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    Quote Originally Posted by SixthAngel
    Kakashi only used one jutsu, the same one as Kisame to cancel it, then fought Itachi and lost. Asuma was the one to actually hit Kisame.
    Asuma managed to hit Kisame because of his ability, which Asuma didn't know about. And before that, Asuma himself got hurt, too. And if it hadn't been for the water jutsu of Kakashi's to counter Kisame's, Asuma and Kurenai would have been hit by a blast of water.

    Plus, I doubt Asuma could have done as well against Itachi as Kakashi did. Itachi was deathly fast, managing to alternate between clones. It's probably a miracle that Kakashi was able to catch up with him for a while.

    Plus, I think Kakashi's recent fight against Hidan and Kakuzu proves his superiority to Asuma. Namely, his double Lightning Blade against Kakuzu's attack to protect Chouji and Shika.

    Quote Originally Posted by SixthAngel
    There is no way anyone would realize that they were hurting Kakuzu because Shikamaru fell dead on the ground and Kakuzu is far away.
    True, but he should have realized that Shika wasn't bleeding. If you look in the chapter where Asuma gets killed / stabbed, there's a flow of blood coming down from underneath his coat, and blood is dripping from his mouth. Shika, however, seems fine. Hidan only thinks Shika to be dead because he's covering his chest and staring at him.

    Then again, this doesn't have to do with Hidan's intelligence but more with his arrogance, I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by SixthAngel
    Also being the the slowest attacker in Akatsuki is like having the worst average on the all star team. The difference hardly matters because you are still on the all star team. Also during his fight with Asuma it is mentioned that he wields a big, slow three bladed scythe to he can make any kind of contact at all more easily. Asuma also learns of Hidans ability before he is killed but is not good enough to defeat him.
    But by the time Asuma learned, his leg was injured because of Hidan's linkage. So by the time he had learned of Hidan's tactics, his speed had dropped considerably. Add that to the minature beating he'd taken from Kakuzu, and you have a man who can't really move that well.

    Quote Originally Posted by SixthAngel
    Every ninja technique involves actually hitting the enemy, except in almost all of the others a small wound won't do anything. Hidan makes his seal incredibly fast against Shikamaru and as shown against Asuma once it is made you have to worry about not only him attacking you but also his positioning according to the mark. Asuma had him outside the mark and could hardly handle the regular attacks much less when Hidan managed and planned to get himself back in the circle.
    Yeah, I realized how stupid this part of my logic was once I thought about it again. Must have been the late time. Or the fact that I was high on sugar. Virtually every attack (except maybe illusions) require hitting the enemy. Sorry about that.

    I don't really think getting a scratch in the face is a sign of hardly being able to handle regular attacks. You do make a point on the seal thing, but that's not really Hidan's combat intelligence at work. It's just the complexity of his jutsu. Get blood, lick it, walk to the circle.

    The seal doesn't seem incredibly hard to make, though. It's just a triangle inside a circle. All he had to do was stab himself and move his foot around a bit. It has more to do with the simplicity of the seal itself than his quickness.

    Quote Originally Posted by SixthAngel
    The word you are looking for isn't speed, it is sharingan. Hidan even mentions this is why Kakashi managed to dodge their attacks. That would give him a slight advantage but doesn't help him in the speed department. It also is responsible for Kakashi's low stamina which would be very detrimental against someone who can absorb so much damage.
    Whoops. Forgot about the Sharingan. But even still, I feel Kakashi is fast. I mean, his Lightning Blade technique revolves on being able to run quickly to enforce the stabbing power. Because even if you have the sight, you need to have the speed to avoid it. It's like knowing that a baseball is coming towards your crotch and avoiding it at the same time. Just because you know where it'll be a few seconds later doesn't mean that it won't hit you. Cause if you're too slow to move, you'll still get hit on your leg. Mind you, this is a loose allusion. Hidan's scythe is much harder to avoid than a baseball because it can change directions in mid-air, due to the fact that it's connected to a rope.

    And managing to avoid both Hidan's and Kakuzu's attacks, even if you know where they're coming from, is still a feat of skill. Kakuzu's attacks have an extremely wide range, and Kakashi has to avoid Kakuzu's attacks WHILE avoiding Hidan, who obviously has no worry of dying.

    Quote Originally Posted by SixthAngel
    I agree with you that Kakuzu is stronger as he has the crazy jutsu we see now and is more aware, he just isn't quite as durable as his partner.
    Hidan is like one of those annoying newbies in a game who manage to get God Mode. He just abuses his infinite life code along with the cheapest weapon in the game. None of it is skill - it's all about cheating. He just stands there and shoots in a 360 degree radius.

    I won't deny that Hidan is strong, though. I just hate the way he fights.

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    He's just like a one trick pony, even though that "trick" can be very effective.

    I think his arrogance is to provide some balance, cuz if he was cool and calculating WITH that ability, he would truly be God
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Filth View Post
    I think his arrogance is to provide some balance, cuz if he was cool and calculating WITH that ability, he would truly be God
    Well, we certainly cannot have that could we?
    Glory to the almighty kingdom.
    Perish into the wrathful sea
    or ascend into the open arms of Pandora herself.
    The choice is yours.

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    he can has a limit of four....he only keeps the best hearts


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