, for good
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    Kabuto: he's just over there. scence changes.
    Thats too freakin convinient lol

    Plus deidara already blown sasuke once they should've heard by now, not needing Kabuto to tell them, look its sasuke getin' handled to him!
    SSasuke owning them like that is too much
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    sasuke cannot know Obito -> fake

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    Sasuke could not know the 9 tails was inside Naruto either.

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    Kishi could not know that sasuke will become main character ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfilth View Post
    Sasuke could not know the 9 tails was inside Naruto either.
    Orochimaru knew about the Ninetails, Sasuke trained under Orochimaru for 3 or so years.

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    True, but he also saw inside of Naruto.
    And took over Oro's dimension. Who's to say he wouldn't recognize an Uchiha aura?


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