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    Default Is it possible? (Spoilers Inside)

    Something I read here on the forum got me thinking just a little about the situation with Sasuke and Orochimaru. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but I'd like to get some more opinions on it.

    Naruto has the Kyuubi sealed inside him and the more he uses the Kyuubi's power, the power of the seal begins to fade. Anotherwards the more he uses the Kyuubi, the closer the Kyuubi is to taking over/being released completely.

    To me it seems like Sasuke is exactly the same now that he basically has Orochimaru sealed inside him. I remember somewhere in the anime/manga that it was said that the more Sasuke used the cursed seal, he'd lose more of himself to Orochimaru. I can't remember when it was said so if anyone knows more specifically what was said then please elaborate.

    I just wanted to bring up the possibility that Orochimaru is now sealed inside Sasuke and much like Naruto and the Kyuubi situation, the more Sasuke uses his cursed seal he may begin to lose his memory and be taken over by Orochimaru. Maybe Orochimaru hasn't completely failed yet.

    The manga didn't focus a lot on the fact that Orochimaru had died. Usually when a major character died they focused on the death more. They sort of downplayed the fact Orochimaru died. They didn't make nearly as big of a deal about it as they did when other characters died.

    Anyways, any other thoughts or comments about how valid this is as a possibility?

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    This isn't a spoiler as this is a manga site. And I doubt Orochimaru is completely out of the game.
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    About tagging post as Spoilers...
    Please read!
    We've just had a discussion about it, take your conclusions off it.

    and about orochi being sealed I'm sure we've discussed that too..
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    They are different things. Kyubbi is sealed in Naruto in such a way that Naruto can access Kyubbi's chakra but Orochimaru is imprisoned in a dimension he created. I do not think he is imprisoned in Sasuke the same way.
    Orochimaru is not dead so he will be back




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