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Thats different.. He use what? 1% of his power to talk with naruto..
sending back to its cage on naruto head, is something impressive..

But not enough to deal with 4tails

Oro could have died.
Jiraya almost died

You serious belive that Sasuke is stronger then thoses two, and can on equal footing go against 4tails?
Maybe on CS2...

Kyubi > Sasuke no doubt about it..

if nine tails ever showed up, sasuke would wet his pants

No doubt? I have huge doubts about it personally. He's the first person we've seen to directly interact personally with the Biju inside a Jinchuriki. We don't know the full extent of his powers.

We could be talking about the difference in pushing strength...or, my worry is that it might be like grounding electricity.