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    Default Your life soundtrack...

    Simply choose a song for each title.
    like so...
    Feel free to put reasons for your choices.

    Opening Credits - Alter Bridge - Metalingus

    Waking Up Scene - Placebo - Haemoglobin

    Getting Ready Scene - Pink - U and Ur Hand

    Car Driving Scene - Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell

    High School Flashback Scene - The Beatles - Twist and Shout

    Nostalgic Scene - Linkin Park - Breaking The Habbit

    Angry Scene - Audioslave - Set It

    Agony, Painful Scene - 36 crazyfists - Aurora

    Break-up Scene - Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know

    Sad, Breakdown Scene - Alter Bridge - Broken wings

    Nightclub/Dance Scene - No Doubt - Hella Good

    Buddy/Sidekick Scene - Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

    Dreaming of Someone Scene - Snow Patrol - Chasing cars

    Contemplation Scene - Chris Cornell - Can't change me

    Love Scene - Savage Garden - I knew i loved you

    Sex Scene - Guns n Roses - Anything goes

    Relaxing Scene - Frou Frou - Let go

    Action/Fight Scene - Audioslave - Show Me how To Live

    Victory Scene - Rocky - Eye Of The Tiger

    Closing Credits - Foo fighters - Hero

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    Being in toilet - Metalica - Enter the Sandman
    Studying for exams - Loituma - Levas Polka
    talking with your ex-girlfriend - Puddle of mud - She fucking hates me

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    Valleyman is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Opening Credits= Sonic Youth-Schizophrenia
    Waking Up Scene= The Meat Puppets-Plateau
    Getting Ready Scene= Radiohead-There There
    Car Driving Scene= Depeche Mode- Behind the Wheel
    High School Flashback Scene- Tool-Aenima
    Nostalgic Scene= Pavement-Silence Kit
    Angry Scene= Helmet-Bad Moon
    Agony, Painful Scene= Bob Dylan-Shelter From the Storm
    Break Up Scene= Beck-Lost Cause
    Sad, Breakdown Scene= Bob Dylan-Ballad in Plain D
    Nightclub/Dance Scene= None(doesn't happen)
    Buddy/Sidekick Scene= The Dead Kennedys- Stealing Peoples Mail
    Dreaming of Someone Scene= Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
    Contemplation Scene= Beethoven- Sonata 14(Movement 1)
    Love Scene= Robert Johnson- Kind Hearted Women Blues
    Sex Scene= Led Zepplin- Kashmir
    Relaxing Scene= The Meat Puppets- Climbing
    Victory Scene= Alice In Chains- Real Thing
    Closing Credits= Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man

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    ulirat is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    probably that nine inch nails song that goes:"trying to save myself but myself keeps slipping"

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    animemonster is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    under the ice


    Opening Credits - "Carr on Wayward Son" Kansas
    Waking Up Scene - "Brain Stew" Green Day
    Getting Ready Scene - "Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd
    Car Driving Scene - "Highway to Hell" AC/DC
    High School Flashback Scene - "In the End" Linkin Park
    Nostalgic Scene - "Antinostalgic" Gravitation
    Angry Scene - "$ocial Riot Machine$" Gazette
    Agony, Painful Scene - "Emotionless" Good Charlotte
    Break-up Scene - "I Will Play My Game Beneathe the Spin Light" Brand New
    Sad, Breakdown Scene - "Land of Confusion" Disturbed
    Nightclub/Dance Scene - "Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz
    Buddy/Sidekick Scene - "Balloons" DBSK
    Dreaming of Someone Scene - "Iris" Goo Goo Dolls
    Contemplation Scene - "One Last Breath" Creed
    Love Scene - "Mizerable" Gackt
    Sex Scene - "Master of Puppets" Metallica
    Relaxing Scene - "Pinball Wizard" The Who
    Action/Fight Scene - "Hells Bells" AC/DC
    Victory Scene - "Iron Man" Black Sabbath
    Closing Credits - "The Wall" Kansas

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    Mooch is offline Senior Member Regular
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    Nov 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by animemonster View Post
    Opening Credits - "Carr on Wayward Son" Kansas
    Hell yeah! That song rocks!

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    In good ol' Germany


    Opening Credits - Iron Maiden - The Ides of March

    Waking Up Scene - Iron Maiden - Wrathchild

    Getting Ready Scene - Black Sabbath - Neon Knights

    Car Driving Scene - Manowar - Return of the Warlord

    High School Flashback Scene - Helloween - The game is on

    Nostalgic Scene - Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation(Mother Earth)

    Angry Scene - Immortal - Grimm and Frostbiten Kingdome

    Agony, Painful Scene - Rhapsody - Virgin Skies

    Break-up Scene - Gamma Ray - Lust For Life

    Sad, Breakdown Scene - Saxon - Broken Heroes

    Nightclub/Dance Scene - AC/DC - WHole Lotta Rosie

    Buddy/Sidekick Scene - Iron Maiden - Losfer Words

    Dreaming of Someone Scene - Mahou Sensei Negima OST - Amegari no thenshi

    Contemplation Scene - Ozzy - Mr. Crowley

    Love Scene - Aerosmith - Angel

    Sex Scene - Franky Goes to Hollywood - Power of love

    Relaxing Scene - Helloween - Gorgar

    Action/Fight Scene - Helloween - Victim of Fate

    Victory Scene - Accept - Bound to Fail

    Closing Credits - Hear n Aid - Stars
    Take my hand and we'll be Kings
    We'll be racing on the winds.
    Come with me we'll fly away
    We will reach another day.
    Thunderpriest - Fly away

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    JamesEarlJones is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Paranaque, Philippines


    birth- i want to break free- queen
    happiness- peace of mind- boston
    sadness- silence is broken- damn yankees
    stoned- dream police/ layla- cheap trick/ derek and the dominos
    driving- panama- van halen
    battle scene- the trooper- iron maiden
    victory scene- jump- van halen
    sex scene- sexual healing- marvin gaye
    meeting new people- who are you- the who
    oppressed- my generation/ youth gone wild- the who/ skid row
    horny- love gun- kiss
    motivated- right now- van halen
    feeling accomplished- stars- hear n' aid
    drunk- sweet home alabama- lynard skynard
    sleepy- oh lately it's so quiet- ok go
    in love- i want you to want me- cheap trick
    constipated- holy diver- dio
    smoking- sweet leaf- black sabbath
    in a concert- crazy nights- loudness
    been cheated on- let it go- loudness
    driving fast- burn/highway star- deep purple
    made a big mistake- everything i do i to it for you- bryan adams (pun intended)
    hungover- mrs. robinson- simon & garfunkel
    depressed- god gave rock n'roll to you II- kiss
    end credits- definately maybe- jeff beck

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    with my dear


    Opening Credits - A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless
    Waking Up Scene - Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
    Car Driving Scene - Coldplay - High Speed
    High School Flashback Scene - The Ramones - Rock And Roll High School
    Nostalgic Scene - Depeche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself
    Angry Scene - Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
    Agony, Painful Scene - Placebo & David Bowie - Without You I'm Nothing
    Break-up Scene - Depeche Mode - Leave In Silence
    Sad, Breakdown Scene - Placebo - Leni
    Nightclub/Dance Scene - Depeche Mode - Martyr
    Dreaming of Someone Scene - Placebo - Passive Agressive
    Love Scene - Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Sex Scene - Placebo - Bubblegum
    Relaxing Scene - Depeche Mode - Blue Dress
    Action/Fight Scene - Gravel - Aš Išpjoviau Tavo Širdį (I've cut your heart out)
    Victory Scene - The Mars Volta - Tarantism
    Closing Credits - Placebo - Song To Say Goodbye
    If you deny this, then it's your fault.
    That God's in Crisis, he's over.
    Every time I rise I see you falling.
    Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?

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    hinata-ahh is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Ichiraku ramen, The Hidden Village of Konoha. Just a blocks away from Ninja Academy


    Waking Up Scene : Brain Stew - Green Day
    Walking Scene : Walking Contradiction - Green Day (opposites to the video clip, everyone look happy when they see me ~_~;
    Car Crashing Scene : The Scientist - Coldplay
    Nostalgic Scene : Sweet Child O Mine - Guns and Roses
    Love Scene : Till Death Due Us Part - White Lion
    Trying To Get A Girl Scene : Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
    Sleep Scene : all Federic Chopin's song


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