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    Default Masashi-San Does NOT know where he's going with naruto

    I just realized something about Naruto. . .

    Apparently This has happened with the show called lost as well.

    The Author DOES NOT hav ea clear understanding of where the story needs to go, Hell, He doesnt even know the Identity of his own main supervillain! How do I figure that?

    (Unless the Tengu Theory is true, then I"m wrong but. . .since AL wants world domination. . . .I think not. . .)

    1) Take a look at other mangas/Anime that have decent story telling Eternal Sabbath, 666Satan, BBB, etc. . .and look at some of the traists they have in common

    a) Badass Main character: Sure they aren't the STRONGEST char in the world of the story, but they are not RETARDED for the whole series and try to go on without remedying the fact that they have no brain, I can understand being the underdog, but after 300+chapters, still having a retard as the main character is not going to work.

    b)All Inclusive character: Protagonist/antagonist. usually in good manga/anime/movies/books/anything that tells a story you have the protagonists and the antagonists, and all the factions in between. . .In the story they are all ACTIVE, meaning ther'es no specualation of their goals, no absense of their characterization or anything, they are active in the story interacting with the main characters on some level, they are visible and not hidden, Their reasons for doing what they are doing are laid out, and, there is no "Super Grand conspiracy" that kees the viewers in the dark for purpose of *Suspense*

    Theres a limit of how much suspense people can bear untill they figure out that you're just bullshitting and are trying to prolong the series untill you can think up a good enoguh story (i.e Lost)

    For example, this Lameass arc that ends up with asuma (who people didnt realyl care much about) dying (whoop-de-fuckin-do) totally has NOTHING to do with naruto, Imean really kishi could have just made the point that ok akatsuki are in konoha (when they killed thsoe priests) and naruto's doing his training etc. . .I mean they get Called BACK in the middle of fighting becuase of the monster they caught in the middle of the LAST arc. . .now why would they wait so long? BECAUSE MASAHI-SAN NEEDED AN AVENUE TO PULL AKATS OUT TO PROLONG THE STORY AND KEEP HIM NARROWLY MISSING A BRICK WALL (story wise)

    now I want to talk about the "Super Grand conspiracy"

    the "Super Grand conspiracy" or SGC as I will call it from now on, I just the witholding of major story evidence from the veiwer simply becuase the Author hasnt decided what to do with it yet. Some examples are

    Madlax: Elda taluta, monday friday and all the stupid mystical shit that made NO sense, and really had NO poitn to the story, left more questions unanswered etc. . .

    Naruto: Instead of having the sroty centered on all groups doing their thing (the fully unraveld al leader and his group going toward shis goal, orochimaru going toward shis, sasuke doing his thing, and naruto trying to find sasuke/become hokage) we are brought insignificant stories such as, "w090t naruto has trianed for 3 years with super san nin legend ninja, and the only thing he can do is turn in to a stronger fox, shadow clones, a bigger rasengan, and get owned by sasuke-who forsomereason used some teleporting matrix shit INTO NARUTOS FUCKING SOUL, AND S U P P R E S S E D ! KYUBI (which is the strongest being in the narutoverse atm) what kind of stupid bull shit is that, Naruto did all thsi training-no Masashi-san bult up all this suspense about naruto training, and the best he could come up with for naruto is an orange suit with a black stripe and a bigger version of the same shit he already knew befor ethe training!?, while of course sasuke get a FUCKING WEAPON! and naruto gets what, fucking nija stars, I mean WTF! I was expecting Naruto to be looking super badass, Hell even Sakura looks more useful than Naruto, sicne she has tsunades strength form training with her.

    but anyway I digress, The fact that Masashi is hiding all these elements that are present in a GOOD story and being HIDDEN and PROLONGED and "To Be Continued" e.g: objective of all parties, who they are/ how their are getting there/ and why they are doing it, etc. . .proves that this author has no idea as to what the fuck he is doing, he has simply run out of ideas, and buying more time to put some bullshit resolution story together to make more money. At LEAST in the Orochimaru/chunnin exam arc, there was a clear enemy who you would see talk, and interact with others in the story and have a major role in the story, you knew what he wanted to do and why he wanted to do that, and how he was going to do that, as the same with the opposing side as well. That was when Naruto was GOOD, and we all thought that "Hey" this Kishimoto Masashi guy can weave a pretty good story and world together. But now with his fumbling and hessitation (I mean he did a fuckign time jump where the main character is STILL A GENNIN-noob comparaed to everyone else who is chunnin or Jounin or Kage lvl(gaara. .that the main char BEAT) We have too many incpmplete story threads trying to be woven into the story, such as itachi/oro/al/sasuke/naruto/4th/kakashi/sai and his employer that wanted to take over konoha etc. . .All, if really taken one at a time, and follow the formula of GOOD story telling and char development (there is none for the main char since he is still deathly retarded-a black stripe on his clothing does NOT count btw) and involvement of all the aspects of the story and major players, this would hav ebeen a much more enjoyable series, you would realyl have somethign to look foward too every thursday instead of some chore to undertake to see when Masashi-Chan is actually going to give us a decent story (btw I have bought the manga up to the end (nearly of the orochi arc, because I thoguht it was so good) There is a chinese saying "One sharp Knife is better than a thousand dull ones" now if kishi would take one thing at a time like Normal writters dowe wouldn thav ethese long drawn out events that have NO impact on the main story, I mean asuma dying really has No impact on akatsuki, naruto suaske etc. . .i mean he was a MINOR character. . .M I N O R! no one cared about him before, and maybe only 2% of the readers acually care now since kishi had to tie up some connections of asuma to other minnor chars (save shika cause he's actually cool) and the fact that he was related to a DEAD major charcter (whoop-de-fukcing-do)

    Seriously, Unless the Tengu rumor is true, and Masashi-chan REALLY makes a)naruto a smart badass compared to the rest of the characters(I mean on the par of Jio form 666Satan and the 4th which he has been drawing parallels two since chap ONE!)
    b)All the factions throughly flushed out with their goals objectives etc. . .

    c)some hot Naruto+Hinata or even Naruto+Hinata+Sakura Action. .

    then this manga is going to shit faster than a New Yorker going down to mexico and drinking their water+eating refried beans and a can of prunes.

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    It's surely a great manga.

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    I don't think it's falling apart quite as badly as you do but I can see where you're coming from here. I hope it picks up again but it started sliding for me during the whole sasuke defection.
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    im loving it still
    i dont know what you guys are complaing about so what if he is just going with the flow its still great
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    I'm not complaining , just being honest with myself. I still enjoy the series but not as much as I used to. This puzzled me so I took a closer look at it and I could see where my enjoyment started to drop off. I hope it'll pick up again but right now I don't see that hapening. It actually kinda saddens me because like Luphrecio I want it to be that damn good I can't wait for the next chapter but right now it's meh new Naruto chapter I'll download it when I can be bothered.
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    well, you have to remember that it's easier to start a story well than to finish one well.

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    When the story starts to bother you, you can always read fanfiction. I guess. /shrug/

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    I get what Luphrecio is saying, a lot of things so far, especially the SGC concept, seem like a delaying tactic. It's unfair to drag out a conspiracy just to cover for the fact that you aren't sure what to do next.
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    Default whu.....

    luphrechio mah man......


    gud post.....

    i sorta agree...mostly....ok i totally agree with the SGC theory........

    but ....this may be my optimism talking....but kishi may have sumthing big here.... if he intertvines the plot fer a big crikey climax.........

    as fer the characters....i think they've been done quite well..........maybe sasuke looks like a dork now but so wat....... it's still turning out well........
    so dimwitted dattebayoed is the only lag in the biggie....( he still was kickass when he went 4 tails)

    asuma's death actually adds to the gravity of the situation right now.......agred he was not very significant.....but he is NOW..........

    alright so kishi is stalling(BIG IF still though).......but it does'nt feel like it yet.......

    ah.....but wat wudent a bit of hinata screw sakura.....and naruto action bring to this namby pamby manga.........

    welll all im saying is...tht we shud stall on judging where and hows right's tooooo early...........

    by the way....this was much longer and way funnier.....but it fried because might net acted up fer some reason when i was posting it.....

    so here's the second hand copy...........

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    well you sure have a point there..
    i gotta agree with you (eg asuma dying a whole chapter and wasting my time)
    but still.. i kinda got used to masashis way of breaking habits and surprising his readers with special events/twists (eg oro trying to take over konoha during the chunin exam wich seemed rather straight-lined at the beginning)
    and so.. i would really like to see some kind of ingenious twist that makes the manga worth reading it as it once was >.<

    just a question:
    what tengu theory do you mean?
    i don't think i've heard about this one already... xD


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