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    Default Who Would Have Won The Chunin Exam

    I know this is way in the past but who do you think would have won the chunin exam if it was not interrupted by the murder of the third?


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    Sasuke, becuz Gaara was already woounded plus he had barely any attacks back then, so he would have been owned by Sasuke super speed plus chidori

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    Gaara down right owned Sasuke when he started the Shukaku transformation.

    If Naruto had time to recover his chakra so he could summon Gamabunta for each fight, he'd most likely win.

    Neji definitely had a good chance, but back then I doubt any of the Gennin could have taken out Kyuubi chakra Naruto if Gaara couldn't.
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    Let's see:
    Naruto Vs Neji
    -Naruto won

    Sasuke Vs Gaara
    -No winner. However Gaara was about to go Shukkaku. Gaara would have won this. However if it would've ended after Chidori then Sasuke...

    Shino Vs Kankuro
    -Kankuro surrendered, Shino wins by default. However had they fought it would've been a draw. Shinos insects/Kankuros poison lead to a draw.

    Temari Vs. Shikamaru
    -Temari won

    Naruto Vs Gaara
    -Naruto wins...

    HOWEVER if it would've been:

    Naruto Vs. Sasuke
    -Sasuke would win.

    The only reason Naruto beat Gaara was because of the strength ge gained when he was trying to protect everyone. A fight with Sasuke would've been different. Sasuke had Chidori and Naruto still didn't know Rasengan. At this point I doubt Sasuke would've pissed off Naruto so much that he would've done Kuchiyose no jutsu.

    Temari advances if it ends up a draw.

    Temari would probably beat Shino. She's a better tactician and could probably blow the insects away.

    Naruto Vs Temari
    -Looking at Temaris personality, Naruto would get pissed off and OWN her.


    Sasuke Vs Temari
    -Sasuke has already been seen owning her...badly.

    That's what I think. Also, even if Kankuro would've fought Temari seriously, it wouldn't matter if he won since the same thing I said about Naruto/Temari and Sasuke/Temari could be said about him. Except that Sasuke didn't fight Kankuro, but with his speed he could've easily handled him.
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    Yet it is irrelevant who wins the fight because becoming a Chuunin requires other abilities as well. Hence the reason Shikamaru got promoted even though he lost the fight.

    Shino, Temari, and Kankuro would have been likely candidates for the Chuunin promotion. They have the strategic minds backed-up by their fighting capabilities (Shikamaru lacks fighting potential and Naruto lacks a calm composure ... and half a brain).

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    I assume that winning the chuunin exam, is not to win the fights (just to see that Shikimaru passed). Personally i think it would have ended this way:

    Naruto: Failed (maybe y could have won, but he just a dumb ass most of the time, for winning he should have showed a "friendship spirit", anyway, in "solo" fights is quite difficult).

    Neji: Failed (to selfish)

    Sasuke: Win (you know, all of this "genius" stuff, and not as selfish as Neji)

    Gaara: Failed (to selfish)

    Kankuro: Failed (no sense of leadership)

    Shino: Win (don`t ask, is just a feeling for is great strategy ability)

    Temari: Win (nice fight/thinking).

    About the selfish one's, i know Sasuke is selfish to, but he was... hemm.. touched?.. by Naruto, with is "friendly spirit" stuff.

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    i'd have to say between shino or garra. gaara is just really strong and shino's bugs eat away chakra and can come in all directions.

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    The way it was going, I think it'd be Naruto. They're consecutive fights and Naruto has the edge in terms of stamina.
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    Garra....OMFG duh!

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    Shino would have used his freaky, ungodly, filler laughter to send everybody to filler hell and thus win.

    But seriously now, Naruto. Main characters always own everybody else in the fighting tournaments.

    Exception 1. It is interrupted in which case he/she will later fight their dark, borderline emo rivals. They will draw and then unwillingly aknowlege eachothers strength.

    Exception 2. The borderline emo rival forefits to the one they know is strong. This person eventually ends up as the main characters final opponent. The main character will give it all they've got but fail miserablely. The final opponent after having simply defended the whole time unleash some really cool attack. They will then say to the main character on the ground, "What that's it? Why aren't you as strong as *related character that was before unknown*?"


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