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    Talking band recommendations A-Z

    recommend bands (rappers/musicians/groups/whatever) to others, one band per each letter of the alphabet. if you can't think of a good band for a certain letter, leave it blank. please try to put what genre the artist(s) play(s).

    A: atmosphere (underground hip hop)
    B: buena vista social club (latin)
    C: candiria (jazz/sludge metal/metalcore)
    D: dark tranquility (melodeath)
    E: elliott smith (indie)
    F: the fall of troy (progressive post-hardcore)
    G: gackt (j-rock)
    H: hella (instrumental mathrock)
    I: indian summer (emo)
    J: jaga jazzist (nu-jazz/electronica/experimental)
    K: knapsack (post-emo indie rock)
    L: the lyndsay diaries (pop-rock)
    M: minus the bear (indie rock [with a jazzy twang])
    N: no knife (alt.rock/post-emo indie rock)
    O: open hand (stoner rock--'you and me' album)
    P: paria (mathcore)
    Q: q and not u (indie rock)
    R: razed in black (industrial)
    S: saetia (screamo)
    T: thursday (post-hardcore)
    U: underoath (metalcore/death metal [influence] 'cries of the past' and 'an act of depression' album)
    V: victor wooten (jazz)
    W: warsawpack (jazz/hip hop/funk/rock)
    X: xiu xiu (indie/noise/experimental)
    Y: yaphet kotto (screamo)
    Z: zolof the rock and roll destroyer (indiepop/indietronica)

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    B:Bob Dylan
    C:Coheed and Cambria
    D: Disturbed
    E:Eric Clapton
    F:Foo Fighters
    G:Green Day(pre-American Idiot)
    I:Iggy Pop
    J:Jimi Hendrix
    L:Led Zeppelin
    M:Modest Mouse
    N:Neil Young
    P:Pink Floyd
    S:Smashing Pumpkins
    U:U2(before 1990)
    V:Velvet Underground
    W:White Stripes
    Y:Yankovic,Weird Al
    That's my best go at it

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    A: Aquabats, the (ska/rock/superhero)
    B: Belle & Sebastian (7pieceIndie)
    C: Cherry Cokes, the (Celtrock via Japan)
    D: Dispatch (alt-rock)
    E: Elvis Costello (punk/ska/rock)
    F: Flaming Lips, the (indierock)
    G: Gym Class Heroes (indie hip-hop)
    H: Herbie Hancock (jazz)
    I: Ima Robot (altrock)
    J: Jack Johnson (soft rock)
    K: Killers, the (pop rock)
    L: Less Than Jake (pop/ska)
    M: (Toots &) Maytals, the (reggae)
    N: Nirvana (grunge)
    O: Oasis (pop rock)
    P: Pepper (alt rock)
    Q: ....Queen. (rock)
    R: R.E.M (rock)
    S: Sublime (ska)
    T: Taking Back Sunday (emo... >_>;
    U: U2 (stadium rock)
    V: Van Morrison (buncha genres)
    W: Whole Wheat Bread (punk)
    X: X (alternative)
    Y: Yellowcard (emo/stadium)
    Z: Zwan (rock)
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    melo-death, black, viking, heavy, death all have "metal" tacked onto it.

    A - Amon Amarth (melo-death/viking)
    B - Bathory (black/viking)
    C - Carpathian Forest (black)
    D - Death (death)
    E - Emperor (black)
    F - Flogging Molly (Irish punk band)
    G - Galadriel (melo-death, I think)
    H -
    I - In Flames (melo-death)
    J - Judas Priest (heavy)
    K - Kataklysm (death)
    L - Led Zepplin
    M - Morbid Angel (death)
    N - Nobuo Uematsu - he's the composer for FF
    O - Opeth (black)
    P - Pillows, the - J-rock
    Q - Queen
    R -
    S - Satyricon (black)
    T - Tsjuder (black)
    U -
    V - Vornagar (melo-death)
    W -
    X - Xasthur - Ambient Black Metal (not a big fan of it)
    Y - Yasunori Mitsuda - composer for Chrono Trigger/Chross
    Z - Zao (Christian metal)

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    Hahha nice. I am famous!
    Anyway, as to reply to your post on the Evil Empire, my thread was about the favourite bands for each alphabet. It just happens that my favourites for each are post rockers, as I do enjoy post rock more than other genres.

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    haha. that was you? cool... awesome idea, btw.

    my post wasn't at all directed to you though, but some other posters.

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    OK, I'll give it a crack..

    A: Amen (heavy rock)
    B: Broken Social Scene (... nice)
    C: Crowded House (awesome NZ band)
    D: Deftones (rock)
    E: Eric Clapton (classical guitar)
    F: Faith No More (all sorts. Largely heavy rock)
    G: Goodshirt (another cool NZ band - first album > the second, tho)
    H: Hootie and the Blowfish (...easy listening?)
    I: Interpol (Some British thing, I think)
    J: Jurassic 5 (hip hop)
    K: KMFDM (weird german industrial group)
    L: Gonna have to put Led Zeppelin
    M: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (what do you call this? they have a different style on each album)
    N: Neil Young (hate to use him twice, but it's late. He's the singer from Crowded House)
    O: Offspring (be sure it's Smash or earlier...)
    P: Portishead (atmospheric dub?)
    Q: Queens of the Stone Age (heavy rock)
    R: Rammstein (heavy rock / industrial. Last album was pretty poor tho...)
    S: Stone Temple Pilots (rock)
    T: Tool (heavy rock. awesome. My favourite band!)
    U: ... U2
    V: ?
    W: Weezer (you know them)
    X: XVirus (metal)
    Y: Yule (my mate)
    Z: ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Valleyman
    N:Neil Young
    Awesome! Where you from?

    Nice to see the variety in a few of those letters.... I get a feeling some people will just go for bands they don't really like, just to fill the gaps I've got a few clues that's the case...
    Quote Originally Posted by ducttaperofdoom
    X - Xasthur - Ambient Black Metal (not a big fan of it)
    Last edited by Sherman; 08-01-2006 at 05:04 AM.

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    A: A.F.I. (goth punk)
    B: Bullet For My Valentine (metal)
    C: Coheed and Cambria (prog. rock/emo)
    D: DragonForce (metal)
    E: Editors, The (rock)
    F: Funeral For A Friend (rock/emo)
    G: Gackt (j-rock)
    H: Head Automatica (pop rock)
    I: InMe (rock/emo)
    J: Jimmy Eat World (rock/emo)
    K: Kent (swedish rock)
    L: lostprophets (alternative rock)
    M: Muse (rock)
    N: Nural (rock)
    O: Our Lady Peace (emo/rock)
    P: Panic! at the Disco (emo/ pop rock)
    Q: Queens of the Stone Age (rock)
    R: Return, The (pop punk)
    S: Sonic Boom Six (punk)
    T: Tsunami Bomb (punk)
    U: Used, The (emo)
    V: Vex Red (rock/emo)
    W: We Are Scientists (pop rock)
    Y: Yellowcard (rock)
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    A - Amon Amarth
    B - Beatles
    C - Children of Bodom
    D - Death
    E - Eagles
    F - Fantomas
    G - Gorgoroth
    H - Hammerfall
    I - Iron Maiden
    J - Judas Priest
    K - Kreator
    L - Labyrinth
    M - Metallica
    N - Nile
    O - Opeth
    P - Pink Floyd
    Q - Quo Vadis
    R - Radiohead
    S - Slayer
    T - Tool
    U - Unleashed
    V - Vader
    W - Witchery
    X -
    Y -
    Z -

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    A - A Perfect Circle
    B - Boney M
    C -
    D - Def Leppard
    E - Elton John
    F -
    G - Guns 'n Roses
    H -
    I - Iron Maiden
    J -
    K - Korn
    L - Liquido
    M - Miyavi
    N - Nirvana
    O -
    P - Placebo!!
    Q -
    R - R.E.M.
    S - Siddharta
    T - The Mars Volta
    U - Underoath
    V -
    W -
    X -
    Y -
    Z -

    Lots of empty lines <_<;;
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