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Thread: Naruto Dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Filth View Post
    He did that in the exam (just nothing else lol).
    lol. There are some countries in the world where people who can barely read and write become president or prime minister or whatever. And thats real. Why not on a manga then? Lol

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    well, the thing is u can't compare wut president in real life with hokage. hokage ISN'T wut president is. hokage is more like an army general. since naruto and the villages in the manga is based off of wars and fights most of the time, the strongest ninja or the army general is made hokage. i think the counsels are more like the president than hokage...

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    Massive fight with Naruto, Sasuke, and Itachi. They fight, Itachi or Sasuke knock the shit out of Naruto and blow him away. Itachi beats the shit out of Sasuke and stands over him about to kill him. Itachi says, "I have measured your container, you can never beat me." Pan over to Naruto's body, POOF! RASINSHURIKEN! Close up on Itachi's eyes, the sharingan fades, pan out to a picture of Naruto with his hand through Itachi's chest. After that, who cares, that's the ultimate FUCK YOU to Sasuke, and that's what he deserves. (emo bastard)

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    darkbark916 that was one of the best endings i have read so quotes my friend quotes. and sauske deserves no less than that.

    You can say I don't care BUT to say I don't care anymore is wrong I just don't care to care to give a rats ass about a damn thing.

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    sasuke-fan eh?
    One of the most over-hyped and one-dimensional characters in the manga (Itachi being the most)? Hardly.

    Thats why tsunade have her asistant.
    Are you actually suggesting that Shizune is the brains behind Godaime Hokage? Oy.

    From what I can tell, all Shizune does is make sure that Tsunade doesn't goof off (not that that's an easy task, mind); all the important decisions are still made by the Hokage.

    Tsunade is clearly highly intelligent (she's the equivalent of a genius doctor, folks), which, aside from his innate laziness, is most likely why Jiraiya felt she'd be a better kage.
    Same for naruto he could be hokage for sheer power, hokage is more like a defender of village the stronger hokage the stronger village seems to be. While hokage is the main pillar of village strenght, outside look, he doesnt do much about administration. Most of thing is decided by elders and if hokage need to do something he can always ask his asistans, helpers, generals, whatever.
    So... what are you basing this on?

    The only person who's stated that Hokage is "basically" the strongest ninja was Naruto, whose views on things tend to be... drastically simplified.

    Recall that Sandaime was made Hokage while the previous two kages were still alive and in their prime. Are we to assume that the child Sarutobi was already combatatively superior to his predecessors? His (much, much later) performance against their Edo Tensei manifestations aside, I highly doubt it.

    It was due to his intelligence, empathy, tact, and innate understanding of the "will of fire" that he was entrusted with authority over the affairs of Konoha.

    As for "most of thing is decided by elders(sic)", the only times we see the advisors making any important decisions are immediately before and after Tsunade's appointment.

    Really, though. Prior to Orochimaru's invasion, it seemed as if all the kage ever did was administrative work and worrying over the development of Konoha's youth.

    So yeah, if I'm a biased fan of anyone, it's Sandaime Hokage, and Naruto is still nowhere near his ability.
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    indisposed, stalking adopted father's uncle's son's daughter.....


    i don't get why people don't like sasuke...

    and i don't get how he is emo...

    if he is emo, then so is gatts.....

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    Well, yeah. Sasuke isn't emo.

    Emo people whine, complain, and b*tch without taking any action. Emo's amplify any menial feelings into a giant exaggeration. They cut themselves just so they can (1) Distract themselves from the emotional pain (2) Feel something, feeling alive (3) etc.

    Online kiddies just think emo jokes LEIK OMAGAH SO FUNNY!!!11!

    and the "Sasgay" isn't even clever. It's rather just embarrassing to witness, just like watching people get offended by being called "noob."

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    Hey, lets get back on topic.

    I too think Naruto will live out till becoming hokage. There have been too many indicators of Naruto achieving his dreams and too many people believing in him for his dreams to be left unfulfilled. Most importantly, he is a really determined and charismatic character who has managed to only improve himself and the characters around him (with the exception of Sasuke, who decided to be a prick on his own).

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    no naruto has to die... lol or else it won't ever end even after he becomes a hokage

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    Actually him becoming hokage and having a prologue chapter where he and one of ladies who we consider his possible love interests have a son, and he holds him up at the monument that now has his face on it and says "One day you will be this village's hero, the next great Hokage, (and then very dramatic and father-like instead of excited) DATTEBAYO!" and then it's over. It would be a great sentimental end and some studio could go ahead and ruin it with the DBZ anime treatment, and have a some anime called Naruto: Generations where Naruto is the Hokage and his son is the main character. And all the weird pairings like InoXChouji and SasukeXten-ten, and other weird stuff that shouldn't happen are used.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tousen View Post
    Please don't bother. Simple rule: If it wasn't in the manga, it doesn't count.


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