Maybe I should have posted this in the Music section, but I thought that since I'm requesting a download link, this section would be more appropriate.

Maybe some of you have heard of Eri Nobuchika. She's a relatively new Jpop artist and has released two singles, namely "Lights" and "Voice."

Does anyone know where I can download the singles?
If you have any tracks, could you please upload them using Yousendit and email the link to me at my email address found in my profile?
(Spam me, I don't care as long as I get the songs =D).

I uploaded two tracks for you to listen in case you have never heard them.
Eri Nobuchika - Lights (6.3MB 256kbps MP3)
Eri Nobuchika - Voice (8.2MB 256kpbs MP3)
Thanks in advance.