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Thread: Need Help

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    Aikido is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    hmm... well, you did say you like everthing... and everyone seems to be throwing out the crazy music. so ill provide an alternative. i know that i cant listen to that kind of music all the time.
    im going to suggest some instrumental guitarists for ya. being that the genre is relatively obscure and small, a lot of that type of music may be hard to find. This is a pretty wide mix, now that I look at it. If theres stuff on here you cant find, feel free to IM me on AIM, and ill set you up.
    Joe Satriani
    Justin King
    Doug Mikula
    Gackt -- i didnt notice if you had him on there or not
    Al DiMeola
    Alter Bridge
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Chic Corea
    Dave Brubeck
    Jeff Beck
    John Mayer
    Time Lapse Consortium
    Miles Davis
    Samurai Champloo OST
    The Pillows
    The Unicorns
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Zero 7

    hmm, quite the list. Like i said, feel free to IM me, ill send some of it your way if you want. And yes, i know you said write three or four, and mention songs, but im not that zealous, and the mix in there is just spanning a huge number of genres. so, feel free to ignore if you want, but i can garuntee that its your loss.

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    boatswain is offline Senior Member Regular
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    Try The Strokes and Coldplay; they are pretty good bands in my opinion. The Strokes might appeal to you more though, seeing that you are more of a harder rock fan. Coldplay is softer.
    The Beatles rule too =D

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    hairy_3y3s is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Nov 2005


    dont like the new cold play love the rest though.
    hmm top of my head: orange range
    alice in chains
    smashing pumpkins
    test icicles

    milk it by nirvana kick ass
    and snakecharmer by RATM

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    Sensimilija is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    As for your hip-hop taste the only thing I could suggest right now is Necro and Immortal Techinque
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    I think it was Aikido who suggested Gorillaz, and I definitely agree. Some good ones to try are "Feel Good Inc.", "Clint Eastwood", and "DARE". Well, there's lots of good ones but those are the ones that come to mind first.

    As for Led Zeppelin, I suggest Rock and Roll, Communication Breakdown, Kashmir, and Immigrant Song. I really like the Immigrant Song, it's damn catchy. Okay, as far as the Beatles go, I'd try Come Together and Eleanor Rigby, because seem to be pretty dark for songs by the Beatles.

    Meh, these are just some suggestions. If you don't use em, I won't be offended :P

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    altealice is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Tool.. a perfect circle.. foo fighters.. the white stripes.. radiohead.. coheed and cambria.. franz ferdinand..
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    Aikido is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Sep 2005


    does tevesh exist? give us some feedback on some of the stuff you've checked out!

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    Tevesh is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    I haven't responded in a while because a variety of events. But I have now.

    I do not find random naming of bands to be helpful. You are throwing out suggestions, and I simply become confused because I do not know which song to go and try first. Some awesome bands, such as System of a Down, need to be 'broken in' before they can be enjoyed. For example, I had to listen to Chop Suey before I liked the rest of SoaD.

    Sensimilija's method to suggest music was amazing, especially considering that Necro and Immortal Technique are incredable. He pointed out bands that are enjoyable and excellent by looking at what I liked and connected the two. The mishmash isn't helpful, but suggestions like "Mars Volta" is like SYL but with rock instead of Metal or the simple "I can only recommend Necro and Immortal Technique based upon you liking Swollen Members".

    You know my list, you see what I like. Expand. I have got a lot of music as well from the website:

    But I'd like recommendations from humans than some computer. It also recommends obscure stuff that's impossible to find off of P2P. As well, if I say a certain band is amazing (such as Mars Volta), feel free to suggest some of your favourites.

    I haven't completed suggetions that were good, but here's a general idea of what I liked:
    Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister
    Death from Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
    Death from Above 1979 - Blood on Our Hands
    Controller Controller - History
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under the Bridge
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Scar Tissue
    Mars Volta - Inertiatic Esp
    Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns
    Mars Volta - Widow
    Rage Against the Machine - How I Could Just Kill a Man
    Rage Against the Machine - Maggie's Farm
    Rage Against the Machine - Snake Charmer
    Necro - Beautiful Music for You to Die To
    Necro - Bury You with Satan
    Helmet - Unsung
    Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child
    Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
    Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll
    Immortal Technique - Freedom of Speech
    Immortal Technique - Industrial Revolution
    Immortal Technique - Leaving the Past
    Immortal Technique - Point of No Return
    Immortal Technique - The Prophecy
    Immortal Technique - Speak Your Mind
    Kamelot - Center of the Universe
    Kamelot - Edge of Paradise
    Kamelot - Feast for the Vain
    Kamelot - Karma
    Kamelot - March of Mephisto
    Kamelot - Wander
    Kamelot - When the Lights are Down

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    Gibwy is offline Senior Member Regular
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    I see that you liked some of my suggestions
    Here are some more:
    Controller Controller - Watch; you already know this band but i just like this song
    Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home; a rock band, the singer as a strange voice like the one in Mars Volta although it is not the same style of music, not as "wicked" lol
    Melissa Auf Der Maur - Followed the Waves; rock, not sure if you're gonna like this one >_>
    Memory Bank - All the things; rock band again
    The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers; garage rock i guess, some weird music
    Bloc Party - Helicopter; garage rock
    I tried my best to describe the songs/band... Hope you'll like it

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    Tevesh is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Before I wander off and get more suggestions, can you also recommend more Mars Volta? Or are they like a one trick horse for you?


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