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Thread: Weezer

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    I really love Weezer, I think 'In the Garage' is my favorite song by them and 'Buddy Holly' too. I love the Blue Album.

    I actually quite like 'Make Believe', though definately less so than some of thier previous albums. I think my favorite song is 'The Other Way' only because I can really relate to it

    I wouldn't discredit 'We Are All On Drugs' so much though, true it isn't a great song by any means, but I think it is a pretty good observation of things... it seems to be refering to more than just the 'illegal substances' that people often abuse, but more the things that we depend on to get through tough times but that can also lead to downfall if we are overcome by them.

    Ahahaha, then again, songs have a different meaning for everyone, that's just what I picked up from it
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    I like to hear Island in The Sun...
    And like wacthing its first videoclip too...

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    i think that song with the girl singer and the band being named "weeze" was funny...

    forget the name though...
    (sorry im not a big fan. i have maladroit and it was BAAD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakparade
    I like to hear Island in The Sun...
    And like wacthing its first videoclip too...
    Oooh! You mean the wedding one? Or the animal one? I love the animal Island in the Sun video Brian is so adorable. I borrowed the Weezer DVD from my friend, and I watched that video over and over and over...

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    I adore Weezer.
    My favorite song would have to be " Keep Fishing "
    I love that video too, the little muppet people. AHH. Love them, too.
    In any case, most of their new stuff hasn't been that bad.
    But I'll admit that " We are all on drugs " isn't my FAVORITE song, but they wrote it for a reason.. every song has a reason/meaning.
    Even if isn't " deep " and " really makes you think ", it has a meaning.
    I really like " Perfect Situation ", I don't know why but I always find myself getting excited about it being on the radio.
    I don't own the new record, I don't plan on buying it anytime soon either. I'll wait. BIDE MY TIME. orsomething. >_>;
    How do you piss off an indie rock snob?
    I dunno, how?
    You actually enjoy music..


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