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    Default The ultimate compilation on the 9 tailed beasts

    By Dyroness (from

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    Microsoft Word (.doc) version: http://pinto.henrique.discovirtual.u...led_Beasts.doc


    Legend of the Tailed Beasts

    In the ancient Japan, according to the legend, each elemental god was sealed into an elemental shrine. Out of the 9 Bijuu, 5 of them were elemental gods, those being Shukaku, of the Wind; Kyuubi, of Fire; Isonade, of Water; Raijuu, of Lightning, and Kaku of Earth.
    In the Legend of the Tailed Beasts, the 5 elemental gods were sealed with instruments called “The Tools of Power” (法器). Not all of them are known, and their translation may be not accurate, but all resemble a type of varied container (kettle, prison, altar, etc.)
    After researching for a while, I’ve discovered that the “Tools of Power” descend from the “Eight Immortals” from the Chinese mythology. They’re deities who transfer their individual energy to each “Tool of Power”, that is able to give life or destroy evil. Together, the eight tools are called "Covert Eight Immortals" (暗八仙); (Though only five appear in the Legend, and it may be a varied version of it). The Immortals are: Immortal Woman He (He Xiangu), Royal Uncle Cao (Cao Guojiu), Iron-crutch Li (Li Tieguai), Lan Caihe, Lü Dongbin, Philosopher Han Xiang (Han Xiang Zi), Elder Zhang Guo and Zhongli Quan.

    Personal Notes: For a moment I associated the Immortal Woman to Sakura <insert snicker> and Iron Crutch Li to Lee, and even some of the others to characters from the Rookie 9 + Gai Team; but everything is too vague.

    Continuing the Elemental Shrine story:
    There were respective shrines dedicated to these elemental Bijuu scattered through Japan’s territory, being the Fire shrine the strongest. Though, the shines keep releasing spiritual energy even while the Bijuu are sealed within sleeping, and this power from the 5 shrines goes to the Five-Tails: Houkou.
    After Yamata no Orochi got the legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi from the Kusanagi Clan, it defeated Nekomata and Houkou (Check Yamata no Orochi’s tale).
    Yamata no Orochi then proceeded to release a tremendous amount of dark power to awaken the five elemental Bijuu, that were sealed in the 5 shrines, with the purpose of bringing chaos between worlds.
    It ended up fighting the one deserving of the title “King of Bijuu”: Kyuubi no Youko. It has an unending amount of chakra, and because of that, Yamata no Orochi was defeated.

    -----Bijuu Directory-----

    一尾 | 守鶴 - One Tail (Ichibi), Shukaku

    As we all know, this is Gaara's demon, a wild, extravagant monster.
    Jinchuuriki: Sabaku no Gaara (Extracted)
    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Shukaku is a bijuu in the form of Raccon Dog (Tanuki of the Japanese mythology). Before, he was a priest that lived in the Desert of Nara. Because of the dark power released by Yamata no Orochi, and under the heavy assault of wind and sand, he transformed into a racoon dog (His actual form). He has a playful and extravagant personality, resembling the Tanuki nature. Has a pretty active sexual life. Shukaku lives in the souls of people killed by the wind and sand (This actually resembles the case of Gaara’s mother). The violet (blue in the anime) tatoos represent his title of God of Wind.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 1 Win, 3 Losses, 1 Flee
    Wins: Sokou
    Losses: Raijuu, Nekomata, Isonade
    Escapes: Yamata no Orochi
    Fate: Shukaku is defeated by a Nara Monk called Oraga Nakashimu with a type of magic art. Then, the monk proceeds to use the "Tool of Power: Antler Teakettle" to seal it into the seal in the Wind Shrine.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of Tanuki, Yellow body
    Ability: Sandstorms, has the control of Wind and Sand manipulation.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 8th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 9th
    Symbolic Element: Wind (God of Wind)
    Origin / Discovered in: Nara Desert
    Personal Notes: Shukaku is represented as the reincarnation of a Sand Priest in the series (which would be the poor guy transformed by the Sand and Wind.)
    More info about Shukaku:
    About Tanuki: (From Wikipedia)
    Tanuki have been part of Japanese myth since ancient times. The mythical tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shapeshifting, but somewhat gullible and absent-minded.
    Tanuki in folklore:
    The current humorous image of tanuki is thought to have been developed during the Kamakura era. The wild tanuki has unusually large testicles, a feature often comically exaggerated in artistic depictions of tanuki. Tanuki may be shown with their testicles flung over their backs like a traveller's pack, or using them as drums. Tanuki are also typically depicted as having large bellies. They may be shown drumming on their bellies instead of their testicles, especially in children's art.
    During the Kamakura and Muromachi eras, some stories began to include more frightening, man-eating tanuki. The otogizōshi story of "Kachi-kachi Yama" features a tanuki that clubs an old lady to death and serves her to her unknowing husband as "old lady soup". Other stories report tanuki as being harmless and productive members of society. Several shrines have stories of past priests who were tanuki in disguise.
    A popular tale known as Bunbuku chagama is about a tanuki who fooled a monk by transforming into a tea-kettle. Another is about a tanuki who tricked a hunter by disguising his arms as tree boughs, until he spread both arms at the same time and fell off the tree. Tanuki are said to cheat merchants with leaves they have magically disguised as paper money. Some stories describe tanuki as using leaves as part of their own shape-shifting magic.
    Statues of tanuki can be found outside many Japanese temples and restaurants, especially noodle shops. These statues often wear a big, cone-shaped hat and carry a bottle of sake. Tanuki statues always have a large belly, although contemporary sculptures may or may not show the traditional large testicles. These exaggerated features represent fertility and plenty.

    二尾 | 貓又 – Two Tail (Nibi), Nekomata

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Nekomata is a bijuu in the form of cat, and possesses the power of death. This Bijuu lives in a place called “Forest of Death” (Not a mistranslation.) in Hokkaido, to the north. His appearance is a black cat monster (depicted with huge, black angel wings). He’s the Death God’s pet. Nekomata feeds on dead people’s spirits, and can summon these to fight for him. He uses a third eye at the top of its head to consume the spirits.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Trying to dominate his enemies, Nekomata forms an alliance with Houkou, and attacks Kyuubi. They have a disastrous defeat, and Nekomata is rescued by the Death God, escaping death by a hair’s breadth. Battled 3 times; 2 Wins, 1 Loss.
    Wins: Kaku, Isonade
    Losses: Kyuubi
    Fate: Nekomata ends up killed by Kyuubi later, and in that instant his spirit is summoned by the Death God. The body was kept in a shrine in the Forest of Death, sealed by the Death God himself.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of two tails black cat, with slightly more pointed ears and bigger canines.
    Ability: Death; may control deceased person's spirits (May be related to Gaara) as well as different dark beasts
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 4th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 8th
    Symbolic Element: Darkness (God of Darkness)
    Origin / Discovered in: Hokkaido’s “Forest of Devils” (Different of Forest of Death)
    Personal Notes: This better have had a female Jinchuuriki.
    More info about Nekomata: it is said it can walk erect. The original Bijuu was a old cat, depicted as a fat, old lady’s image also.
    People knew of it, and in fear of having their cats turned into the monster, they cut its tails to prevent the transformation when the time came – a bifurcation. By gesturing with its tail (and walking erect), Nekomata can animate and control the dead to do their bidding, or even dance for their amusement. Sometimes it eats its owner, then changes into an human appearance, waiting for a next opportunity. Nekomata eats the person it hates, but if the person is even more wicked, the crueler the cat becomes. When it sees the person, Nekomata won’t differ the bad and good anymore, and injures the person as much as it can. There is also a good Nekomata in the legend, that often turns into a young girl’s appearance to approach the society; with a very docile nature, likes eating fish, has a beautiful body and likes depending upon others. Otherwise, the Nekomata’s appearance becomes of a old woman, that displays bad habits in public and always has an air of dread around her; which if around people for an extended period can cause disease and pestilence.

    Nekomata can also do other magic, but their most well-known and common power is that of animating the dead and manipulating them to whatever ends the particular nekomata wishes. A nekomata must be appeased by attention, food, and respect, and while many are fickle and turn their attention at a moment's notice, they do not tend to forget when they are insulted and by whom, holding grudges. To gain revenge, these nekomata usually controlled the tormentors' dead relatives, haunting them until the nekomata was appeased with food, apologies and attention.

    <No Image Disponible>

    三尾 | 磯憮 – Three Tails (Sanbi), Isonade

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Isonade is a shark shaped Bijuu with a sharp horn on the forehead. It lives in the deep waters on the West of Japan, fighting pirates. Every few months, Isonade will swim to the surface of the sea from the deep waters, to breath some fresh air. However, when he does this, storms erupt, oceans rage, and all ships will be swallowed by him as food. Isonade has a subordinate fish called Samehada (?) (Same name as Kisame's Sword. Depicted differently, but with same pronunciation). Samehada attaches itself to Isonade’s stomach, and absorbs its food to create huge amounts of chakra, proceeding to send it back to its body. Samehada’s power can enable Isonade to get 5 times the quantity of chakra it could originally get. Therefore, when Isonade battles, he will have unlimited chakra to receive from Samehada.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; 2 Wins, 1 Loss, 1 Flee
    Wins: Kaku, Shukaku
    Losses: Nekomata
    Escapes: Yamata no Orochi
    Fate: A fisherman and brave warrior from Yokohama, called Takuma Muramasa, sacrifices himself in behalf of two villages in a courageous act, getting near Isonade and sealing his personal servant Samehada in the “Tool of Power: Pot of the Shark-named fish” from seal in the Water Shrine. Isonade then becomes unable to draw the massive chakra, and ends up getting exausted and sucked by the Tool’s seal in the Water Shrine as well.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A big shark/fish(?) with 3 tails and 3 fins. Has a dark blue body color, is attracted by blood (like all sharks); has a personal servant, a small fish named Samehada, as shown above, that is responsible to help Isonade absorb and digest Chakra in 5 times his original capacity.
    Ability: Generic water powers, can control the currents of water.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 6th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 7th
    Symbolic Element: Water (God of Water)
    Origin / Discovered in: Four Nanju Country Islands - Yawagawa Sea Area (*COUGH*Nanju is Kisame's Akatsuki Rank*COUGH*)
    Personal notes: Well, if this bijuu doesn’t scream KISAME to you, then this note is indeed useful. The Samehada connection is frightening (absorbs chakra), but there can be more about it, explaining WHY Kisame’s chakra reserve is SO big (as being the biggest in Akatsuki).

    <No Image Disponible>

    四尾 | 鼠鮫 - Four Tails (Yonbi), Sokou

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Sokou is a bijuu that looks like a reptile. It was a creature that lived near Mount Fuji. Because of the toxic gas and the volcaninc ash, he was transformed into a half-rooster, half-snake monster. The Rooster and Snake are husband and wife in Sokou’s body. Everything around it withers away or dies, because of its poison. According to the Legend, whenever he hibernates in Mount Fuji, the snoring he causes will make the volcano erupt.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; 3 Losses, 1 Flee
    Losses: Shukaku, Kaku, Houkou
    Escapes: Raijuu
    Fate: Sokou was sealed by a master of demonic arts, called Yamazaki Ishiro, with the “Tool of power: Netted Moon Cage” to the seal in the Mount Fuji’s base. Sokou becomes unable to send out his poisonous gas from the mountain for all eternity.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A four-tailed Rooster / Snake mixture. The lower part of the body is a Snake, while the upper part is a Rooster. Crawls instead of walking (Just like desert scorpions *COUGH*Hiruko!Sasori*COUGH*). Most of the body parts have an orange tone. Lives in the mount Fuji.
    Ability: Controls poison, poisonous gas, venoms, and so on.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 9th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 6th
    Symbolic Element: Poison
    Origin / Discovered in: Close to Tokyo, Mount Fuji.
    Personal notes: Well, it indeed makes you remember of Sasori. Just a little.
    More info about Sokou: If you remember, Sokou is the oriental counterpart of the folklore creature Cockatrice. Sokou doesn’t have wings like it, though.

    五尾 | 彭侯 – Five Tails (Gobi), Houkou

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Houkou is a bijuu which looks like a five-tailed dog. Each tail of this creature represents one elemental power: Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning and Fire. They can cause catastrophic damage when used. Houkou will willingly destroy the nature to obtain the power he desires from these elements. He was once badly injured when he and Nekomata challenged Kyuubi. Strangely enough, he is the god of Illusion. Houkou lives in a giant, ancient tree.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; 3 Wins, 1 Loss
    Wins: Sokou, Nekomata, Raijuu
    Losses: Kyuubi
    Fate: After receiving a severe wound, Houkou runs away to one of Japan's islands, and hides in a place near Kyushu’s Volcano - a giant tree, to heal his wound. But the tree's concrete position is not known by anyone.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of dog, with 5 long tails. Has a white coloured body. Each of the tails possess one of the five elemental powers, that used simultaneously can cause a big earthquake.
    Ability: Attacking using mixture of elements; Houkou is skilled in each kind of element ability, and can also create instantaneously each kind of natural disaster.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 3rd
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 5th
    Symbolic Element: Illusion (Being the god of Illusions)
    Origin / Discovered in: Near one of Kyushu’s volcanoes (Akase Lava Volcano, probably)

    六尾 | 雷獸 – 6 Tails (Rokubi), Raijuu

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Raijuu, a bijuu in the form of weasel, has four legs and very sharp claws. Its cry sounds like thunder. It was originally the god of Thunder, but because of Yamata no Orochi’s power, it was transformed into a beast. Raijuu can release a huge amount of eletricity for battle assistance.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 2 Wins, 3 Losses
    Wins: Shukaku, Sokou
    Losses: Houkou, Yamata no Orochi, Kyuubi
    Fate: A ninja called Sarutobi (That’s right, but we don’t know if it’s the series’ Sandaime), in the legend, effectively eliminated Raijuu by using the technique “Kinjutsu: Raikiri”. (Now the confusion starts. This is supposed to be Kakashi’s move, but the way of writing may be different from the actual jutsu, and Kishimoto probably changed this legend to fit the story anyway). What actually happens is that the technique counters the lightning released by Raijuu by cutting it, making the beast receive its own attack, and become severely wounded. (Thus the name lightning edge.) He then is sealed by Sarutobi with the “Tool of Power: Hidden Thunder Prison” into the seal in the Thunder Shrine.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A species of weasel with golden yellow fur. The whole body’s fur grows upright. Its six tails take a lightning shape, (unlike the crappy image I have, but it’s the closest to the legend) just like the ancient God of Thunder.
    Ability: Fire caused by lightning, Lightning Thunder, Lightning bolts, Lightning elemental magic arts; Raijuu may also fly about as a ball of lightning / fire.
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 5th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 4th
    Symbolic Element: Lightning (God of Lightning)
    Origin / Discovered in: Underground the Thunder Shrine in a town in Kyoto
    Personal notes: If this is right and we go by speculation, then could Kakashi have battled with the Raijuu jinchuuriki before? Raijuu also resembles the Pokemon Raikou.
    More info about Raijuu: Raiju is also depicted as the companion of Raiden, the Shinto god of lightning. While the demon is generally calm and harmless, during thunderstorms, it becomes agitated and leaps about in trees, fields, and even buildings (trees that have been struck by lightning are said to have been scratched by Raiju's claws).
    Another of its peculiar behaviors is sleeping in human navels. This prompts Raiden to shoot arrows at Raiju to wake the creature up, thus harming the person in whose belly the demon is resting. Superstitious people therefore often sleep on their stomachs during bad weather. Other legends say that Raiju will only hide in the navels of people who sleep outdoors.

    <No Image Disponible>

    七尾 | 貉 – Shichibi (Seven Tails), Kaku
    (Also read MUJINA)

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Kaku is a bijuu in the form of badger. Its Kanji is also read as Mujina, which is the name the Japanese subspecies of badger (Meles Meles Anaguma) receives in some parts of Japan. It has seven tails, and is the smallest bijuu out of the nine; though it is the most cunning and stealthy. Kaku hunts its prey underground most of the time. It kills by crumbling/destroying the piece of land that is under its target, making it fall right into his open mouth. Above land, whenever he is around he can transform into any type of creature, but he is unable to do it if he doesn’t have clay.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; 1 Win, 3 Flees
    Wins: Sokou
    Escapes: Nekomata, Isonade, Yamata no Orochi
    Fate: Kaku’s storehouse of clay in a hole is found, and is burned by warriors. Kaku is unable to transform, and is defeated by the brave warrior Ikkyo Soujin, who proceeds to seal it with the “Tool of Power: Remnant Earth Altar” into the seal in the Earth Shrine.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: Kaku is the smallest Bijuu. It has a blue color, and is good at using clay camouflage. Kaku is very difficult to bump into.
    Ability: Transformation (Henge), Clay, Earth elemental magic arts
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 7th
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 3rd
    Symbolic Element: Earth (God of Earth)
    Origin / Discovered in: Underground Sacrificial Altar in the Nagoya outskirts
    Personal notes: Resembles Deidara pretty well.
    More info about Kaku: Mujina (貉) is an old Japanese term for a badger. In Japanese folklore, these animals were avid shapeshifters, and one of the forms they were purported to take was that of a faceless ghost. This particular sort of monster is often referred to by English speakers as a mujina, but the Japanese know them as nopperabou.

    八尾 | 八岐大蛇 - Eight Tails (Hachibi), Yamata no Orochi
    (Also known as Hachimata)

    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: Yamata no Orochi is a Snake bijuu. It has crimsom red eyes, eight heads and eight tails (also depicted to having trees and vines growing around them) and has the power of the Demon world, a symbol of evil. Each head of Yamata no Orochi represents a symbol: Soul, Ghost, Evil, Devil, Monstrous, Kill, The Afterworld and Death.
    Its powers were originally weak, the members of the Kusanagi clan, when attacking it, acted carelessly, using the legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Oro’s sword). Because of that, as a consequence, Yamata no Orochi takes the sword from them, absorbing the power contained inside, and becoming an incredibly powerful creature, and finally storing it in its body.
    With the new power, Yamata no Orochi releases an insane amount of dark energy, awakening the other Bijuu and becoming arrogant. Yamata no Orochi proceeds to defeat many of the Bijuu, but when it battles with Kyuubi, it is defeated. The cause of this is simple: Kyuubi has an unlimited amount of power, making even a hole in the Kusanagi sword. As this happens, it shows how tremendously powerful Kyuubi is, deserving of the “King of Bijuu” title. Not even Sarutobi and Enma (I’m not sure how those two are into the legend) could scratch the Kusanagi no Tsurugi. (That makes connections to the Oro x Sandaime battle)
    Legend also depicted it as having a power able to rival Kyuubi’s [in quality], but the fact is, Yamata no Orochi’s does have a limit.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 5 times; 4 Wins, 1 Losses
    Wins: Shukaku, Isonade, Kaku, Raijuu
    Losses: Kyuubi
    Fate: Yamata no Orochi awaits a genius of the Yagami (NOT the Kanji of Yagami from Death Note, but Yagami as in Eight Gods: 八神) clan, which is the arch enemy of the Kusanagi clan. The purpose is to awake it [Yamata no Orochi], in order to fight Kyuubi again.
    Since Yamata no Orochi’s power inherits in the Yagami Clan, If the heir appears as the first genius in 1000 years that is able to awake Yamata no Orochi’s ability, it will be completely restored. Once the process is done, the genius with such crucial task will be destroyed due to the true body of Yamata no Orochi resurfacing, which has an all-new power. It won’t be found before the decisive battle with Kyuubi, and will be able to kill no matter of thing, destroy any type of place, and attain infinite vision (as Kyuubi has). The core of Yamata no Orochi’s power is in a kind of forbidden sealing jutsu. As soon as the Yagami clan heir comprehends enough of it, a bigger, much stronger power will surface in the grasp of Yamata no Orochi.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: A super Snake of Eight heads and Eight tails, attached to a single body. Has a deep brown color. It definitely is the biggest bijuu - the lenghth of it is over eight mountains. Originally, it was weaker than Houkou and Nekomata; however, that was 1000 years before a brave warrior tried defeating it with the Kusanagi no Tsurugi. In the process, the sword’s power is absorbed instead by Yamata no Orochi, thus greatly expanding his power. He continues though to be able to use freely the sword in his belly.
    Ability: The legendary sword: Kusanagi no Tsurugi; summoning of evil spirits
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 2nd
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 2nd
    Symbolic Element: Devil
    Origin / Discovered in: An old battlefield in Osaka
    Personal notes: Now, everyone knows this one resembles Orochimaru, but what I like is the “Yagami genius” legend, which OF COURSE screams Sasuke.
    More info about Yamata no Orochi:
    There is the story of the killing of the Eight-Headed Serpent by Susanoo. According to the legend, a local town had been living in fear of the Serpent, and the townspeople offered the sacrifice of a young girl each year to keep it appeased. Lord Susano heard about the town's dilemma, and became determined to slay the beast. He exterminated the serpent by serving it alcohol, and then cutting off its heads while it was intoxicated. Between the Kagura performances, this one is the most famous.

    九尾 | 九尾の妖狐 – Nine Tails (Kyuubi), Kyuubi no Youko
    (Nine-Tailed Demon Fox)

    Jinchuuriki: Uzumaki Naruto
    Tale in the Legend of the Tailed Beasts: This is a bijuu in the shape of a nine-tailed fox, and the strongest of them all. The reason he is so powerful is simple: Kyuubi has an unlimited amount of power, earning it the “King of Bijuu” title. The power is generated by Kyuubi’s Fire Seal, and as a result, after battling for 100 years with Yamata no Orochi, it becomes exhausted; but Kyuubi continues standing, able to fight. It is also pretty cunning and smart.
    Situation in the Ancient War of the 9 Gods: Battled 4 times; All of them victories
    Wins: Nekomata, Houkou, Raijuu, Yamata no Orochi
    Fate: In unclear whereabouts, Kyuubi continues to kill all the people on his way to find the one who awakened him, and the one who managed to seal him before. (That being Yondaime, probably) Yamata no Orochi didn’t tell Kyuubi, though, that the one who awakened him was the Eight Tails himself.
    Japanese Myth Appearance: Kyuubi no Youko is the strongest (S Level) Bijuu of the Japanese Myth. Its body has a red fur; Kyuubi represents the element of Fire. Its abilities are incredible. Because it has never been defeated by any youkai, its total strength is unable to estimate. His tails create cyclones by spinning quickly, and Kyuubi proceeds to rip its enemies with its huge claws. At the same time his fur may shoot fireballs similar to meteorites endlessly, instantly destroying villages. In the ancient Bijuu wars, a challenge results in Houkou being severely wounded, and Nekomata nearly dying, but ending up being rescued by his master, Shinigami (God of Death). Yamata no Orochi depended on the Kusanagi no Tsurugi to fight Kyuubi, but was defeated and the sword received a cracked hole, courtesy of our kitsune.
    Ability: Fire element attacks, Flaming claws, and other things depicted above
    Bijuu Strength Ranking: 1st
    Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 1st
    Symbolic Element: Fire (God of Fire)
    Origin / Discovered in: Hidden Altar of Gods in Kobe
    Personal Notes: Interesting how he searches for the one who sealed him. Also, it would be nice if Oro was the cause of Kyuubi’s awakening – the reason Kyuubi attacked the village may very well be because it’s the place he was last seen.
    More info about Kyuubi: The Kyuubi is an intelligent demon that is capable of speech and has a scathing, sadistic personality. However he has also a sense of fairness and sarcastic honour, as he sometimes helps Naruto when he is in a difficult situation. This could be for purely selfish reasons, however, for it is speculated that if Naruto dies, then the Kyuubi will die with him. It seems likely that the Kyubi has some concept of a loathing respect for Naruto and even more so for the Fourth Hokage.

    Naruto ANBU

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    Red face Naruto General Information!

    BTW, I didnt use at any point, so let that be clear to all of you!
    (atleast directly )
    Note!: if something is missing/wrong, PM me and I shall change/add the right stuff!

    (some info [like that map thing] been 'stealed' >:P from, no other sites.)

    A long time ago, a demon fox with nine tails appeared. When a tail was swung, it would destroy a mountain and cause a tsunami. To counter it, the people gathered ninjas. One ninja sealed the monster in a life or death battle and died. That ninja was known as the Fourth Hokage... and with his death, he sealed the powers of the Nina-Tailed Demon Fox into the body of a young boy...

    This young boy's name is Naruto. Naruto hopes one day he can become Hokage. Most people in the village dislike him and consider him a pest. Naruto causes havoc in order to get attention, since he is ignored due to the fact that people think he is the demon fox itself. After failing the Genin exam, Naruto is tricked into stealing a scroll to become Genin. He ends up in severe danger but Iruka, his teacher, comes to saves him. It ends up that Naruto saves Iruka from possible death and for that, he is upgraded to an official ninja where he begins his journey to become Hokage!

    Character biography:

    note!: spoilers ahead!! read only if a must or there cant be any spoilers for you, or if you dont care. <.<

    Uzumaki Naruto – He is the main character of the story. A long time ago a demon fox was sealed inside of him to protect the Village of Konoha. He uses the demon’s power to help him fight his opponents. Naruto was treated as an outcast throughout his childhood. He is outgoing and a bit foolish especially around hot girls. Nevertheless he is totally devoted to protecting his friends and people important to him.

    Uchiha Sasuke – The “Ultimate Rival” of Naruto, he is the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan. He is a loner who keeps to himself even though he is in all the attentions of the girls in the Academy. Sasuke has no time to trouble himself with such matters because he has sworn to avenge the brutal murders of his clan. He has the Sharingan, a special trait of the Uchiha clan, which allows him to copy and use other ninjas' Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and sometimes even Taijutsu.

    Haruno Sakura
    – The female of the team, she always tries to get Sasuke to notice her. Her “Ultimate Rival” for Sasuke is Yamanaka Ino, a fellow female Shinobi. She is considered weak in Ninjutsu but has very good Genjutsu perception and chakra control.

    Mizuki - an ambitious and cunning ninja who tricks Naruto into stealing a scroll of forbidden jutsu. Almost getting away with it, Iruka shows up telling Naruto what Mizuki had done. Naruto finding out, reacts in a frenzy. He uses Kage Bunshin No Jutsu, the same jutsu on the scroll that he had stolen, and defeats Mizuki with ease.

    Hatake Kakashi – The Jounin in charge of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, he was Leaf Village’s only Sharingan user before Sasuke. He is not related to the Uchiha clan and got his Sharingan surgically. He is sometimes called “Copy Ninja” Kakashi because he has copied over 1000 jutsus.

    Maito Gai – Kakashi’s “Eternal Rival,” Gai and Kakashi have fought 99 times. Currently Gai is up by one, the record is 49 to 50. Gai specializes in very strong Taijutsu. But don’t take his weird appearance lightly; he is one of the strongest Jounin of Konoha. He is most likely stronger than Kakashi. He is the Jounin in charge of Lee, Neji and Tenten.

    Sarutobi Asuma – Asuma is only Jounin who smokes. He is a pretty good Jounin, even though he doesn’t compare to Gai or Kakashi. He is the Jounin leader of Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji.

    Yuuhi Kurenai – She is a rookie Jounin. Nevertheless, she is skilled in Genjutsu attacks. Kurenai is the Jounin in charge of Shino, Kiba and Hinata.

    Ebisu - A Jounin who teaches Hokage hopefuls. He is sometimes called “The Closet Pervert.”

    Jiraiya-Sama (a.k.a Ero-Sennin) – Jiraiya is one of the three legendary Sannin, who was taught by the Sandaime (the Third). He is a skilled ninja, one of the best and can summon frogs. He is currently teaching Naruto. He has a weak spot for hot girls and likes to peek to get “inspiration” for his books. Don’t let this fool you; he has strength more powerful than most can imagine. Even Itachi fears him.

    Tazumo – A master bridge builder who seeks help to protect himself in the Wave Country from a dangerous businessman named Gatou.

    Kaiza – The “Hero” of the Wave Country, Kaiza came to the land to make a living and eventually married and settled down. He was killed because he stood up and opposed Gatou.

    Tsunami – Daughter of Tazumo and wife of Kaiza, she is Inari’s mother.

    Inari – He is the son of Tsunami. Kaiza is his stepfather. Ever since his stepfather died at the hands of Gatou; he has been down and depressed, accepting his fate and never fighting back. Naruto shows him that there is something worth fighting for. After that Inari becomes a changed person.

    Rock Lee – A Shinobi with no talent whatsoever for Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. So he has to rely on his Taijutsu. Rock Lee is very fast and his Taijutsu is very strong. His rival Neji believes that fate has decided your path. In his philosophy, if you are a dropout, you will stay a dropout. Rock Lee works very hard to try and defeat Neji.

    Hyuuga Neji – The genius from the branch family of the Hyuuga Clan, he has the most talent and ability of the entire clan. But he has a very depressing way of thinking - that you can’t change your life or your fate; that your doomed forever in the state you are at now. He inherited the Byakugan from his clan. The Byakugan allows him to have a view of nearly 360 degrees and he detects enemy attacks with it.

    Tenten – A strong female Shinobi who specializes with weapons. She likes to be around Neji and she has some sort of attraction towards him. She is decent in battle, but once her weapons are nullified she’s as good as dead.

    Yamanaka Ino – The #1 rival of Sakura for Sasuke, she and Sakura have been fighting over Sasuke since the Academy days. Her whole clan specializes in mind confusing/stealing jutsus. She was the strongest genin in Kohona.

    Akimichi Choji – This Shinobi’s clan specializes in jutsus that make you larger. Choji is fat and likes to eat. He especially likes to eat BBQ. His Baika No Jutsu (Double Weight Technique) is a force not to be reckoned with!

    Nara Shikamaru – He is the sort of person that would rather sleep than work. But once he has promised something, he won’t let you down. Shikamaru is extremely smart and has an IQ of over 200! He likes to play shogi (Japanese Chess) and is a brilliant strategist. His whole clan specializes in Shadow techniques.

    Hyuuga Hinata – She is a member of the Head family branch of the Hyuuga Clan. She is very shy and afraid to fight, but she is strong when she does. She has a crush on Naruto, who is too thick-headed to notice. She tries her hardest to change herself. Like Neji, she uses the Byakugan but to a lesser degree of skill.

    Inuzuka Kiba - He smells like a dog, looks like a dog, and acts like one. Guess What? He brawls like a dog. But that doesn't mean he isn't strong. His drawbacks are that he is too bossy and impatient but he packs a ton of power. Sometimes he is so arrogant and overconfident that his teammates hate him! His clan specializes in training dogs to fight.

    Aburame Shino – He is the genius of the Aburame clan - which uses bugs as deadly weapons. He is a very quiet person who keeps to himself and doesn't talk often. Shino is tremendously strong and if those bugs get a hold of you, they may kill you.

    Gemma – The Exam official who is supposedly very strong…nothing really happens and he doesn’t fight Baki.

    Sandaime (The Third)
    – He faces off with Orochimaru and eventually dies while fighting him. The battle is long and intense. It ends with some amazing jutsus and Orochimaru getting his hands sealed.

    Enma (The Monkey King) – Enma was taken from Chinese Lore, pronounced (Sun Wu Kong) in Chinese. He is summoned by the Third and fights Orochimaru with him.

    Tsunade-Sama – The successor to the Third Hokage, she is one of the legendary “Sannin” in the legends of Konoha. Tsunade dislikes aging and does everything possible to stop it, even changing her appearance to that of a 20 year old to look younger and more attractive. On a side note, she has very large breasts, which have nothing to do with her jutsu enhancement. She was once called “flat chested bitch by Jiraiya. Incredibly, they helped her in a battle with Orochimaru’s prot&#233;g&#233; Kabuto. She specializes in medicinal and healing jutsus and has tremendous strength and power. With one blow of her fist she can bust boulders. Since the Third was assassinated, she tries her best to fill his role, despite her constant gambling, drinking and slacking off.

    Shizune – Shizune is Tsunade’s prot&#233;g&#233; and in a way Kabuto’s rival. She looks after Tsunade and is sort of her conscience. She uses senbon needles as her art of attacking similar to Tsunade using dangerous and deadly medical jutsus.

    Momochi Zabuza – He is a Missing-Nin that was part of an assassination squad in the Mist Village. Zabuza is a specialist in silent killing and water jutsus. He has a young prot&#233;g&#233; with an advanced bloodline named Haku. Sorely wounded by Kakashi, Zabuza uses what strength left in him to kill Gatou, while having a bunch of weapons thrust into him by Gatou’s cronies. Perishes after being stuck in the back by various weapons.

    Haku – He is Zabuza’s young prot&#233;g&#233; with very special abilities. This young boy (approximately 16) has an advanced bloodline that allows him many special techniques. Zabuza found him when his father killed. His father killed his mother and had almost killed him. He managed to escape and was found by Zabuza on a bridge while he was looking for food. Zabuza has taught and trained him well to know many techniques, but he was never able to be a true Shinobi. He was killed by protecting Zabuza from Kakashi’s “Lighting Edge.” He perishes by Kakashi’s “Lightning edge” Raikiri attack.

    Gatou – He is a wealthy businessman who has cronies to do his bidding. He is very evil and kills all who stands in his way. He dies by Zabuza’s hand. Gatou is not really a big character. He dies after being stabbed by Zabuza and falling off the imcompleted bridge.

    The Demon Brothers – They are Chuunin class ninja’s who were sent by Gatou to assassinate Tazuna. They are not top class Chuunin since Sasuke, who is a Genin, easily stops them. They have poison in and on their claws. Kakashi eventually kills them. They die after Kakashi strangles them both simultaneously.

    Gaara of the Desert - He has a bloodthirsty nature, believing that he exists only to kill people. The Kazekage made him the Sand's ultimate weapon. He has known no love, no compassion - as his own guardian tried to assassinate him when he was six. Tormented about his existence, he found solace in killing people. Gaara has a peculiar “kanji” or Japanese/Chinese symbol on his head signifying love. It’s a pun of his name, which means death in Japanese. So his name translates literally as “I love death".

    Kankuro – He is Gaara’s older brother. Kankuro has peculiar purple marking on his face. The face paint is in the style of Kabuki. (Kabuki: An old style of Japanese play where the actors say not a word but they use dance, music, and craft to perform.) The masks have thick lines of color, highlighting the eyes, around the cheekbones and across the jaw line. This helps to emphasize the emotional responsiveness of the character (often anger). When a Kabuki mask is colored purple it means: sublimity, nobility, and loftiness. Kankuro has a marionette that he uses to battle with, called Karasu. He hates midgets. Kankuro is quite strong, but he is afraid of offending Gaara, as he would kill him.

    Temari – She is Gaara’s older sister. She is considered attractive by some. She uses a fan to immobilize weapons and to blow them away. Temari is a pretty smart strategist and can be consider one of the top female Genin.

    Zaku – Recruited by Orochimaru as a kid, he has holes in his arms that shoot out chakra in the form of air and sound at amazing power. He gets crippled by Shino in the Prelims and eventually sacrificed by Orochimaru to bring back the 1st Hokage.

    Kin – How she came to Orochimaru is still a mystery. She uses senbon with bells to screw and disrupt the mind. Kin gets beaten by Shikamaru in a very “unique” way and is also eventually sacrificed to bring back the 2nd Hokage.

    Dosu – The strongest in the 3 man group. He uses sound as a weapon that comes out of his arms. He is the only one in the group to win in the Prelims (he beats Choji). Eventually, he foolishly challenges Gaara to a battle on the roof and perishes as a result.

    Baki – He is Gaara, Temari, and Kakuro’s teacher. Be is a highly skilled Jounin specializing in Sand attacks.

    Orochimaru – One of the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru was trained by the Third Hokage. He then turned evil because he wanted power. Orochimaru can summon snakes and seems immortal. When he bites someone he gives the person a cursed seal that sucks chakra out of him or her. They have a 90% chance of dying after being bitten. He impersonates the Kazekage in order to destroy Konoha. Orochimaru has a personal grudge against Konoha. He is classified as an S Class Criminal. He appears from episode 28 and onward.

    The Sand Ninjas – They are sent by the Kazekage who is really Orochimaru to attack Konoha with their allies, the Sound.

    The Sound Ninjas – They are from Orochimaru’s village of the Sound, which he made, and were sent to attack Konoha.

    Shodai-Sama (controlled) – He was the 1st Hokage of Konoha. Orochimaru performed a forbidden jutsu and brought him back to life. The 1st has an amazing jutsu that allows him to make trees rise and seize his enemies. He “died” again after the 3rd sealed him.

    Nidaime-Sama (controlled) – He is the 2nd Hokage. Orochimaru performed a forbidden jutsu and brought him back to life. He specializes in water jutsus. He “died” again after the 3rd sealed him.

    “The Five” – Orochimaru’s henchmen are minions who follow Orochimaru’s command. Each has a Cursed Seal that can go up to level two. Orochimaru has sent them to kidnap Sasuke. Their names are Sakon, Ukon, Tayuya, Kidoumaru and Jiroubou.

    Uchiha Itachi – The famous slayer of the Uchiha clan, whom Sasuke has vowed to kill, returns in episode 80. He is way past Jounin level and easily takes out Kakashi, Kurenai and Asuma. He has come to kidnap Naruto to extract the Kyubi’s Chakra from him.

    Hoshigaki Kisame – A missing Nin of the Village of Mist. Kisame is wanted in various countries including the Water Country. He is one of Seven Shinobi-gatana of the Mist and is a S-Ranked Ninja like Itachi. He wields a big blade called Samehada that shaves instead of cutting like a normal knife. The other ability of the knife is to suck up enemy chakra.

    Kabuto – One of Orochimaru’s primary henchmen, he appeared in Season 2 but is not revealed as a “bad guy” until later. Kabuto was revealed as a spy in Season 3. He then unleashes a hidden talent unknown for a “Genin.” He is clearly more skilled and dangerous then meets the eye. He specializes in medical jutsus and acupuncture pressure points that immobilize his opponents.

    Deidara - recently introduced and is one of the nine members of Akatsuki. He was the one responsible for capturing Gaara. On the middle of his palm, there is a mouth that he uses to produce different kinds of clay. His type of ninjutsu is an art, and he molds his clay into things from transportation to bombs.


    Demon ice mirrors:

    All users of this bloodline are dead so a specific name for this bloodline was never given. The last user of this bloodline was Haku, who was killed early in the series. Some of the special jutsus only performed by carriers of this trait were: Demonic Ice Mirrors and Flying Water Needles. It is believed that this bloodline originated in the Mist Village. Both of these techniques are composed of the element: water. The first technique, Demonic Ice Mirrors, is a move in which the user surrounds the opponent in mirrors made of ice and water. The user can then travel from mirror to mirror attacking the opponent in a way hard to defend. The second technique, Flying Water Needles, is basically what the name tells. The user releases sharp needles of ice at the opponent.


    The Sharingan is probably the most highly feared bloodline and is only available to the noble clan members of Uchiha. Almost all of the clan was wiped out by Uchiha Itachi. Only three carriers of this bloodline remain. These three people are: Uchiha Sasuke, his brother Uchiha Itachi, and Uchiha Sasuke’s teacher, Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi is the only user who did not come from the Uchiha Clan. Kakashi only has the Sharingan in one eye and has used it to copy over 1000 techniques! The Sharingan is a special type of power inside the eyes. It is released through the pupils and requires a great amount of chakra and attention. The Sharingan allows the user to copy and see through all Ninjutsu (Ninja Techniques), Genjutsu (Illusionary Techniques), and Taijutsu (Hand to Hand combat). You can tell if someone is using the Sharingan by the color of the users' eye, which turns red with small black markings.


    The Byakugan is only used in the noble Hyuuga Clan. It is said that the Sharingan is descended directly from the Byakugan. The Byakugan allows the user to see the critical areas and where the chakra is stored in his/her opponent(s). Very rarely can a Byakugan user see the Tenketsu (Chakra holes) and neutralize them, literally stopping their chakra flow and eventually killing the opponent. Hyuuga Neji is one of the few who can do that. One direct hit with the Jyuuken style drains all your chakra and kill you. The Byakugan also allows the user to see almost 360 degrees or panoramic view seeing things from all direction. There are four main users of this very dangerous bloodline and they are: Neji, Hinata, Hinabi, and Hiashi. There is much debate on which is stronger: the Byakugan or the Sharingan.


    The Kaguya Clan were a bunch of warmongers, the only way for them to find peace was to consistently fight and kill. Unfortunately, the clan met their destruction when they declared war on the Hidden Mist Village. It was an impossible war for them. A blood hungry clan against a well organized military was absolutely futile. Their entire clan got murdered like dogs, however, there was a survivor. Kaguya Kimimaro was the last of the clan, at that time he was just a mere child. He and his clan has the ability to manipulate their bone structure. Their advanced bloodline allows them to control the density, shape, and distribution of their bones. They are able to make their bones harder than steel by increasing its density and calcium. They can make their bones as sharp as spears so when attacked, it can be used as a spiked barrier. In their offense, they're able to shoot out bones from their fingertips like bullets. But the Kaguya Clan's most impressive attack lies within their dances
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    Ninja ranks:

    Academy student:
    Becoming an Academy Student is the first step to becoming a professional ninja. Students are taught the basics to become a ninja. Rather than performing missions, all students are trained to master basic techniques and skills. All students enrolled are of very young age. In order to become a Genin, students must pass a comprehensive graduating test. Passing this test gives you all the chance in the world to become a great ninja. It is not very easy to make the cut and many students don't pass. This rank is probably he most crucial stage towards becoming an elite ninja.

    The Genin is considered the lowest rank for a ninja. Most Genin's don't perform missions, but train like academy students. Genin ranked ninjas usually perform harsh labor and dirty work. When put into missions; they usually perform D ranked missions. Every Genin is assigned a Jounin instructor. The Jounin instructor helps train the Genin to become a wise and skilled ninja.

    Chuunin is considered a medium ranked ninja. Only two Genin's become a Chuunin every year, so becoming a Chuunin is not that easy. In this rank you are no longer and follower, but a leader. Becoming a Chuunin allows you to teach lower ranked ninja's and students. Chuunin's are involved in more significant missions opposed to the ones given to the Genin.

    Ninjas who have abandoned their village. As a result, they are marked for death by their village's hunter-nins, who will hunt them ceaselessly until they either die or get their target.

    Ninjas who hunt down missing-nins to protect their village's secrets. They are also special Jounins. Haku is an example of a (former) hunter-nin

    Becoming a Jounin is the highest level ninja you can become; unless you are a Kage. Jounin's are given very intense and serious missions that most of the time include: assassinations. When you become a Jounin, you are assigned three Genins to look over. One part of your duties to help instruct and train these Genins to become great ninjas.

    Special jounins:
    A Jounin that specializes in a specific area of expertise. Morino Ibiki, for example, is head of the Konoha's Interrogation Unit, which is basically torture. Anko is a Special Jounin because of her familiarity with the recent Village of Sound, which Konoha has next to no information about. ANBU teams, which serve as police and assassination squads, are also Special Jounins.

    A specific devision of ninjas designed much like the royal guard of the Hokage. This group performs assasinations, escorts, and act as body guards as well for the current Hokage. Kakashi was once an ANBU member himself.

    Only a few of the highly skilled have become a Kage. Kages are highly respected ninja that perform the most dangerous missions. Usually they hunt down notorious crooks and villains, risking there lives to keep the peace. There is only one Kage per village. When you are a Kage, you are considered the leader or your respected village. You make all the big decisions such as engaging in war or making laws.

    Attack types:

    Genjutsu techniques are mostly illusionary techniques. These techniques cause the opponent to hallucinate and make them think that they see things that are not really there. Genjutsu type techniques are great to use when you are trying to escape or confuse the opposition. While your opponent is confused, you can attack without them knowing where you are.

    Ninjutsu is the art of making hand seals and kneading chakra to perform a jutsu (technique). When you make the appropriate hand seal, your desired technique comes forth! Performing Ninjutsu techniques require full concentration and if interrupted, it will not work. It only takes a few seconds to successfully execute a Ninjutsu technique. Ninjutsu is probably the most used attack type out of the three main categories.

    Taijutsu is hand-to-hand combat. Taijutsu techniques are much faster and complex than other techniques. Taijutsu slowly tires and wears down the opponent. To use Taijutsu to its full effect, you have to train and push your body to its limit. Many people are not willing to do this which is why Taijutsu is the least favored of the 3 main categories. The only person who really dedicated to Taijutsu is Rock Lee, who is unable to perform any Genjutsu or Ninjutsu techniques.

    Doujutsu techniques are performed by the eye. It reads Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu techniques and defeats them. People who perform Doujutsu techniques are usually geniuses. The Sharingan is considered a Doujutsu technique.


    Aburame clan:
    Location: Konoha Village
    Known Members: Aburame Shino, Abruame Shino's Father
    Info: The Abruame Clan is most widely known for it's association with bugs. Once a member is born the bugs are allowed to feed on it's chakra. In exchange, the bugs will help them fight.

    Akimichi clan:
    Location: Konoha Village
    Known Members: Chouji, Chomaru
    Info: This clan includes two of the most obese ninjas in the series. The Akimichi clan specializes in certain techniques and use pills that manipulate their body weight to gain an advantage in battle.

    Haku's clan:
    Location: Mist Village
    Known Members: Haku, Haku's Mother
    Info: This clan was formed in the Mist Village. Not much is known about this clan. Most of the special attacks passed down from this clan has to do with the manipulation of water.

    Hyuuga clan:
    Location: Konoha Village
    Known Members: Hyuuga Hanabi, Hyuuga Hiashi, Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Hizashi, Hyuuga Neji
    Info: The Hyuuga clan is most notably known for it's bloodline: The Byakugan. Hyuuga is one of the longest running clans in the series. This clan is run different than most clans. There are two families of the clan, the head and the branch family. There is much bitterness between them. The branch family is like slaves to the head family. They exist only to protect and sacrifice themselves for the head family. When a branch family member reaches four, they have a seal carved into there forehead which allows the head family to kill them with ease, stopping any revolt.

    Izunuka clan:

    Location: Konoha Village
    Known Members: Akamaru, Inuzuka Kiba
    Info: This clan is known to have connections with canines which is why the members of this clan fight like dogs. Most of the attacks and abilities of these clan members are like duplicates of real dogs.

    Kaguya clan:
    Location: Mist Village
    Known Members: Kaguya Kimimaro
    Info: This clan is known for the ability to re-structure their bones. They can make their bones in their body turn into steel-strong weapons. Most of the members in the clan have been wiped out from battle.

    Nara clan:
    Location: Konoha Village
    Members: Nara Shikamaru
    Info: Members of this clan have the special ability with shadows. They can change their shadows to it follows others and controls their bodies so they emulate the exact movements of the shadow.

    Uchiha clan:
    Location: Konoha Village
    Members: Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke's Father and Mother
    Info: The Uchiha clan is one of the most feared clans. They have been completely decimated from the attack of fellow member Uchiha Itachi. Only he and his younger brother Sasuke remain. Members of the Uchiha clan have the special bloodline: Sharingan. This bloodline of the eyes allows those who carry it to copy attacks.

    Country guide:

    In the series of Naruto there are 10 countries. Every country has their own hidden village. Below you can find a map of each country, as well as information such as: which village belongs to them.

    Every country is named or associated with a certain type of element. Fighters who come from one of those countries usually have special techniques that have to do with their respected element. In the series of Naruto, only 4 main countries are really recognized. These countries are Fire, Water, Sound, and Earth.

    Countries and Villages
    The Earth Country - Hidden Village of Rock
    The Fire Country - Hidden Village of Leaf
    The Grass Country - Hidden Village of Grass
    The Lightning Country - Hidden Village of Cloud
    The Rain Country - Hidden Village of Rain
    The Sound Country - Hidden Village of Sound
    The Wave Country - Hidden Village of Wave
    The Water Country - Hidden Village of Mist
    The Waterfall Country - Hidden Village of Waterfall
    The Wind Country - Hidden Village of Sand
    That's for now, more to be added in the future.

    Mission levels:

    In Naruto, there are many different rankings for missions. The higher the rank you are, the more dangerous and higher level the mission is. Below is a list of the different levels.

    Rank A:
    This type of mission is the most dangerous. Ninjas ranked Jounin or higher are usually assigned to these missions. Very often, if things are very bad you will see a Kage participating. Generally you will not find a ninja of lower rank than Jounin in these types of missions unless it is absolutely necessary. Rank A missions are extremely dangerous and usually there is a death or severe injury as a result of it.

    Rank B: Missions B ranked are not as tough as A ranked missions. The difficulty is still pretty high. Most B ranked missions involve retrieving important documents or protecting someone and taking them to a certain location. Mostly Jounin or Chuunin ranked ninjas perform these types of missions.

    Rank C:
    These types of missions are generally performed by Chuunins. At times you will even see skilled Genins performing missions C ranked. Most C ranked missions involve protecting an elderly or sending/retrieving a document.

    Rank D: D ranked missions are the lowest ranked. These missions are almost all performed by Genins. These missions usually are tedious work or basically useless work. Some missions include: saving an animal, taking out the garbage, walking an animal, or other pointless and boring work. Genins who want to be Chuunins must complete 8 of these missions.

    Fightning styles:

    In the series of Naruto, every ninja is unique. Each has a specific way of fighting or strategy to win. Below are some detailed descriptions of some of the ninja's fighting styles. The information is organized by the Genin teams.

    Hatake Kakashi’s Team

    Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto does not use a favorite fighting style though he leans toward Ninjutsu. His Taijutsu move is his Uzumaki Naruto Combo (a combination Kage Bunshin and a copy of renge). Also when Naruto is in predicaments, he likes to use the Kuchiyose No Jutsu (Summoning technique). It allows him to summon a huge frog for his aid. Usually he just uses a lot of combos with his Kage Bunshin (Shadow Replication), which is his most used technique. Naruto was also uses a very powerful attack called the Rasengan.

    Uchiha Sasuke - He is the Genin Leader of this group and the genius that has the blood of the famous Uchiha clan. He uses his Sharingan to copy any move used against him. This gives him various fighting styles. He favors Ninjutsu over the others, though he has great Taijutsu skills like Rock Lee.

    Haruno Sakura - She has great chakra control so she can deal a fair amount of damage to the opponent by transferring chakra to her hand. She is a Genjutsu expert and can see through almost all Genjutsu techniques. Despite her capabilities, she is thought of as the weakest of her team.

    Maito Gai’s Team

    Rock Lee - Since he can’t do any Ninjutsu (hand seals) or Genjutsu (illusionary) techniques, Rock Lee uses Taijutsu (hand to hand combat) to fight. Rock Lee favors to use the Renge style when in battle. Usually Rock Lee tries to beat his opponents from his speed and quickness advantages.

    Hyuuga Neji - A genius of the branch family of the Hyuuga Clan. He uses the Jyuuken fighting style, which is the strongest Taijutsu in all of Konoha. One of his strongest Taijutsu attacks is the Divination Field, which delivers 64 consecutive strikes to his opponent. Neji also uses his Byakugan to detect the chakra points of his opponents so he knows the areas to attack.

    Tenten - She is one of the best female Genin. She can hit a target in the same place a hundred times. She specializes in weapons and has a Ninjutsu attack called Rising Twin Dragons that launches an array of attacks at her enemies. She is a strong competitor for the 2nd strongest female Genin in Konoha.

    Yuuhi Kurenai’s Team

    Aburame Shino - He is the genius of the Aburame clan, which use Kikai bugs as deadly weapons. He lets the bugs feed on his chakra and then orders them to fight using his mind. The bugs then suck up an opponent’s chakra, making sure the opponent can never fight again. Sometimes if the opponent refuses to give up the bugs will kill the opponent.

    Hyuuga Hinata - She is also of the Hyuuga Clan, but she is from the more elevated class - the Head Family. Hinata can use the Byakugan and fights in the same Jyuuken style as Neji, but much weaker. Hinata likes to follow Naruto's fighting style and she earns a lot from his style of fighting.

    Inuzuka Kiba - He smells like a dog, looks like a dog, and acts like one. Guess what? He also fights like a dog. But that doesn't mean he isn’t strong. His drawbacks are that he is too bossy and impatient. He packs power when he uses his Gujyuu Ninpou Shijayaju no Jutsu (Beast Mimicry Technique) and his combo with Akamaru using food pills, which double their chakra for a while and use an attack called Gatsuuga, or Double Fang Destroyer!

    Sarutobi Asuma's Team
    Yamanaka Ino - She is the strongest female ninja in Konoha. Her technique, Shinteshin No Jutsu (Mind Stealing Technique) has been past down in her family from generation to generation. Using it, she becomes a worthy opponent to watch out for in battle.

    Nara Shikamaru - He knows only one technique but its a good one. Ninpou, Kage Mane no Jutsu! (Ninja Technique, Shadow Mimicry). His whole clan specializes in these techniques which have been past down from generation to generation. It allows him to make his opponent imitate him. He has an IQ of over 200 that allows him to think at a lightning fast speed and use the surrounding landscape to his advantage.

    Akimichi Choji - He likes eating and is fat, so this why Baika No Jutsu (Double Weight Technique) and "Meat Tank" is perfect for him. It allows him to turn into a huge ball and smash his opponents! Choji's technique has been passed down by his clan, which specializes in size changing techniques and special food pills.


    The summoning techniques in Naruto require the user to sign an ancient scroll in their own blood and end the signature with a handprint, also in their blood. As the series progresses, we see more and more characters performing the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (summoning technique) and each character seems to have their own animal. As of now the species we have seen in the series include snakes, frogs, slugs, spiders, dogs, monkeys, turtles, weasels, resurrected humans, an inanimate gate, a sword and blind humanoid guardians. Below is a listing of the summons already seen in the series in order by animal.


    3-Headed Snake - This snake, like most of the snakes seen in the series is gigantic but is has 3 heads. It was summoned during the attack on Konoha by the multiple sound/sand shinobis.

    Manda - Manda is the leader of all snakes and was summoned by Orochimaru and Kabuto during the senin battle. This seems to be the only snake-summon able
    to talk as well as the only one with a horned head. Manda is extremely bossy and demands that Orochimaru give him living sacrifices each time he is summoned.

    Common Snake - This is Orochimaru's common unnamed snake summon. The first common snake was summoned by Orochimaru during the Chuunin Exams to distract Naruto so there would be no trouble while Orochimaru gave Sasuke the curse seal.

    Snake Hand - This snake summon was used by Anko during the Chuunin exams. A trio of small snakes extends from the users arm and attacks.


    Common Frog
    - This is more or less Jiraiya's helper frog or possibly his look out frog. It was seen facing the open area while Jiraiya was peeping at the women in the hot springs. This frog has no specified name.

    Demolisher Frog - This gigantic frog was summoned by Jiraiya to help defend Konoha during the Sound/Sand invasion and also made an appearance at the hospital when Jiraiya came to tell Naruto about the intensive 3 year training he was taking him on.

    Gamabunta - Gamabunta is the king of all frogs. He was summoned by the 4th Hokage to battle the Kyuubi, by Jiraiya when the 3 Senins battled, and by Naruto during his teaching of the Kuchiyose no Jutsu and battle against Shukaku.

    Gamakichi - Extremely small compared to the other frog summons, Gamakichi is the son of Gamabunta and was summoned by Naruto when he attempted to summon Gamabunta during the Shukaku fight.

    Gamatatsu - Gamatatsu is another extremely small frog. He is the son of Gamabunta and brother of Gamakichi. He was accidentally summoned by Naruto during
    the fight with Shukaku. It is safe to say, he is the dumbest of the frogs.


    - Assumed to be the queen of all slugs, she was summoned by Tsunade during the Senin battle. Katsuya has the ability to split off bits of her own body to form miniature versions of herself. If she is hit hard enough, she can turn her entire body into hundreds of miniature versions of herself instantly.


    - Enma is the monkey king and is able to transform into a large length-altering staff. He was summoned by Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage, during the invasion of Konoha in the epic battle between him and his former student, Orochimaru.


    Kidoumaru's Spider
    - This large spider was summoned by the 6-armed Kidoumaru of the Sound Five. It has the ability to summon its own army of little spiders.


    Dog Pack
    - A pack of about 7 or 8 dogs summoned by Kakashi during the Zabuza saga and again during the Sasuke chase. These dogs help Kakashi fight by holding down the enemy to give him a clear shot and help Kakashi track down other people. Each dog wields a cape with Japanese letters that forms a facial expression.

    - Pakkun is the smallest of the dog pack and the only one capable of talking. Kakashi summoned him separately from the dog pack to help Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru track down Sasuke and Gaara during the invasion of Konoha. He was the first of the dogs to track the scent of Sasuke during the Sasuke chase.


    Nin Kame
    - A Normal-sized turtle summoned by Gai, Nin Kame is able to talk and seems to direct Lee when Gai is not around.


    Kirikiri Mai
    - Kirikiri Mai is a weasel-like creature that is summoned by Temari during the fight with Tayuya. It can fly and carries a sickle that cuts everything in its path. This creature was actually taken straight from Japanese mythology.


    - Orochimaru uses a forbidden summoning technique to resurrect humans. This summoning requires a human sacrifice for each person resurrected. The resurrected humans have no mind of their own, they are completely under the control of the one who summoned them and the only thing left of their mind is the Jutsu's and other skills they learned while they were alive. Orochimaru summoned both the 1st and 2nd Hokage in his fight with the Sarutobi (the 3rd) and attempted to summon the 4th but Sarutobi stopped his coffin from opening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by secret_toad
    anyone wants to tell me the orgin if the orange sharingan?
    Examune's curse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Overlord_Julian
    Yea , nice info...

    Hmm , i wish he did a bio on Yondaime

    Hokage, Fourth

    The Fourth HokageName: Unknown
    Age: ? (deceased)
    Rank: Hokage2
    Height: 179.2 cm2
    Weight: 66.1 kg2
    Birthday: January 25
    Blood Type: B
    Registration #: ?
    Unique traits: Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere), Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique) (Toads), Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique)

    The Fourth Hokage (四代目火影, Yondaime Hokage), also known as "The Leaf's Yellow Flash" (木ノ葉の黄色い閃光, "Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō"), was the brave ninja responsible for sealing the Kyūbi inside Naruto. He is said to be the greatest ninja Konoha had ever produced. He is remembered for his heroic acts through the monument which overshadows Konoha. Before he performed the seal, which would trap the Kyūbi, he said that he did not want Naruto to be viewed as the container of a monster, but as a hero who saved the village from annihilation (the Kyūbi still lives inside Naruto). He was a student of Jiraiya, and was the sensei of Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito, and Rin.

    The Fourth shares many similarities with Naruto, including blond hair, blue eyes, the same blood type (B), and overall similar personalities as noted by Jiraiya (though he also notes that the Fourth was much smarter, relatively speaking). Naruto is also noted to be the Fourth's legacy by Uchiha Itachi. Furthermore, when he was trying to force Naruto to release his Kyūbi chakra, Jiraiya pushed Naruto off of a cliff, saying "Forgive me, Fourth" as he did so. All this has led to speculation that the Fourth may in fact be Naruto's father, but the series itself has not been forthcoming on either the Fourth's background or Naruto's parentage.

    The Fourth created several unique techniques, including Hiraishin no Jutsu, which essentially allows him to teleport to any location with the use of a special seal. He also created the Rasengan, a technique that does not rely on hand seals, but instead uses a concentration of spinning chakra in the palm that causes immense damage to its victim on contact.


    According to chapter 92, page 18, of the Naruto manga, the given name before the place where Naruto inscribes his own is translated as "Kayaku". It is believed that this may be the Fourth's real name, but it can't be proven. The English manga also states in chapter 96 that the names are of Jiraiya, the Fourth Hokage, and Naruto. It is the same writing as in chapter 92.


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    The Sound Five included Kimimaro
    The Sound Four does not

    also some info on the teams is good to have too
    such as Gais Taijutsu Team
    Kurenais Hunter/Tracking Team
    Asumas (i dont know the exact word, but its like a confusion type team) Disabling/Infiltrating Team (also state that the members of the team form the Ino-Shika-Cho combination, a combination thats been going on for 2 generations)
    Kakashis Balenced Team (where each specialized in a bit in everything)

    Fuin Jutsus - Sealing Techniques, they seem to be in a class of thier own

    Root - A division of ANBU thats run by Danzo, a division that tends to oppose the hokage, and Danzo has his own visions as to how the country should be run

    Nara Family - Family of Deerherders

    and awesome job overall yo

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    Default real ninjutsu on youtube

    you should get to know more about real ninjas

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    Default Databooks!

    Cleaned scans are here:

    Translations are here:

    Enjoy and quote for future discussions.

    Everyone that hasn't read this should before they post arguments that involve technical aspects of the narutoverse, specifically involving jutsus, I’m looking at you Theory of the fourth’s Speed…

    Not all of the pages are translated but most of the important ones are.

    Note that this post was blatantly abused and placed here by me, not adonai, since I felt it was useful to have in this thread.

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    The Great Naruto Timeline

    The dates in this timeline use as reference what is probably the most significant event to occur in the Narutoverse to this point: the defeat of the Kyuubi. Thus, years marked as "BK" mean "Before Kyuubi", and those marked as "AK" are "After Kyuubi". The year 0 AK is the year in which the Kyuubi was defeated. Capice?

    The databook is theoretically accurate up until the death of the Third Hokage; however, this produces a lot of conflicts of graduation age versus actual age. Look at Kiba's entry, for instance; it says he graduated at 12 (the Konoha rookies graduated 15 October) and is still 12 as of Sandaime's death (he was killed on 11 August of the next year). Kiba's birthday is 7 July. Something doesn't add up. Therefore, I just took all the databook's listed ages as being accurate to THE FIFTEENTH OF OCTOBER, 12 AK - the date the Genins graduate from the academy, and ostensibly the beginning of the series. Note that Hyuuga Hinata is an exception to this rule - this is necessary for the Hyuuga clan timeline to make sense.

    Dates marked such as "2 BK ~ 0 AK" mean that the indicated events occur at some point during the listed interval. The events are, however, listed in chronological order within the time.

    Corrections and modifications are welcome in the form of replies to this thread; I'll be updating the timeline as new or more correct information comes to light. For real, if you guys noticed a calendar or something somewhere that gives an accurate date on anything, let me know and I'll edit this so it's as accurate as possible. Particular help wanted on Team Shikamaru's mission - I'm seriously too tired to go sifting through that section of manga to hunt down a time reference. ^.^ Hope you find this useful.

    56 BK
    8 February - Sandaime Sarutobi is born.

    48 BK
    Shodaime and Nidaime found Konoha, the Village of the Hidden Leaf.

    39 BK
    Tsunade is born.
    27 October - Orochimaru is born.
    11 November - Jiraiya is born.

    29 BK
    8 January - Hyuuga Hiyashi and Hyuuga Hizashi are born.

    17 BK
    17 July - Shiranui Genma is born.

    16 BK
    8 March - Ebisu is born.
    26 August - Momochi Zabuza is born.
    18 October - Sarutobi Asuma is born.
    21 October - Mizuki is born.

    15 BK
    20 March - Morino Ibiki is born.
    11 June - Yuuhi Kurenai is born.

    14 BK
    1 January - Maito Gai is born.
    15 September - Hatake Kakashi is born.

    13 BK
    26 May - Umino Iruka is born.
    24 October - Mitarashi Anko is born.

    12 BK
    2 November - Gekkou Hayate is born.

    7 BK
    29 February - Yakushi Kabuto born.

    5 BK
    14 February - Ayame born.
    9 June - Uchiha Itachi is born.

    3 BK
    9 January - Haku is born.
    23 August - Temari is born.

    2 BK
    Mitarashi Anko becomes a Genin at age 10, begins receiving training from Orochimaru.
    15 May - Kankuro is born.
    12 June - Dosu Kinuta is born.
    6 July - Kin Tsuchi is born.
    14 September - Zaku Abumi is born.
    27 November - Rock Lee is born.

    1 BK
    9 March - Tenten is born.
    3 July - Hyuuga Neji is born.

    2 BK ~ 0 AK
    Orochimaru leaves Konoha village.
    Uchiha Obito is killed. Hatake Kakashi acquires the Sharingan.
    Yondaime is officially made the Fourth Hokage.

    0 AK
    19 January - Gaara is born.
    23 January - Aburame Shino is born.
    28 March - Haruno Sakura is born.
    1 May - Akimichi Chouji is born.
    7 July - Inuzuka Kiba is born.
    23 July - Uchiha Sasuke is born.
    22 September - Nara Shikamaru is born.
    23 September - Yamanaka Ino is born.
    10 October - Uzumaki Naruto is born. The Kyuubi is defeated. Yondaime is killed.
    27 December - Hyuuga Hinata is born.

    3 AK
    27 December - Hyuuga Hinata turns 3. Hyuuga Neji, as a member of the Hyuuga Branch House, receives the Hyuuga Bunke Juinjutsu.
    30 December - Konohamaru is born.
    Sinobi Gashir of the Hidden Cloud attempts to abduct Hyuuga Hinata.
    Hyuuga Hizashi is killed in place of Hyuuga Hiyashi.
    The Cloud and the Leaf achieve peace.

    5 AK
    7 March - Hyuuga Hanabi is born.

    8 AK
    9 June - Uchiha Itachi turns 13.
    June ~ July - The Uchiha clan is slaughtered by Uchiha Itachi.
    23 July - Uchiha Sasuke turns 8.

    9 AK
    7 July - Akamaru is born.

    11 AK
    October - Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, and Tenten graduate from the academy.

    12 AK
    10 October - Uzumaki Naruto turns 12.
    15 October - Series start. The Konoha Rookie Nine, including Uzumaki Naruto, officially graduate from the Academy.

    13 AK
    March~May: Team 7 is ordered to escort and assist Tazuna. Haku and Zabuza are fought and killed.
    1 July - Chuunin Written Exam is held.
    2 July - Chuunin Field Exam in the Forest of Death begins.
    3 July - Orochimaru attacks Sasuke, and marks him with the Tenfuuin.
    4 July - Fight with Dosu Kinuta and his team.
    7 July - Chuunin Field Exam ends. Preliminary Chuunin Tournament is held. Zaku Abumi and Kin Tsuchi are killed.
    July ~ August - Dosu Kinuta is killed. Gekkou Hayate is killed. Uzumaki Naruto learns to summon Gamabunta.
    11 August - Chuunin tournament is held. Sandaime Sarutobi is killed.
    13 August - Sandaime Sarutobi's funeral is held.
    ~27 August - Itachi and Kisame arrive in Konoha. Jiriaya and Naruto leave to find Tsunade. Kakashi and Sasuke put into comas from Itachi's Tsukiyomi.
    28 August - Naruto begins training the Rasengan
    29 August - Morning - Naruto completes part one of training; begins part two.
    30 August - Naruto completes part two of training. Tanzaku Castle Destroyed by Orochimaru. Naruto begins part three of training. Naruto accepts Tsunade's challenge.
    6 September - Sannin fight occurs. Naruto first uses the Rasengan.
    7 September - Tsunade arrives in Konoha, officially becomes Godaime Hokage. Shikamaru promoted to Chuunin.
    8 September - Naruto and Sasuke fight on the rooftop. Sasuke invited to join Sound. Sasuke leaves with the Sound Four.
    9 September - Team Shikamaru forms, begins "rescue Sasuke" mission. Lee undergoes surgery. Chouji and Neji's battles occur.
    10 September - Kimimaro appears and the remainder of fights occur. Sasuke and Naruto fight at the Valley of the End. Chouji and Neji undergo surgery. Sakura begins training under Tsunade.
    December - Naruto leaves Konoha to train with Jiraya.

    15 AK
    3 July - Hyuuga Neji turns 16.
    7 July - Inuzuka Kiba turns 15.
    23 July - Uchiha Sasuke turns 15.
    23 August - Temari turns 18. (Sweet.)
    15 September - Hatake Kakashi turns 29.
    22 September - Nara Shikamaru turns 15.
    23 September - Yamanaka Ino turns 15.
    10 October - Uzumaki Naruto turns 15.
    27 November - Rock Lee turns 17.
    27 December - Hyuuga Hinata turns 15.
    30 December - Konohamaru turns 12.

    1 January - Maito Gai turns 30.
    19 January - Gaara turns 16.
    23 January - Aburame Shino turns 16.
    9 March - Tenten turns 17.
    28 March - Haruno Sakura turns 16.
    1 May - Akimichi Chouji turns 16.
    15 May - Kankuro turns 18.
    26 May - Umino Iruka turns 29.
    9 June - Uchiha Itachi turns 21.
    June - Naruto returns to Konoha after two and a half years of training.

    This is not made by me (

    There is also this
    Which is also made by someone else which goes into more detail


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