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    He tried that against Kimimaro with Taju Kage Bunshin and still got destroyed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xxDoLLarBiLLxx View Post
    First off, yeah his speed gave him advantage in the both fights against naruto. On the Roof top, he obliterated all of naruto's bunshins as do all other opponents Naruto tries his bunshin on, his taijutsu skills were way over Naruto's, who only seems to be able to throw one punch or one kick at time.

    note to Dante: the Anime fight scenes is different from the manga's. go look back the fighting scenes in the manga and come and talk to me.
    I have not read the chapter about their battle in the rooftop, but certainly the one at the Valley of the End, and in the later, Sasuke (maybe not as much as in the anime, but even then) had to deal with the bunshins. He and Naruto were even, up to the point in which Sasuke had to activate his cursed seal. Sasuke got the upper hand when he acquired the Sharingan's third tomoe, but that had not much to do with his taijutsu, but with his new perception.

    I have never said that Naruto's taijutsu matches Sasuke's; what I meant was that while he could handle the bunshins (read, not get overwhelmed by them), he was not superior to Naruto. In their two matches, they were even. Actually, if they wouldn't have been stopped in the first one, Naruto could (probably) have won (read, send Sasuke back to the hospital).

    Quote Originally Posted by sethblodia View Post
    He tried that against Kimimaro with Taju Kage Bunshin and still got destroyed.
    At that time: Kimimaro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sasuke and Naruto.

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    and its not that naruto is very slow.he is pretty fast.its been hinted that sasuke is way faster,but that is because naruto was weak and couldn't move.and the kyuubi was being a pain.(sasuke is faster,but not by THAT much)
    they are not that unnmatched.

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    if naruto uses the kyuubi chakra now, it automaticalyy appaears as his 'one tail/two tail.... mini kyuubi' form ....

    he has to use it carefully i guess.

    and they are supposed to be merging, naruto and kyuubi.


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