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Thread: Chapter 344

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    Default Chapter 344


    Spoiler 1:

    Quote Originally Posted by FluugMacChan from MH
    Page 01
    Sasuke: I have nothing more to learn from you.
    Sasuke: …and it would seem as though…in front of you…I can be ruthless.
    *Sasuke activates the sharingan and the level one cursed seal pattern spreads across his face.

    Page 02
    *Orochimaru is featured on cover
    (His ambitions, his dreams, dashed away with his genius?)

    Page 03-04
    *Huge Explosion, it appears the hideout gets blown open.

    Page 05
    Kabuto (thinking): Wha… Orochi…
    Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama!!?
    *Drops medicine bottles/scrolls and runs towards the explosion.

    Page 06
    *Scene shifts to Orochimaru slithering/dodging Sasuke’s blade
    (*Personal Observation, Sasuke has officially become a Jedi)
    Orochimaru (thinking): He’s completely different…
    Orochimaru (thinking): It’s taking everything I have to avoid instant death…
    Orochimaru (thinking): …how much was he holding back….
    Orochimaru (thinking): …I need to act fast…

    Page 07
    Orochimaru: Earth element – Serpent’s Tong…
    Orochimaru (thinking): Shi…

    Page 08
    *Sasuke cuts Orochimaru’s throat wide open
    Orochimaru: Ahhhh!!

    Page 09
    *Another Orochimaru explodes out of the other Orochimaru’s belly with a sword coming out of his mouth.
    Orochimaru: You’re mine!!!
    *Orochimaru impels Sasuke through the chest with his sword.
    *Sasuke goes limp

    Page 10
    Orochimaru: I suppose you thought I was…
    *Impelled Sasuke grins.
    *Orochimaru’s demeanor drops

    Page 11-12
    *Sasuke blows up, Orochimaru goes flying through the air.

    Page 13
    *Sasuke comes out of the ground
    Sasuke: Earth element – Demon’s Summit

    Page 14-15
    *Orochimaru smacks into weird metal wall .
    *Orochimaru starts to fall off the wall.

    Page 16
    Orochimaru (thinking): This is…
    Sasuke: Lightning element – Venom of the Gods
    Orochimaru (thinking): Not going to end well for me…

    Page 17-18
    Orochimaru: Ahhhhhhh!!!
    *Lightning continuously pierces Orochimaru’s arms and legs holding him mid-air.

    Page 19
    Sasuke: Fire element – Twin Dragons of Destruction
    Orochimaru (thinking): I can’t… believe…
    Chapter ends.
    i don't know this seems kinda made up to me, what do you guys think.

    this was posted on 2ch
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    I...don't...know...about...that one. Nothing has ever been one-sided in Kishimoto's story.
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    Damn! Has this spoiler been confirmed? Sasuke can do 3 elemental recompositions! I knew he could do fire and lightning. I guess Orochimaru taught him Earth too. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew another one. Sometimes, I like the spoilers better than the real thing.
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    I think it's fake.
    Kishi is not that type of a mangaka that shows off so may different jutsu in one Chapter
    recently most spoilers were better then the one Kishi can come up with

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    Well, for the sake of space, spoilers can just be found here. It doesn't mean that they are correct, just that they are spoilers. Oh, and it's mangahelpers. Seems to be the source of spoilers aside from Narutofan (may he die a miserable death).

    *And conveniently enough, on Wednesday/Thursday, you can look there also (on the top) for latest raws (scanlations & translations). Wow, isn't that convenient?
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    Quick translation of spoiler posted by Kojiro (we'll call it #1):

    *Cursed seal level one Sasuke

    大蛇丸はサスケが自ら術の発展形を生み出したことに驚く術を発明したり改良したりすることは、術の応用とは 訳が違う
    *Orochimaru is surprised that Sasuke was able to develop this kind of jutsu on his own as there is a big difference between inventing and improving on a jutsu compared to just applying a jutsu

    *Orochimaru uses a chakra-sucking jutsu to suck up the chidori

    Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun…did you think…you’d gotten ahead of me…?

    Sasuke: No…but I should at least be able to kill you.

    Orochimaru: Hmph…why the change of heart I wonder…were you somehow influenced by Naruto-kun and the others?

    Sasuke: …What nonsense…it’s simply instinct to try and eat before you’re eaten.

    Orochimaru: Ha ha…seems you figured it out then.

    Sasuke: You’re quite brave to stand up to it with that body of yours. Isn’t prey supposed to run around tense and afraid…?

    Orochimaru: …

    Sasuke: …In the face of a predator.

    *Sasuke launches a katon attack but Orochimaru blocks it with the suiton waterwall technique

    *Water comes shooting out of Orochimaru’s hideout

    *Sasuke comes flying out of the water

    *As the hideout collapses Orochimaru comes flying out as well

    Orochimaru: You are always the aggressive one…I’ll have some fun with you for now.

    Orochimaru (mental): If it comes down to it there’s always the cursed seal…

    Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama…!!

    Orochimaru: The medicine can wait ‘til later…

    Kabuto: …but

    Orochimaru: The pinwheel is spinning again after quite some time…if you get in the way I’ll kill you.

    *Orochimaru sends a whole bunch of snakes flying out of his mouth

    *Sasuke launches a wire from the top of a nearby tree aimed at Orochimaru. It draws in the snakes and Sasuke kills all of them at once using a raiton technique called “Amida (**as in Amida Buddha)”.

    *Orochimaru is again surprised that Sasuke is able to use ninjutsu that Orochimaru never taught him and that Sasuke must’ve learned to invent his own techniques.

    *He then extends the string toward Orochimaru and Kabuto and uses the dragon fire katon technique.

    *Orochimaru counters this with a suiton water dragon bullet attack.

    水が克ち火は消されて煙となるが、その煙にまぎれてサスケが大蛇丸の背後に肉薄草薙の剣で切りかかるが、大 蛇丸も草薙の剣で応戦
    *The water puts out the flames producing a lot of smoke. Sasuke uses the smoke as a distraction and attacks Orochimaru from behind with his Kusanagi sword but Orochimaru blocks with his own Kusanagi blade.

    Kabuto (mental): He’s fast!!

    Orochimaru: You’re body seems ripe enough now…maybe I should just take it…as it is right now…

    Sasuke: …

    *Sasuke uses the Sharingan to see inside Orochimaru where he sees many giant snakes.

    *Presumably there’s a scene change at the end

    ナルトは出来るだけ大きなチャクラを使わず写輪眼を持つサスケのパワーやスピードに対応できる戦い方を考え る
    *Naruto is trying to think of a way to combat the sharingan using Sasuke’s speed and power without using too much chakra.

    Naruto: Without using up too much chakra…hmmmmm…there’s just no way of fighting that would work out that well!

    *As Team Gai pass by, Naruto says, “THERE IS!!”

    *End of chapter

    looks like the first one, but a bit more real,,,
    wa denk jij!?

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    They both seem pretty fake.

    First one doesn't even has a Japanese script to go along with it (and it introduced too many things at once) and the second one actually had Orochimaru use a water jutsu when he hasn't used any sort of elemental jutsu before then.

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    I think Orochimaru has used Wind before. I'm almost 96% sure, but I can't remember what chapter it was in. But besides that, isn't that suiton the one with 100+ handseals? He wouldn't have time to complete them. Also he would have to be able to create a massive reservoir of water from no-where. Unlikely, that is.
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    Both fake I think.

    and Naruto meeting team gai.
    If true
    Then my wish of a wind elemental Fighting style (Nanto no Shin Ken) would come true.
    Would Obvious never happend, Team gai had look more like a joke compare to team 7.

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    @ Seth, The 50 hand seal one's called "water explosion" I think, it was only there to show off the sharingan anyways. But yeah, another reason that that isn't very likely.


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