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    Default Festivals

    As the title says, this is for pretty much any festival talk. For example which have you been to/which are your prefered to go to? Do you plan on going to this summer ? Any crazy stories to tell ? That kind of thing.

    Personally the only experience I have with festivals is Download festival at Donnington Park(it's in the UK). I went last year, and as I assume most first time festival experiences are, it was, overall, awesome. First off Metallica were headling, a band I'd been waiting to see since I developed an interest in music. They were fucking incredible live, everything I could of hoped for. They played the entirety of probably their most popular album from front to back, due to it being the 20th anniversary of its release. It was also the one and only time in my life I've crowdsurfed (I hadn't had any water that day (it was ridiculously hot) and had been at the front of the heaving crowd for about six hours waiting for Metallica) and it was both surreal and awesome. It also prompted me to discover quite a few new bands the entire atmosphere (mostly) was excellent.

    There were a couple of shitty things, such as the price of the bottles of water. It was blisteringly hot, yet shitty little 250 ml bottles of water cost at least 2.00 each, meaning you'd usually end up spending at least between 10 to 16 a day on water alone (I think that works out as $20 to $30). Some of the people I went with also seemed more bothered about just getting pissed than seeing bands too, but I think they'd been to a couple of festivals before so maybe the novelty had worn off or something. Oh and the riots on the last night were a bit shite but that was a one off I'd assume.

    As far as this year goes, I doubt I'll be going to any due in part to lack of money and also because the line ups of the festivals near me don't look too promising for my tastes.

    Anyways what about you people ?

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    I always try to catch the Siren music festival in NYC... it's a bunch of indie bands you've never heard of, but there's usually a few quite good ones. And it's at Coney Island, and any excuse to spend a day chilling at coney island is a good excuse. Love that place.
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    Well I have been to NovaRock (Austria) last year, it was my 3rd festival^^, Metallica were also headling but to be honest i dont like them very much i even managed to fall asleep during their 2,5h concert...i m more the black/death metal guy
    Anyway you were able to buy food and drinks for extremely high prices...or you took everything you need form home with you. 10L of beer were a heavy burden but we managed to defend it and of course drink it.
    I also know some guys who attend a festival not to see the bands but to feel the special atmosphere there.
    This summer i am going to visit Wacken in Germany...
    Festivals are just great




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