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  • no one would make a better main character than naruto

    70 26.52%
  • Shikamaru

    67 25.38%
  • Kakashi

    32 12.12%
  • Jiraiya

    15 5.68%
  • filler episode extra no. 78 (anyone)

    9 3.41%
  • Gaara

    25 9.47%
  • Sakura (lol)

    4 1.52%
  • sasuke (lol

    18 6.82%
  • Tsunade

    4 1.52%
  • other. please state who.

    20 7.58%
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    Young kakashi story with him in anbu, Losing his father, losing his best friend, learning how to control the sharagin. Having the fourth as a teacher, the nine tails atk on the village, Losing his sensei, able to see an entire clan wiped out learning all those jutsus think about it could have easily 100-200 episodes no fillers

    Theres also 4th hokage from begining to the ninetails! becoming hokage becoming the yellow flash etc.

    What about the 3rd hokage Growing up around war and having 1st 2nd as sensei raising students having you favorite turn on you.

    Erosennin would be a could character starting off with the 3rd as teacher going into battle during the war teaching the 4th and watching him die and raising the 4ths successor

    Think about it though we would all love to see those but I can only say the only person in the WHOLE series of Naruto having another manga or series would be kakashi and his life. I mean yeah there are alot of good characters in naruto and love them but out of all of them I dont see them able to hold a series together. 4th is an awesome character but I dont think there were enough "major" events in his life to hold one together. Shik hes a good character but he dont have alot of different jutsu and variety to him which is one of the things i dont like about naruto I would like him to learn more techs. I was hoping the 3years would do that but I was wrong. Jiraiya I think would be good but it would turn the series more ecchi than anything. Gaara would add a nice seriousness to it and darker side of ninja killing,fighting, and assasinating which I would love nartuo to be like in the future so he would actually be a possible. Sakura Most of the series shes weak and cant do anything till 2nd chap so no. Sasuke would you really like watching orochimaru every week? Plus revenge wouldnt be a good backstory since hes only seen itachi once since he killed his clan. Lee would prolly b good but he has no real goal except be like guy. Neji life revolves around protecting the main family.

    Kakshi though would be a long ever changing series. Growing up and having a dad more famous than any other ninja, then finding him killing himself. Growing up in a time where War is everywhere and so is death. Training and becoming a Jounin going on missions that some of the most skilled wouldnt do. Him being so young and doing infiltration and assasination missions, having to fight on the front line of a war. Having the yellow flash be your teacher. Learning under him seeing what the 4th was like and his skills. Watching your teacher become the hokage. Watching your best friend die, taking his sharigan. Dealing with his death. Training with rin having someone else come in your group. Learning how to use the sharingan. Entering the ANBU and taking on Elite missions. Learning hundrends of techs. by using copy technique. Watching your village be destroyed by the nine-tails, maybe fighting the actually beast. Seeing the 4th hokage seal it. Continueing with fighting during the war. That would be a good series wouldnt it? does anyone disagree or agree with me?
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