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    finally back, here's mine

    # - 36 Crazyfists/3rd Strike
    A - Age Of Silence
    B - Betzefer/Blut Aus Nord/Byzantine/Black Mages
    C - Cannae/Cruachan/Carnival In Coal/Capharnaum
    D - Dry Kill Logic
    E - ...
    F - ...
    G - Galneryus/Girugamesh/Gojira
    H - Heaven Shall Burn/Hollenthon
    I - ...
    J - ...
    K - Kamelot/Koda Kumi
    L - Light This City
    M - ...
    N - Neaera
    O - ...
    P - Patton Oswalt
    Q - ...
    R - Rammstein
    S - Sculptured/Sigh/Stolen Babies/Strata/The Sword/Symbyosis/Symphony X
    T - Tool/Tenacious D
    U - ...
    V - ...
    W - We Are Wolves
    X - ...
    Y - ...
    Z - Zadkiel

    lots of empty spaces... other people know Gojira and Girugamesh?! Yay!
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    # - 2Pac
    A - AZ
    B - Big Pun
    C - Cassidy
    D - Dr. Dre
    E - Eazy-E
    F - Fat Joe
    G - Ghostface Killah
    H - Heizman Boiz
    I - Ice Cube
    J - Ja Rule
    K - Kurupt
    L - Ludacris
    M - Master P
    N - Notorious B.I.G
    O - Onyx
    P - Papoose
    Q - Q-Tip
    R - Redman
    S - Stat Quo
    T - The Game
    U - UGK
    V - Vinnie Paz
    W - Warren G
    Y - Young Buck
    X - Xzibit
    Z - Can't really think of anyone :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by christmetalfan86 View Post
    A. The Amenta
    B. Behemoth
    C. Crimson Moonlight
    D. Drottnar
    E. Ephel Duath
    F. The Firstborn
    G. Gojira
    H. Head Control System
    I. Intronaut
    J. Jesu
    K. Kronos
    L. Lykathea Aflame
    M. Martyr
    N. Neglected Fields
    O. Orphaned Land
    P. Pavor
    Q. Quo Vadis
    R. Ruins
    S. Stargazer
    T. Textures
    U. Ulver
    V. Vintersorg
    W. Wormed
    X. Xasthur
    Y. Yattering
    Z. Zero Hour
    I'm surprised that I actually have material from at least half of these. I've only listend to a little Yattering, Quo Vadis, Orphaned Land, Lykathea Aflame, and Crimson Moonlight, though. :/ I can't remember if I listened to Wintersun or Vintersorg (I do have albums from both, though). lol

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    Yes!!!! I do believe this will be my 10th post!

    A - Alter Bridge (Rock/Metal)
    B - Beat Crusaders (Jap rock/pop)
    C - Chris Cornell (Rock/Grunge)
    D - Delta Goodrem (pop)
    E - Eagles (pop)
    F - Frou Frou (electro pop)
    G - Guns N Roses (rock/metal/grunge)
    H - HIM - (goth/metal)
    I - Incubus (rock)
    J - John Mayer (rock/pop)
    K - Kansas (rock/metal)
    L - Luther Vandross (RnB/soul)
    M - Meatloaf (rock/pop)
    N - No Doubt (rock/pop)
    O - Offspring (punk/rock)
    P - Placebo (alt rock)
    Q - Queen (glam/pop/rock)
    R - Red Hot Chili Peppers (rock/pop)
    S - Soundgarden (rock/grunge)
    T - Tenacious D (rock/pop)
    U - The used (rock)
    V - Velvet Revolver (hard rock)
    W - Weird Al Yankovich (pop/Comdey)
    X - ?
    y - ?
    z - The Zutons (indie/rock)

    So many different bands could be said for some of the letters but I choose them so the styles were varied a little.

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    with my dear


    Quote Originally Posted by Mooch View Post
    P - Placebo (alt rock)
    Q - Queen (glam/pop/rock)
    Oooooooooh! Placebo <3 Sadly, I haven't met many people who listen to this band. Queen's the greatness too, especially Freddie Mercury's voice. ^^
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    Placebo are awesome... Although i must admit at times i am rather creeped out by their videos :S Not sure why.
    Freddie is the greatest lol

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    A: Alexisonfire
    B: blink-182
    C: The Carpenters
    D: Death Cab for Cutie
    E: Eminem (I'm sorry but my music library has no "E" artists...)
    F: Franz Ferdinand
    G: Gatsby's American Dream
    H: Hot Hot Heat
    I: Incubus
    J: Jet
    K: Kasabian
    L: Linkin Park
    M: Motion City Soundtrack
    N: Nirvana
    O: Oasis
    P: Plain White T's
    Q: Queens of the Stone Age
    R: Rise Against
    S: The Smashing Pumpkins
    T: Thursday
    U: Unwritten Law
    V: Velvet Revolver
    W: Weezer
    X: Xzibit (only artist I could think of starting with X...)
    Y: Yellowcard
    Z: Ziggy Stardust

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    A- Asian Kung-fu Generation (all time number band!!) or Akeboshi
    B- Blue October (old stuff can have some hard caore lyrics, new stuff's more pop-y) or Bennie K (hip-hop Japanese Style)
    C- CAKE
    D- Def Tech (island music) Doping Panda (crazy good)
    E- E.L.O. (old school pop)
    F- Flow
    H- High and Mighty Color (really interesting sound. mix of pop vocals, metal guitars and sometimes a rapper, very good) or Home Made Kazoku (pop with accoustic guitars)
    I- Industrial Salt (british techno pop duo)
    K- Kyo (french pop)
    L- LAST ALLIANCE (amazing Part of my top 5)
    M- Metric (canadian alternative pop, techno sound at times. very cool)
    N- No Regret Life
    O- OK GO (AMAZING BAND! also part of my top 5)
    p- Plastic Tree or Povia (italian, man, all the way )
    R- Remioromen (not as well known as they should be)
    S- Se7en (korean madness, love this man!)
    T- The Postal Service (techno pop) or The Servant (not well known at all, amazing band) or Tiziano Ferro (more italian amazing-ness)
    U- UVERworld (top 5!! oh yeah! Too bad stupid Takuya got arrested thus postponing the release of their new CD and cancelling my LE preorder xp)
    W- Weezer (what more can i say?)
    Y- YUI (pop goddess )

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    A-Audio Bullys (British rap/techno)
    B-The Birthday Massacre (gothic)
    C-Catch-22 (ska)
    D-Descendents (surf-punk)
    E-The Explosion (punk)
    F-Figurines (indie rock [in vein of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! but more melodic])
    G-GazettE (Visual Kei)
    H-Horrorpops (rockabilly)
    I-INDK (punk)
    J-Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo (it is just..unexplainable)
    K-Kenickie (pop)
    L-Le Tigre (electro-punk)
    M-Mindless Self Indulgence (Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk)
    N-Nerf Herder (geek-punk)
    O-Orange Range (pop)
    P-Personal Choice (sXe punk)
    R-Roots Manuva (brit-rap)
    S-Sigur Rós (instrumental)
    T-Tapes n' Tapes (indie-rock)
    U-Union 13 (punk)
    V-Voodoo Glow Skulls (ska)
    W-Weezer (sad pop)
    X-X Japan (Visual Kei)
    Y-Yeah Yeah Yeahs (punk with country influence)
    have fun with some [hopefully] new music

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    These are pretty much all rock, alternative, or some combination of those two. I like musics. ^_^

    A-Aerosmith/ Athlete
    B-The Beatles/ Breaking Benjamin
    C-Coldplay/ Creed
    D-Darude/ Damone
    E-Editors/ Embrace
    F-Flogging Molly/Foo Fighters
    G-Get Set Go/ Guns N' Roses
    I-Incubus/ Interpol
    J-John Cale
    K-The Killers
    L-Lifehouse/ Landon Pigg
    M-Michiru Oshima
    N-Nickelback/ Nada Surf
    P-Pilot Speed/ The Presidents of the U.S.A.
    R-R.E.M./ The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    T-The Terribly Empty Pockets
    U-Uncle Cracker
    V-The Verve
    W-The White Stripes
    X-I fail here...
    Y-Yellow Generation
    Z-Zack Hexum


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