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    Default Music Request Thread

    A lot of the threads in this section came from people requesting music,so I figured there should be a single place where people could do it instead of creating small threads for single songs. To start it of I keep hearing this song on the radio but can't pinpoint the band. The chorus was something like "Amen is gone" and some of the lyrics were "They stick it in your face and show you what the consider wrong." I remember the bassline was very similar to Godsmacks Vampires if that helps. I already Googled it so if anybody now the song it would be much appreceated.

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    Radiostations should tell us wtf they're playing more often.
    Currently playing Akatsuki no Goei

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    you sure about the lyric? That sounds way too much like Filter
    "...they'd stick it in your face
    and let you smell what they consider wrong."
    I'd download Godsmack to check the bassline but I'm too lazy.

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    Ya... that sounds like Filter. Song is 'Hey Man Nice Shot'. Bassline is kind of close between the two if I remeber right (don't have the filter album). Pretty good memory when it comes to rock music. I think that the lyrics you were going for is 'A Man, has gun' (that's the filter lyrics anyway).

    And an amen to ApocalypticARK. If I am near a phone, I do not hesitate to call the DJ and say, "What the fuck did you just play, man?" They will tell you instantly. Sometimes I leave a jab in there about not listing the songs they play if I don't think that the anger of the previous statement got through my point to them.

    When that song first came out, in Michigan there was a version of it that had the annoucers voices of Detroit RedWings games laid over the top. It was back in the day as I remember one of the annoucnments was "And Dino Cicarelli SCORES!!!!" while the singer was screaming "Nice Shot!". If anyone knows where I could find that version of the song, I would really appreciate it. Not that big a deal though.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    This one is going to be tough, as the song I'm thinking of is a few years old.

    A Australian friend recommended this song to me a few years ago, and I liked it but my HDD got wiped so I don't have it anymore. The point? It could be an aussie band.

    The group's name is somewhere in the A range, but I can't remember. The lyrics were something about 'torrent of hate' or tornado or avalance; something. It sounded like KMFDM meets Korn, less techno than KMFDM but a bit more angst.

    Thanks for any help.




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