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Thread: Chapter 345

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    ^ Let me try to list the differences:

    Oro's can be controlled remotely
    Oro's can be delivered orally (though that's probably just because of Oro)
    Oro's doesn't seem to be charged with lightening chakra (not sure what turquoise chakra is supposed to be)

    That's really all that I can think of (there's probably more though), and none of them is necessarily linked to the sword.

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    i guess sasuke wouldn't mind being completely controlled by oro. he said it earlier that his main goal is itachi's death, that he didn't even care if it means his body is taken by oro. so why is he hesitating now. but i guess naruto and sakura will help him eventually. besides, sasuke's attitude towards sakura and naruto is very disturbing, so he deserve one very good lesson from that. he's being cocky is annoying, plus now he's being shallow minded. i wonder why kishimoto loves him.

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    shinbankai, you just didn't read properly. He said that Orochimaru wasn't stronger than him anymore, it wouldn't help Sasuke anything to be controlled by someone weaker than him, he wouldn't gain anything from such an union. That's why he wanted to kill Orochimaru.

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    ^sasuke did not say that he was stronger then oro. sasuke merely said that he had nothing left to learn from him. when sasuke was fighting oro he was forced to go to the second level of the cursed seal, remember that oro was in a sick bed and was barely able to use his hands. if sasuke had to use the level two seal to defeat a severely weakened oro, then sasuke would have had no chance against him if he was healthy.
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    Sasuke never intended to give Oro his body if he could kill Itachi that way.
    That's obvious now.

    He was just saying that to break the bond with Naruto and Sakura or to give Oro that impression.

    Someone as obsessed with revenge would never be happy with giving up his body.
    Because it would just be his body that kills Itachi, and not Sasuke himself.
    He could watch Oro kill Itachi from inside Oro's mind, but that wouldn't be the same as killing Itachi himself.
    And Oro would probably mumble some wierd stuff (like Oro does), laugh crazy or lick his face. Not satisfying at all for Sasuke.

    Using the curse seal and slowly losing his free will or taking drugs to get strong is one thing, but giving up his body....never.
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