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Thread: Not old enough?

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    If you call 1000 times a bunch.
    It's not like he barely touched the stamp, he really kicked it.

    Go outside to the next tree and start kicking it, then hobble back here and let me know around what number your shinbone broke.

    Then we'll see what good a shinobi you are

    Of course it takes longer to graduate. Only a genius like Itachi can graduate in one year.
    Also look at Konohamaru. He is going to something similar than the ninja academy at least.
    It's just part of the life of a Shinobi. You'll start learning to be one in a small age.

    They also had history class. So it's proably part of their school life to start the ninja training at their young ages. To a certain point that is.

    The point where Naruto did the test before them or they all failed you didn'T get.
    That was shown in the Anime and probalby not in the manga. But even if it was shown there, that doesn't mean Naruto failed 2 times before that or they all failed.
    Naruto failed the final exam 2 time. Which was most like after the shurikan training.

    Also, there is just no way he had to repeat 2 whole years because he failed twice.
    He would be 2 years older than the rest.

    If he were, why were Sasuke and even Sakura taller than him. Because he is just small? He comes back from his three years training and Sakura wonders that he is now taller than her. Why would she if he was two years older, that would only be natural. Also, wouldn't she adress him with an other ending than kun? Not sure though.
    And Sasuke being two years younger would make him eleven at the start of the manga, right? That would bring himmore in the league of Konohamaru to me. There is just no way.
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    well of course i was being sarcastic. if i remember right iruka said that every ninja must be able to create at least 3 dopplegangers, and naruto only made a single crappy one, and that it didnt merit a passing grade. he couldnt pass but he did better than rock lee and lee graduated.

    the ninja academy is just that a ninja school, you even said they had a history class. even in HS you can't just be so great a math they let you graduate despite failing almost every other class.

    my guess is that they let him graduate on some sort of recommendation from gai, even tho they made it seem like they met for the first time when gai's cell was formed (when they did that introduction thingy)

    bottom line: kishi messed up

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    gai maybe did some darkroom favors to mizuki and mizuki let him pass then mizuki made iruka agree


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