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Thread: Chapter 342

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    Talking Just wait

    Jeez, didn't know so many people where excited about the new chapter!!

    Fact is, I doubt much would actually happen, it seems most of these chapters are just stretched out a lot... Still, worth waiting for.

    Basically everyone pretty much knows that by the end of Naruto the 4th Hokage will probably turn out to be Naruto's father, Sasuke kills itachi, Sasuke and Naruto are friends again and Sakura is finally getting laid by SOMEONE.
    But I'd prefer not to rush this series and make it last as long as possible. So I'd rather wait for chapters and not try to guess them. Keeps it more of a surprise!!!

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    Not underestimating one's enemy isnt the same as being weak. True strenth reveal itself in battle. It is wierd how he was portrait as a genious and now he seems regular (with exaggeration here, i think he still strong, just that the young generation is growing quick, as is the case for humanity in general)...For me he become quite regular because he lacks ambition. NOthing more.
    Killing time while waiting for the next chapter. OnePiece, that is.

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    ^ (clothing brand) This arc has reached a sort of denouement, I expect it to be unexciting. Maybe something about Naruto taking out Asuma's team to the lunch he promised them during leaf-cutting training. Or Kurenai crying again, instead of practicing nin/genjutsu.

    *continuation* Seriously, the only reason Kakashi needed sharingan is so that he can use Raikiri. He isn't in ANBU anymore, he doesn't need a one shot assassination jutsu anymore. The situations he is in now require that he be able to use more than 4 Raikiri in a day. His introduction into fighting was like "Wow, Kakashi knows 1000 jutsu. He can copy 100 handseals in quick succession of each other", but that whole fight wasn't actually meant to show how cool Kakashi was, but rather how cool Sasuke/Itachi are going to be later on in the series.
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    Wasn't that spoiler quite long? To be honest, I liked it. Did not understand why Sasuke would want to kill other people, unless with other people, he means Itachi, Itachi-kun, Itachi-san, Itachi-sama, and Itachi-chan.

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    Better translation from Pocketmofo of Mangahelpers

    Quote Originally Posted by PocketMofo
    Kyoushibanzai did a pretty good job with the translation, but I figured I'd do a quick translation of it as well. Just for clarification, "アップ(up)" means that a character or their face is the focus of a particular panel or page. Enjoy!

    *Sakura and Sai meet up with Shikamaru

    シカマル「増援か けど一足遅かったな」
    Shikamaru: Reinforcements, huh? You were just a little too late though.

    サクラ 「なに?シカマルあんた一人で”暁”やっちゃったの?」
    Sakura: Whaaaa? Shikamaru, YOU managed to beat an “Akatsuki” by yourself?

    サイ  「この人案外すごいんですね」
    Sai: I guess he’s a lot more impressive than he seems.

    Shikamaru: Well this time it was pretty much all or nothing so yeah.

    *Scene change to Ino healing Naruto’s back (*most likely he’s sitting down and she’s healing his wounds from behind him)

    *Ino and Chouji praise Naruto’s intelligence (though noting that he’s still not as smart as Shikamaru)

    ヤマト「しかし・・よく三発も作ったね新術 修行でも二発が限界だったのに」
    Yamato: However…you even managed to use the new technique three times. Two times was your limit during training…

    *Kakashi thinking

    カカシ(失敗してから次を当てるための機転の速さ・・強い自信ナルトは本当に強くなってきた。あの四代目で もなしえなかった術をここまで物にするとは・・)
    Kakashi (mental): The quick thinking in planning on how to hit him right after failing the first time…the Naruto with strong self-confidence really got strong. To be able to put into form the technique that not even the 4th could…

    カカシ(そろそろ世代交代の時代だな、こりゃ オレを超えやがったか)
    Kakashi (mental): I guess it’s the next generations time now. Did he really surpass me…

    *In front of Naruto is Sasuke. Kakashi says that it’s his presence that continues to make Naruto stronger.

    *Yamato says to Kakashi, “We should get going” and they meet up with the others to go home.

    ヤマトはカカシは後始末をすると言う。カカシはすごい目でクレーターにいる角都を見据える。角都は虫の息だ がまだ生きていた。
    Kakashi tells Yamato that he’ll finish the rest. Kakashi is gazing down at Kakuzu in the giant crater. Kakuzu is barely breathing but he’s still alive.

    角都 「・・お前らのような・・ガキどもに・・オレが・・」
    Kakuzu: …I got beat…by a bunch of kids…like you…

    カカシ「まぁね 初代火影と戦ったことのあるアンタだ・・」
    Kakashi: Yeah well, for you who fought with the 1st Hokage…

    Kakashi: …we probably do seem like kids…

    Kakashi: But all we see is an old man who lost his senses.

    Kakashi: That’s why you’re here dying and groveling in the dirt.

    *Kakuzu is on the ground groveling/totally spread out.

    *Kakashi then charges up his raikiri

    Kakashi: And new generations will continue to pass each other by.

    「 ガ  ッ  」(カカシとどめをさす)
    Kakuzu: GAAAAA (*As Kakashi finishes him off)

    *Scene change to Konoha village


    *In Hokage’s room we see team Yamato and team Kakashi/Asuma.

    Tsundade: Good job, everyone.

    Tsunade: But there are still Akatsuki out there…so there’s no time to let your guard down.

    *The two teams are given time off to rest as Tsunade says “Also…” and continues talking.

    *Scene change to Kurenai standing in front of Asuma’s grave. From behind…

    Shikamaru: Is it alright for you to be out and about?

    *Shikamaru appears. He puts a pack of cigarettes on the grave as an offering.

    Kurenai: You lost your shougi partner…you must get lonely.

    Shikamaru: He taught me all kinds of things—from truly important things to truly worthless things. Shougi was just one of those things.

    Shikamaru: I’d be lying if I said I don’t get lonely, but I’m a part of a generation where I can’t just stay a kid forever so I can’t just keep crying forever either.

    *Kurenai seems to be thinking about something

        「オレにとっちゃ むちゃくちゃカッコイイ大人だった」
    Shikamaru: I…used to complain about everything and just sorta coast through things. When I was a kid I made nothing but mistakes…I even got saved by Asuma because of it back then (*likely talking about during the Chuunin Exams). That might be why…to me…that weirdo teacher who was impossible to understand…was a truly cool adult.

    *Kurenai stares at Shikamaru with a kind expression

    Shikamaru: Next time it’s my turn. *As he looks at Kurenai’s stomach

    Shikamaru: Because when that kid is born it’ll be my turn and I’ll be his/her protective teacher.

    Shikamaru: I gotta become a cool adult then, I guess.

    紅   「・・・ ありがとう」
    Kurenai: …thank you.

    *Scene change to Shikamaru and his dad playing shougi.

    シカク 「棒銀か」
    Shikaku: Using “bougin” huh?

    *Apparently Shikamaru’s dad, unlike Asuma, is actually good at Shougi

    Shikamaru: In order to protect your “king” against a superior opponent sometimes you have to make sacrifices then, huh.

    *Shikamaru uses his knight to attack. He says that he was described by Asuma as being like a knight.

    Shikaku: He really understood your personality. So then, who would the “king” be?

    Shikamaru: … …

    Shikamaru: The children who will one day take over Konoha…they’re the “king.”

    シカク 「よく分かってるじゃねーか・・・よっと王手」
    Shikaku: You understand things pretty well, don’t ya…aaaand check.

    Shikamaru: Aaa…

    シカク 「てめーが玉を守るのはまだまだ力が足りないな、精進しろよ」
    Shikaku: You still don’t have what it takes to protect the king. Keep working at it.

    Shikamaru: Daaaaaamit!

    *Scene change

    *GAAAA as a blade is stabbed into the ground

    Sasuke: Is that all of them? *Around Sasuke there are at least a dozen fallen ninja.

    *All the ninja are moaning in pain on the ground.

    大蛇丸「全員にとどめはさしてないわね まだまだ甘い」
    Orochimaru: You haven’t finished them all off. You’re still too soft.

    Sasuke: I have other people to kill. *The chapter ends with Sasuke.
    They said on MangaHelpers, that this one has been confirmed.
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    Confirmed, huh? Well, thats not too bad. I get to see more of Sasuke-kun♥, and Naruto still didn't kill the guy. Surprisingly Kakashi still had enough chakra for another Raikiri.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Obscuri View Post
    Wasn't that spoiler quite long? To be honest, I liked it. Did not understand why Sasuke would want to kill other people, unless with other people, he means Itachi, Itachi-kun, Itachi-san, Itachi-sama, and Itachi-chan.
    Sasuke would probably say "Itachi Onii-chan", never Itachi-kun. But Sasuke hardly has respect for anyone so...
    *Onii-chan is what Konohamaru calls Naruto, and also what Sasuke called his brother in his flashbacks, so I assume it means brother.
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    They said on MangaHelpers, that this one has been confirmed.
    I always happend to like the fake spoilers over the real ones.
    (The Army of Hidden Village of Red Mist) and the Ideas of Killing Sasuke.

    Kakashi took out Kakuzu with a Raikiri
    oh how many can he pulled anyway?
    and Killing a wounded enemy looks very cheap for Kakashi in my opinion,
    Not that I'm complaining but that's the way of a Shinobi
    I hope that Kakuzu can hide his remaining heart in the ground, so that Kakashi missed stabbing him and survive

    and again the boring GAY Sasuke/Naruto flashback


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    But again it confirmes that Kurenai is pregnant (and Shika almost asks her marry him) and that King is Konoha's next generation (Youth. Gai-sensei and Lee will cry from joy)

    <feels sowwy for his Engrish>
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    Shika is just stating he will step in as a teacher/protector, Shika has a father but Asuma took care of him just the same, and in the same way he will take care of Asuma's bastard. He a Kurenai could later on establish a romatic relationship as would likely happen in real life but I doubt the author is gonna give that much story progression. Him saying your gonna be my woman directly isn't even slightly conveyed and would be very disrespectful to Asuma if meant romantically in any civilized culture.

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    He just wants to be apart of the kid's life. Kinda like a godfather. He ain't trying to marry anybody. Plus He knows Temari would kill him if he did.


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