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  • no one would make a better main character than naruto

    70 26.52%
  • Shikamaru

    67 25.38%
  • Kakashi

    32 12.12%
  • Jiraiya

    15 5.68%
  • filler episode extra no. 78 (anyone)

    9 3.41%
  • Gaara

    25 9.47%
  • Sakura (lol)

    4 1.52%
  • sasuke (lol

    18 6.82%
  • Tsunade

    4 1.52%
  • other. please state who.

    20 7.58%
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    $ylas is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Nov 2006


    What the point of thi$ tread we all know that we want more filler$ xD

    P.$: I dont care who i$ the main character. I just follow the story
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    创创 抖$$$$$$$抖洞炊抖抖抖洞
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    StealDragon's Avatar
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    Naruto should be the main character of Naruto... however if there was a spinoff i would like to see stories developing Tsunade and Jiraiya during the years they were absent, or Hinata as she gets older and stronger.

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    rodis3d is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Sep 2006


    i think naruto is suited for the role:
    a boring main charachter (1 H too much, but i don't konw wich....) leaves space for a lot of interesting side carachters (i'll try this one); i.e. berserk, wich has an interesting main character doesn't leave much space for others(there are guts, casca, griffith...puck... who else?) , while there are a load of great people in naruto

    p.s.: i think berserk is way better than naruto, don't let me be missunderstood...

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    chuckiechuck is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Oct 2006


    dont hurt me if im wrong, but im guessing that in a way or two, we are somewhat not happy with the naruto character, for me its ok that he is retarded, like luff and goku, but they are the main character because they are the moral of the story, and most of all, the fun. Sasuke is full of hate, if sakura, then it would be a chick flick. Lee would be the next best thing. But Naruto is still great if he stop acting like saving Sasuke is his life purpose, and the guy dont even want to be saved....
    I noticed someone was asking about Naruto's lineage (in another thread). I think Naruto should at least worry about his origin a little bit, then he would have a life!
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    enn3 is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    Oct 2006


    it would be very boring if shikamaru is the main character...
    well maybe he could crack a few dry joke...
    its nice once in a while seeing a battle of stratgie but most people like to see close combat action...

    kakashi is better of a side character...
    he is better being mysterious coz people will be bored seeing him often do things that are "cool"...

    naruto is the fittest main character...
    the unpredictability and goofyness makes him exciting and not boring...
    plus even if he is not that smart he has a good heart...
    he sets the best example of achieving ambition and a good comrade...
    it would not be a good model for children if they saw someone who is a lazy-bum and a guy who has deep-hatred...

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    apekz is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Jul 2006


    reallY?!?!?! shikamaru?!?!?...i voted for Gaara... it would make it like... a darker version the series.
    Sig was too big.

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    Mao999 is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Nov 2005


    Orochimaru... it would make the anime evil, gay and not for kids.

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    patibulo is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Dec 2006


    Hinata. I would love to see her struggles to be stronger =p

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    bonehead is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    Dec 2005
    Next to you


    obviously konohamaru.. cos hes more fun ..

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    jjhjjh is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Oct 2006


    i would say gaara... his bloodlusting is the best lol


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