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Thread: Chapter 340

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    The chapters are avaible the monday for those who are.. Arg how do you say that... oh yeah (google is my friend) : for people who have a subscription.

    They receive the jump before it appears on sales. That's why today we have also spoilers for bleach, and also one piece. Last week the one piece's spoiler was avaible the monday, and has been proven as true.

    But even so I hop these spoilers for naruto are fakes, I don't like them at all.

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    well i like the spoiler were in naruto can use his wind rasen shuriken as a shield..,if that's really true then it will make him more powerful than before.
    most especially if he can perform it w/ his 100% wind elemental jutsu as form of attack/defence mode like gaara can do w/his sand.
    i really hope it's real because it can answer as to why yamato has a lot of confidence w/ naruto's incomplete jutsu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mystic_guard_sinoel View Post
    So true...

    There are a lot of other people visiting the Naruto section now.
    Scouters for the next TOTW, duh.

    Quote Originally Posted by adonai View Post
    And being the protagonist isn't going to help that much, not while Sasuke is Kishimoto's favorite character.
    Good point. Well, it's still established that there is no way Naruto will die in this fight.

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    unconfirmed, but some on 2ch say it's the real thing.

    Naruto: "Fuuton rasenshuriken - I'll settle it with this"

    He attacks Kakusu's front/right/left with kage-bunshins
    They get intercepted one after another, and the kage-bunshins get tossed away

    Then from behind, the real naruto comes attacking with his new technique
    Naruto: "Yaraa~!"
    角都 「しまっ・・」
    Kakuzu: "Damn it..."

    「 ド ッ 」
    Naurto's attack makes a clean hit on Kakuzu

    but, before it hit, the rasengan had shrunken and had disappeared

    Chouji: "Wha?"
    イノ  「何?勝ったの?」
    Ino: : "What? did he win?"
    ヤマト 「・・・・・・」
    "He messed up" (Yamato's face looks wry)

    Kakashi: "Yup, the unpredictable ninja did it again"
    Kakashi and Yamato come to reinforce

    Naruto gets caught up in Kakuzu's tentacles, but
    Kakashi's Raikiri-like chop cuts him loose,
    and Yamato's mokuton attack immediately follows and chases Kakuzu far away.

    Naruto: "Crap!"
    イノ 「かっこつけるだけつけといて・・ナルトらしいったら
    Ino:"He looked really good until then... but I guess this is Naruto acting like Naruto himself.
    Chouji: "I thought he said RasenShuriken, so I thought he would fly it at him, but you have to run and hit him with it?"
    ナルト 「何だよ!当たればスゲーんだぞ!」
    Naruto:" Hey! It's amazing if it hits!"

    The new technique has to be executed at point blank, therefore a diversion is absolutely necessary.
    On top of that, it takes a few seconds to get the technique started.

    Kakuzu (as long as I don't get close to that technique I should be fine. And as long as I avoid close range battle and keep an eye on the original that creates that technique, it's not too scary.)

    Naruto: "Let me try it again one more time."
    Naruto: "I'll do this with the new technique."

    Since Kakuzu's pretty powerful, Ino objects, saying that everyone should attack Kakuzu
    Kakashi:"True... We're currently going five against one. There's no need to cross dangerous bridges."

    角都 (さて・・どう来る?)
    Kakuzu: "now... what are they going to do?)
    Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei, do you remember what you said to me during our training?"
    Naruto:"You told me that you believe that I'm the only shinobi that can surpass the 4th Hokage. Teamwork is very important, I know. But right now, I want to try to cross that dangerous bridge on my own"
    Naruto:"If I don't get to the other side, I'll always be the same kid"
    (Kakashi thinking)
    "PLease don't do anything to push that bridge aside."
    (Flashback and Sasuke's face appears)

    "Hm... Yamato, what about it?"
    Yamato:"Yeah... you haven't seen it yet right -
    that Naruto is a completely different individual than before"
    Kakashi:"then it's decided"
    some say this one is real. This just confirms what a lot of people have been saying about Kishimoto, he makes Naruto looks stupid and think that the readers will sympathize with Naruto. And that's where he's wrong. THat routine is getting old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzar180 View Post
    Scouters for the next TOTW, duh.

    Good point. Well, it's still established that there is no way Naruto will die in this fight.

    whats TOTW stand for ?

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    I pray that neither of these spoilers come true...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hella View Post
    whats TOTW stand for ?
    Thread of the week, I think we can win this one too guys, though it will be difficult to out do "i got the chpater 339".

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    Quote Originally Posted by adonai View Post
    And being the protagonist isn't going to help that much, not while Sasuke is Kishimoto's favorite character.
    Sasuke is not Kishimoto's favourite character. I do not know where that came from.

    What Sasuke seems to be is his favourite character TO DRAW.

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    Damn crappy translations, they'll be the death of me.

    Anyone has the original or other translations?

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    I would agree if that was original japanese interview.
    If it was released in usa comic they just remade it ... as i remember everyone knows that kishimoto likes sasuke he said that in some interview. And even if he didnt we know that he is hot for uchihas. I mean cmon atm sharingan match kyuubi in power or is even more powerfull. Bloodlines should be powerfull but give me a break there is only 1 kyuubi (the most powerful animal bitch in narutoverse) and 1 kyuubi container, yet 1 little bitch with spermatozoid^^ in his eyes can match or even outmatch our kyuubi container. Something doesnt work here huh? I mean ok jiraya,orochi,akatsuki they can be more powerful than our idiot hero because of their EXPERIENCE gained over years. But yet we have our idiot hero and our super uber leet kid who lost his parents. They have same age (almost) and even though sasuke is/could be more inteligent and learn faster, he couldnt be stronger than naruto because of one factor which is KYUUBI. Its like comparing 2 old cars (take 86 ... to mutch initial d for me), they have same specs but one have old engine but better suspensio while the other just outmatch the previous one with uber leet new engine which is like 3x times better.
    Basicaly kishi wtf how come naruto < sasuke in power ????? naruto in kyuubi mode should be like 10x times stronger than our gay ass.
    But lets end this rant ...
    shonen jump was out on tokyotosho so naruto raws should be out to ???

    Read the stuff above, so as i said for AMERICA ... people he say that naruto is his favourite because americans like main and only main heros of any show (no atack to americans at all) so he wanted to make himself look good so he said that he likes main char.
    While for japanese readers he clearly said that he likes sasuke because he need to spend more time drawing him, so basicaly he can make him more cooler, more stronger, and more blalblalbala ...
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