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w00t! Reviving old threads!! >D
It doesn't seem like that many people here listen to the (sometimes obscure) indie bands.
I listen to a lot of the major bands, plus others like xTRiPx, THE KIDDIE, Black:List, ClearVeil, hurts....

Yeah, I try to find as many bands as humanly possible. 8D
I do ->last.fm/user/himegoto
listen to VK indies that is.
But I didn't think ClearVeil's minialbum wasn't very goo. Nothing from them has come close to how good Voice was. Btw, you know where to find xTripx's Cinderella Shoukougun? My friend's going crazy over it since it's the only xTripx CD he doesn't have. I wonder if it's on Yahoo! Auctions anywhere now.